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Bernie vs. Warren: Impeachment by Christopher Johnson


The mainstream media is all in on Elizabeth Warren now and MSNBC has its lackeys saying if you support Sanders over Warren “Your sexism is showing.”🤦🏾‍♂️ The Democrats aka “Dems” are going to blow this again.  Elizabeth Warren is Bernie Sanders “Lite” at best.

They are trying to build a false narrative that their policies are the same and Warren is taking all of the Bernie supporters in an effort to get him to drop out. Hmmm, I don’t hear them telling Kamala Harris or Mayor Pete to drop out even though they are polling lower than Bernie and even Andrew Yang.

While she is excellent when it comes to consumer protection and regulating Wall Street, Warren voted for Ben Carson for HUD, Trump’s absurd military budget, was silent on Standing Rock despite claiming to be Native American for years and endorsed Hillary Clinton over Bernie in 2016.

She is no slam dunk to beat Trump. Her technocratic style is also a concern, as detailed policy plans are not what Trump is going to be focusing on when savaging her on the debate stage.

Bernie Sanders is the Godfather of the progressive ideas every candidate is pretending to champion, including “Medicare for All.”  Not Medicare for some, or Medicare advantage, or medicare “kind of sort of” but not really.

Warren has been a fierce advocate for Medicare for all until recently as she is now calling it a “framework” to Medicare for all. Warren said she is against taking big corporate money but also said she is willing to take on that same big money in the general election. Warren being a woman doesn’t make up for the fact her policies are lacking when compared to Bernie Sanders if your prioritize a progressive agenda. The era of identity politics is over. 

People don’t support Bernie Sanders for his good looks or charming personality. It’s about his policy substance and voting record. The choice is clear for many progressives. You can have the watered down corporate friendly version of Bernie in Elizabeth Warren, or you can ride with the Original Gangster  or “OG” who has been championing these issues since the Old Testament.

A Sanders/Warren ticket would have the firepower to defeat Donald Trump but anything short of that you are playing with fire. The Democrats have launched an official impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump but I don’t think it is gonna go the way they planned.

Impeachment sounds good but nobody is really thinking about where it is going to lead and of course Nancy Pelosi is already trying to fumble the ball and narrow the focus of the inquiry to the Ukraine phone call. The problems with narrowing the focus to that one instance of corruption from Trump are:

1. It also highlights the corruption of Joe Biden who had his son sitting on the board of a Ukrainian energy company with no experience making 50k a year.

2. It lets Trump off the hook for raking in tons of money from his business breaking the Emoluments Clause.

3. It lets Trump off the hook for taking in tons of money from Saudi Arabia and doing their bidding including aiding a genocide in Yemen and sending US troops to protect Saudi Oil fields. (America first?)

4. It muddies the waters and makes it seem like the Democrats are just trying to take down Trump for partisan reasons.

5. No Republican Senators have the “testicular fortitude” to stand up to Donald Trump and Impeachment won’t make it through the senate. Hence “Teflon Don” walks again and possibly gets a boost in the polls.

6. President Mike Pence may be even more dangerous than Donald Trump. So yes, I agree that Trump has done enough to be impeached, however, I don’t think Impeachment will rid Trump from office so I don’t see the upside politically from the Democrats.

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