Take a break from some of life’s challenges and watch some “Laugh Out Loud” videos by some vintage comedy legends and some “up and coming” comedians.

“Coming 2 America,” the sequel to the 1988 Eddie Murphy comedy reunites Murphy and Arsenio Hall will debut on Amazon Prime Video on March 5, 2021.

James Earl Jones, Shari Headley and John Amos will also be reprising their roles alongside new additions like Wesley Snipes, Leslie Jones, Tracy Morgan and KiKi Layne.

Black Jeopardy with Tom Hanks on Saturday Night Live! (Posted 10/22/16)

Contestants Keeley (Sasheer Zamata), Shanice (Leslie Jones) and Doug (Tom Hanks) compete on Black Jeopardy, hosted by Darnell Hayes (Keenan Thompson).

Niecy Nash Introduces A New Hotline For Racists

In this New York Times satirical video infomercial, comedian and actress Niecy Nash plays the inventor of a new hotline, 1-844-WYT-FEAR. The video advertises a phone service for white people to call when they can’t cope with black people living their lives near them. It’s a real phone number we created so that fearful whites can call it for advice, about their racism.

Close your eyes and listen to comedian Jay Pharoah as he impersonates Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy and Kevin Hart.  The dude is good.


Click here to go to “Funny or Die” to view the video.  Mike Tyson’s version of “The Running Man” dance is priceless.  OK.  I will finally admit it.  Wayne Brady is funny. After seeing Wayne Brady a few years ago in arguably one of the funniest skits on the “Chappelle Show” where he terrorizes Dave Chappelle, and now this…OK, the dude is funny!  You can see the Wayne Brady – Dave Chappelle Skit below.

Wayne Brady Terrorizes Dave Chappelle a la “Training Day”

Bernie Mac Live in Las Vegas

Arie Spears

Muhammad Ali Sammy Davis Jr.

The late legendary comic Foster Brooks was a comic favorite from my youth in the 1970’s as one of the funniest Roast Masters on the long-running TV show “Dean Martin’s Celebrity Roasts.”  Thanks to the magic of YouTube, 18 of Foster Brooks’s appearances on the show, in roughly the order in which they were recorded are captured on this video.  The celebrity roastees are in order are Johnny Carson, Hubert Humphrey, Leo Durocher, Don Rickles, Jack Benny, George Washington, Dan Rowan & Dick Martin, Bob Hope, Telly Savalas, Lucille Ball, Jackie Gleason, Sammy Davis, Jr., Muhammad Ali, Dean Martin with Masters of Ceremony Don Rickles, Dennis Weaver, Jack Klugman, Jimmy Stewart and Betty White.

Many of the celebrities have passed on, but their memories live on forever.  This is when you had to be funny!  There was no “shock value,” cursing and outlandish pranks for attention.  You stood up and did your thing.

Watch this video, laugh and feel better about your day.

Laugh and Learn with us watching classic comedy videos from some of Black America’s funniest comics of all time including Dick Gregory, Robin Harris, Bernie Mac, Timmie Rogers, Redd Foxx, Flip Wilson featuring The Temptations, Paul Mooney, Dave Chappelle, Gabriel Iglesias and Richard Pryor, in a classic comedy sketch as the 1st Black President.

Thanks to Brother Mike Ramey for pushing us on this idea of expanding our comedy videos.

Robin Harris on HBO Partners In Crime

Bernie Mac Def Comedy Jam

Classic Dick Gregory (1965)

Timmie Rogers

Redd Foxx

Flip Wilson featuring The Temptations

Richard Pryor (1st Black President)

Richard Pryor

Paul Mooney

Dave Chappelle

George Lopez – Why You Crying?

Gabriel Iglesias

Comedian Lavelle Crawford Is Flat Out Funny!

Chris Rock


Bug Flies in Reporter Isiah Carey’s Mouth

Laugh Out Loud Funny

Throughout his broadcasting career, Isiah Carey has won several awards, including an Emmy and an award from the Society of Professional Journalists.

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private as well as corporate events, trade shows and fund raisers. Look for a Riot Act Comedy Club soon!

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“Clean Mic: Laughing Until It Hurts” by Will Gorham


Have you ever thought an ethnic joke went a bit too far in a comedy club and found yourself looking around to see if you were the only one embarrassed? The explosion of comedy as a form of entertainment in today’s quick paced, Internet savvy world has opened doors for many comedians. It has also perpetuated stereotypes beyond back room parlors and locker rooms.

Cean Mic is an entertaining, thought-provoking journey into the realities facing ethnic comedians performing in American comedy clubs. This funny, behind the scenes portrait reveals the complexities of performing for a 24 hour, entertainment hungry society which often encourages stereotypes in stand up comedy.

The film follows Washington, DC and New York City comedians as they attempt to perform clean comedy in an unclean world. Saturday Night Live veteran Dean Edwards and Don Imus Co-host Karith Foster keep the jokes coming with their non-traditional take on Urban Comedy.

Social comedy icons Dick Gregory and Paul Mooney reflect on their own personal observations and experiences in stand up comedy. They also discuss the influence of negative Hollywood stereotypes and its effect on legendary ethnic comedians from Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor to the more recent Dave Chappelle phenomenon.

This is the movie trailer for the highly anticipated “no hold-barred” stand up comedy documentary starring Dick Gregory, Paul Mooney, Saturday Night Live alum Dean Edwards and Don Imus co-host Karith Foster. Mooney and Gregory discuss stereotypes in comedy, Hollywood and much more.


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