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Cops Keep Shooting and We Keep Ducking–How Much Longer Can We Duck?


By Harold Bell

Who will save the babies—not the cops, politicians or the preachers!

Edward Matthew Glass again I want to thank you for that nugget of a phrase I found from you in my email. I could not have said it better—it was PRICELESS!

If you missed what he said about the worst kind of racism found in the black community. He said, “It is the kind of racism you have to fight off with one hand because the other hand is too busy writing trying to keep slave Negroes (including family) from attacking me (behind my back) while I defend them.”

He hit a home run with me. In 1970 on my successful sports talk show “Inside Sports” I coined a phrase I closed out my show every Saturday evening with. “Every black I saw was not my brother and every white face was not my enemy! I learned the hard way thanks to John Thompson, Sugar Ray Leonard, James Brown, Dave Bing, Adrian Dantley, Darryl Hill, Adrian Branch, Cathy Hughes, Chris Thomas, Cornelius Greene, Michael Wilbon, Jair Lynch, Kevin Blackistone, Bill Rhoden and Larry Fitzgerald, Sr. Each one of them came through Kids In Trouble and Inside Sports before their 15 minutes of fame. The common denominator after success, they all disappeared without a trace. And then there were the already made super-stars who faced racism despite their star-status and had to turn to me for help and support, they include, Jim Brown, Calvin Hill, Don King, and Doug Williams.

NFL runners Jim Brown and Calvin Hill smiling faces telling lies

What made me and Inside Sports different from today’s media personalities—I was a community personality and star all-around athlete when I hit the airwaves in 1965. It all started with radio talk show icon, Petey Greene. He was my partner and mentor. Petey gave me 5 minutes on his show, “Petey Greene’s Washington” every Sunday evening on W-O-L Radio to talk sports and the rest is sports talk radio history. Today’s black media personalities only become experts as it relates to the black experience after they are hired as a writer at the Washington Post, New York Times or become an reporter on one of the local TV channels. Check their backgrounds and track records for working in the war zones of the inner-city in the fight for civil and human rights before they became media personalities—you will come up with zero. Their only hands on black experience is walking and driving while black.

WR for the champion Virginia Sailors minor league affiliate Washingto Redskins

The real problem in the black community it is overrun with Player-Haters. They bring with them, envy and jealousy traits that run deep. Success of any kind experienced by another person of color whom does not sell-out and can think for one’s self are often seen as a “Trouble Makers!”

Far too many blacks think white folks hate them—the truth told is that white folks envy us and want to be like us! For example; the suntan lotion business is a trillion dollar industry and it is not because our cabinets and shelves are overrun with the product. Why do you thing big butts, big lips, big noses are the in-thing with white folks today? They take our soul and jazz music and claim it as their own. They even take our gestures, high fives, fist bumping, dance routines (NFL). Do you remember the big deal they made over The President and First Lady Fist Bumping on National television? They also take our radio sports talk formats “Inside Sports” aka Washington Post. Read below of how the Washington Post and its owner Katharine Graham stole Inside Sports while I was in studio doing my show. She liked the show so much she took it and I was only five minutes away with her sports editor George Solomon and Michael Wilbon, Dave Dupree, Donald Huff, Byron Rosen, Leonard Shapiro in studio talking sports. No surprise this has been their mode of operation for over 400 years.

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