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Re-Visited: Dale Hansen and Stephen A. Smith Double Team Jerry Jones by Harold Bell



Dear Mr. Jones,

On Wednesday, March 13, 2019, your friend and former employee sportscaster Dale Hansen was in Washington, DC to receive a Life Time Achievement Award from the Radio-TV- Digital News Foundation (RTDNF). I had never heard of Dale Hansen or the RTDNF until a friend brought them to my attention in February of 2019. Mr. Hansen’s commentary “White Privilege” had gone viral. My friend claimed he sounded much like me when I ruled sports talk radio here in DC during the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

In his commentary, Mr. Hansen admitted he had been a benefactor of white privilege. He claimed he had eleven jobs in his life and had been fired from eight of them and he moved up the job ladder after each firing. In the black community, we have always felt there was White Privilege, but we had never heard anyone own up to it—until Dale Hansen. I Googled his previous commentaries (60+) to check for consistency and I found there were similarities to my commentaries written back in the day. The only difference, I was far from being a benefactor of White Privilege or Black Privilege.

Mr. Hansen did not make his debut with his segment of “Unplugged” until 1993 twenty years after ‘Inside Sports.” My format changed the way we talk sports in America and around the world. Inside Sports has been stolen and copied by hundreds of radio, television and print “Fake News” media organizations including the Washington Post. See link to hijacking below.

Washington Times legendary sports columnist the late Dick Heller said, “Harold Bell is the ‘God Father’ of sports talk–the good kind.”

NBA Legend the late great Red Auerbach shares a laugh with tennis great Jimmy Connors via telephone with wife Dotie on Inside Sports.

Mr. Jones, according to the dictionary “Plagiarism” is defined as the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own, to me that sounds like Dale Hansen. But I collected myself and said, ‘Sour Grapes’ and I wrote him a letter congratulating him on admitting he was the benefactor of White Privilege. I also mailed him a copy of my new book titled, “My Walkthrough American Sports History with Champs & Chumps.”

Several days later I received a telephone call from Mr. Hansen with the following message, “Harold this is Dale Hansen in Dallas, I lost your phone number when you called the other day. I finally tracked through your notes to find it. Sorry I didn’t get back to you. Your stuff is fantastic to read about, everything you have done makes my stuff a little bit of peeling off the cover of White Privilege seem rather insignificant. I hope this message gets to you, Dale Hansen, thank you, thank you, sir.”

I was a little surprised there was no update letting me know he was going to be in DC a few days later and no attempt to call me after he had arrived just to say, “Hello.”

It looks like he called his partner in crime Stephan A. Smith after the fact (after his telephone message to me) to inquire about me—too late. What is it they say about a guilty conscience? “It is the part of your mind that tells you whether what you are doing is right or wrong.” Meet Dale Hansen and his guilty conscience.

Mr. Jones, a reliable source from ESPN told me that he and Stephan A. Smith conspired in a smear campaign against you and the Dallas Cowboy organization to satisfy their own egos. It looks like they aimed too high. Smith is a well-known loud mouth liar who claims he played basketball for Winston-Salem State and my mentor the late Clarence ‘Bighouse’ Gaines. I am an alumnus of Winston-Salem and I played football and basketball for Bighouse. Mr. Smith came behind me, but according to Coach Gaines he could not play ‘Dead.’ He never got off the bench (check his scoring average during his college career 0.1).

image (39)
Dallas Cowboy owner Jerry Jones kneels with players during the national anthem.

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Harold Bell is the Godfather of Sports Talk radio and television in Washington, DC.  Throughout the mid-sixties, seventies and eighties, Harold embarked upon a relatively new medium–-sports talk radio with classic interviews with sports celebrities, politicians and news makers of the day.  The show and format became wildly popular. Harold has been an active force fighting for the rights of children for almost 50 years with the help of his wife Hattie through their charity Kids In Trouble, Inc.   To learn more about Harold Bell visit his official web site.  You can check out Harold’s work on this site by clicking here.

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