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Democratic Debate Winners and Losers by Christopher Johnson


Bernie Sanders:

Bernie Sanders looked stronger than ever after heart surgery to the horror of mainstream media. Bernie is getting more aggressive in distinguishing himself from Elizabeth Warren who is starting to be exposed as Bernie lite (At best). Not only did he have another strong debate performance despite getting less talk time than someone like Amy Klobuchar (who is polling at about 1 percent. But he also secured the endorsement of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC) and “The Squad” which will further establish him as the only candidate with the trust and ability to energize you get voters despite being 78 years old.

AOC’s endorsement of Bernie is devastating for Elizabeth Warren and mainstream media because it contradicts their false narratives about Bernie. Things like Warren is just as progressive as Bernie (she isn’t). Or Bernie is too old (he isn’t) cause he can energize and mobilize young voters. Or the “Bernie bro” myth that his base of support was just young white guys (it isn’t). First they said Bernie didn’t have support in the black community (which is false) but somehow gets endorsed Killer Mike, Dr. Cornell West or even someone like Cardi B.  Now I kid you not, I heard a commentator on CNN say the AOC endorsement may be “too urban.” So now he’s got too much support from young people and black and brown people? 🤦🏾‍♂️ They have nothing on him. They literally just have to make stuff up. Meanwhile they are in full blown “defend Joe Biden” and his son’s obvious corruption cause they don’t like who brought it to light. 🗑 Coverage.

Andrew Yang:

The #Yanggang is picking up steam as I predicted. Andrew Yang gave some of the best answers of the night with his limited talking time. He’s keeping automation as his focus and is correct in his diagnosis of why and how Trump got elected. The mainstream media is shocked Yang is still around outperforming their preferred candidates but they fail to realize he’s offering solutions that are outside the box and he’s focused on offering the American people something different. He remains a Dark Horse in the race because similar to Trump the media will not take him seriously. The underdog appeal will only help him.

Tulsi Gabbert:

Tulsi Gabbert didn’t have the strongest debate after missing the last one for shady DNC reasons but she rightly eviscerated CNN and the New York Times for the constant smears thrown at her. She was constantly cut off by moderators and is treated with disdain by almost all mainstream outlets because she is the best candidate on foreign policy. She constantly rails against the military industrial complex and regime change wars which apparently is an unacceptable opinion in the mainstream media. However it resonates with the American people.


CNN and the New York Times:

CNN and the NYT who moderated the debate were pathetic. They constantly directed questions at low polling candidates who have almost no support like Amy Klobuchar, Tom Steyer, and Corey Booker while ignoring a top 3 candidate in Bernie Sanders and other candidates that are rising in the polls like Andrew Yang and Tulsi Gabbert.  Almost every question was framed from a right wing perspective.

They are bending over backwards to defend Joe Biden and his son Hunter’s corruption because Trump pointed it out. This is the same mistake the media made with the corrupt Hillary Clinton telling the public to ignore their corruption and only focus on Trump like the American people don’t have eyes and ears. It’s an insult to the intelligence of the American people. Also the closing question was the worst I’ve ever heard at a debate, referencing Ellen Degeneres hanging out with a George Bush to ask what friends the candidates have they disagree with.

1. They didn’t ask a single question about climate change in almost 3 hours.

2. Ellen is trash for kicking it with a war criminal cause they are in the same tax bracket. Bush invaded a country that didn’t attack us and is responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths and received no consequences for it. That’s a little bigger than a disagreement. CNN and MSNBC belong in the same dumpster as Fox News. Unwatchable garbage .

Joe Biden:

Biden has no answer to the question of why it’s OK for his son to sit on the board of a Ukrainian energy company with no experience in the field while his dad was the Vice President and the point man for the Ukraine. Not to mention the gaffs and his awful policies. Trump would dunk all over Biden in the general and anyone who thinks otherwise is either getting paid for that opinion or should find a new field.

Christopher Johnson also known as “C. J.” is  the youngest columnist on this website.  He started in this business interviewing celebrities when he was 10-years old.  He brings the Millennial perspective to the website.  He comments on sports, politics, current events and is the co-host of The Legends of Inside Sports,” (YouTube) with legendary DC radio sports broadcaster and TV host Harold Bell

In my spare time I am the Lead Guitarist for a band called The Courtland ExperimentYou can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

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