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Donald Trump and the Government Shutdown by Christopher Johnson


I’m going to start with the most important point. Yes, the government shutdown is Donald Trump’s fault. The shutdown has entered it’s 27th day, the longest in history. Border Patrol agents, Coast Guard members, TSA agents and thousands of other government workers have not and will not be paid until the shutdown is resolved. Security 101 states:  “Pay your guards.”  Also, if Trump cared about border security and building this wall, he would have done it in his first 2 years when he had a Republican House and Senate.

Blaming Congressional Democrats for not paying for his wall that Mexico was supposed to pay for, until they weren’t, is beyond ridiculous. Securing the border is a legitimate issue but the humanitarian crisis that the Trump administration is referring to is one they created by their Zero Tolerance policy at the border separating children from their families and locking them up. You don’t get to pour gas on a fire then demand someone give you their money to help put it out.

Trump is throwing a childish tantrum while demonstrating how out of touch he is with the American worker. He could care less about the federal workers he is holding hostage. He doesn’t understand the struggle of living paycheck to paycheck. He again demonstrates he has zero empathy for anyone not named Donald Trump. This isn’t about border security for Trump. It is about a political win to show his base going into 2020 that he kept his campaign promise.

Trump spent 2 years bathing in the swamp and cutting taxes for himself and his rich buddies. He has done nothing for the red hat wearing supporters that packed his rallies across the country during his campaign. “The Wall” would be enough to hold off the wolves on the right who are starting to realize that Trump is as fake as a 3.00 dollar bill. He did keep one campaign promise as the government remains shutdown. To run the country like one of his businesses. I hope America doesn’t become the next Trump Steaks.

Christopher Johnson also known as “C. J.” is the youngest columnist on this website.  He started interviewing celebrities when he was 10-years old.  Chris comments on sports, politics, current events and he writes movie reviews.  In his spare time he is the Lead Guitarist for a band called The Courtland ExperimentClick here to visit his Archives Page to see more videos with Harold Bell and to read his commentaries and movie reviews. You can also follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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