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Fight The Power with Ice Cube? Or Be A Spook Who Sat By the Door! By Harold Bell

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Ice Cube still fighting the power
Harold Bell, the man who had the great Jim Brown’s back. The legacy of Jim Brown “The Spook That Sat by the Door”

Ice Cube definitely caused some confusion by sitting at a table with Trump’s people, but to me he cleared the confusion up when he made it clear that he was not on anyone’s team.  His plan is to fight “The power with power.”

I am still not clear on whether there were any funds promised or exchanged between the Trump administration and Ice Cube!

The interview Ice Cube had with ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE tells his story and his objectives for black America. It is black brothers like NFL legend Jim Brown who has been ripping off black America and the black athlete for over 50 years. He has been living a lie forever and a day.

Jim has pretended his work with gangs and the incarcerated was about uplifting them when it was all about uplifting himself. He recently took 50 million dollars from the Trump administration. See the link with him in the White House oval office with Kanye West as he kisses Trump’s ass for the 50 million. He tries to hide out of sight of the cameras, but Trump lets everyone know its Jim Brown and we still gave him a pass.

In 2007,  I coordinated a fund raising tribute with an Attorney by the name of Bob Schmitz.  The tribute was for my friend NFL Hall of Fame player, the late Willie Wood.  The objective was to raise monies for Willie’s DC nursing home expenses. The tribute was held on the Georgetown Waterfront. The guests were former players who read like a group who had just stepped out of the NFL Hall Fame.

I watched Jim Brown steal chump change from Willie when he could not help himself because Willie suffered from dementia. Willie’s family was nowhere to be found.  I am talking about less than 60 thousand dollars. When I called Jim out he went into his gangster bag and called me all kinds of “MFs” and “Sons of Bs.” This Negro is a fake, but he is not the only spook who has been sitting by the door keeping others out.  They read like a undercover “Who’s Who.”

The Green Bay Packers in attendance were, QB Bart Starr, RB Paul Hornung, WR Max McGee, DE Willie Davis, Redskins LB Sam Huff and WR Charlie Taylor, Baltimore Colt’s TE John Mackie, SD Chargers WR Lance Alworth and Cleveland Brown RB Jim Brown.

The legendary NFL Hall of Fame Linebacker Sam Huff and I share a laugh with Willie during the tribute.  Today, Sam is battling dementia.

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