Harold Bell: Dribbles In The Game Called Life! By David Aldridge

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By David Aldridge NBA.COM

If you want to know why Harold Bell is the way he is, start with his hero and grandmother Amy Tyler Bell.

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Grandma Bell with her grands: clockwise, sisters, Ronnie and Carol-brothers, Harold, Earl and Bobby and cousin Tommie “Red”

“My grandmother use to tell the grands, ‘A lie will change a thousand times. The truth will never change,” Bell said.

“If I leave here today or tomorrow, nobody owes me anything. What I’d like to do is pay back some of the people that have helped me to help others. The naysayers can’t say I stole from kids, did drugs or time in jail.”  I was flawed like the next man or woman, but I was taught it was best to live and lead by example.

For five decades, Bell has told the truth as he saw it, on the airwaves and in print in Washington, D.C. He was the first black sports radio talk show host in DC. He has been a free-lance writer for the Afro-American, the New York Amsterdam newspapers, the Washington Post, Washington Times, and the Bleacher Report. He considers the most powerful vehicle in the media is the written ‘Word’.

He regularly calls out SCARED COWS who forgot who they are and where they came from.  He honors those in the black community who often don’t get recognition—both sports figures and regular folks.

He has been the host for forums relating to Community Policing and Cops and Kids. He’s honored Ohio State football players, Cornelius Greene, Lenny Willis and Woodrow Roach. He was an advisor to Super Bowl XXII MVP winner, Doug Williams when he first arrived in DC. He honored Gary Mays, a multi-sport athlete in D.C. in the 1950s. Gary guarded high school superstar Elgin Baylor and held him to 18 points.  Gary was a catcher for Armstrong High School and almost made it to the major leagues despite having only one arm.

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