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Join Harold Bell and the “Kids In Trouble” Fundraising Event November 24th


Please donate to help “Kids In Trouble” continue their work for another 50+ Years.  Please watch the video below to see 51 years of service to our community.  Call 240-334-7174 for tickets and more information.

Come join us at the Miracle Theater in Washington, DC to watch Harold Bell‘s exclusive interview with Muhammad Ali after he defeated Big George Foreman to regain the Heavyweight Boxing Title.

You can also purchase Harold Bell’s book

Harold Bell Book(s)

Here’s a book preview:Here’s what people are saying about Harold Bell’s new book,

My Walk Through Sports History with Champs & Chumps”
Harold:  Just finished reading your book.  Thanks for the honorable mention in your dedication section.  I really enjoyed reading the book.  There are not too many people on this planet who get to have their life’s work memorialized in such a beautiful and attractive book. 

Dr. Harry Edwards was right, “Your work was a major force over the years especially in terms of the struggle to define and project Our Truth.”  I hope that you will think about teaching at a local university or college.  There are a lot of bright-eyed and bushy tailed journalism and communications students who would love to receive your direction and guidance. 

In addition to what you give the students, the joy and satisfaction you would receive from seeing their faces light up when they understand a point you are making is immeasurable. — Byron Berry is a native Washingtonian and a Administrative Law Judge now living in California.

“If you get a chance to meet a living legend who is known by the “who’s who” in sports, broadcasting, politics, civil rights and philanthropy, that’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.  If you get a chance to work closely with that individual, you are truly blessed.  Harold Bell is a “truth teller,” from Washington, DC.  He has touched the lives of thousands and mentored many of this nation’s black broadcasters, writers and sports personalities. 

“My World Through Sports History with Champs & Chumps,” is a book that tells it’s story through photographs.  Harold Bell’s personal archives is “museum-worthy” and he has it on full display in this book covering over 50 years of history, tragedy and personal triumph.  And through it all, he’s still standing, with a lot more to give.

Gary Johnson – Publisher, Black Men In

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