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There is no better time to revisit the impact of Red Auerbach and owner Walter Brown of the Boston Celtics then the 2022 NBA Championship Finals.

The Celtics head back to Boston needing a win at home and a win at the Golden State Warriors to capture the NBA Championship–don’t count them out!

In 2022, the Celtics became the surprise and Cinderella team in pro sports.  During the NBA All-Star break their won-lost record was below the 500 mark.  Their turn-around was nothing short of amazing. They took on the role of David against Goliath, the giant Philistine warrior.  Their opponents were considered giants in the NBA play-offs.  The Brooklyn Nets, the Milwaukee Bucks and now the REAL warriors of the NBA–Golden State!

The Boston Celtics are in the 2022 NBA finals with a rookie black head coach, Ime Udoka and that is not the only surprise. There are 30 NBA franchises in the NBA, the surprise, there are 15 teams with black head-coaches during this NBA championship finals–unheard in the annals of pro sports.

The disappointment–Michael Jordan is the only black owner.  He deserves to own a team.  MJ carried the league on his back during his entire NBA career, but there are other blacks who deserve to own a team.

Celtic Pride Red, Walter, KC and Sam Jones, Dennis Johnson and Jo Jo White are looking down and smiling.  Pro sports franchises including, the NFL, MLB and the NHL are still operating in the dark ages. When these franchises are talked about in barber shops around the country, the word most used to describe them, “Plantation!”

In the 50s Red Auerbach and owner Walter Brown of the Boston Celtics were the leaders in civil and human rights in the NBA.

The best example:  NFL Washington Commanders defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio, once again proving it is best to be thought a fool then to open your mouth and remove all doubt.  He was evidently pissed off about the televised hearings on the January 6th terrorist attack on Capitol Hill.

He claimed the actions on the Capitol were nothing but a “Dust Off” and the actions by Black Lives Matter protesting the death of George Floyd were “Summer Riots”?

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