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“Speak The Truth” Targets Popular Scams Against Senior Citizens


From Executive Producers Harold and Hattie BellSPEAK THE TRUTH is a virtual talk show hosted by Black Men In on the ZOOM platform.  The show was launched with a rock-solid foundation starting with National Association of Black Journalist (NABJ) 2020 Pioneer Award winner and Washington, DC area talk show sports legend Harold Bell.

Facilitated by Black Men In Publisher/Founder, Gary Johnson, “SPEAK THE TRUTH talks about “hot topics” and the current events on the minds of folks in our community and across the nation.

November 14, 2021

Today’s panel includes special guest, “Whiskey Girl,” a Spoken Word artist from the Washington, DC area, along with Jacques Chevalier, Selma Alabama District Attorney Michael Jackson, Lawrence Lucas, and Pastor Ricky Williams.

Beware of Medicaid Advantage Scams by Gary A. Johnson

I’ve been researching popular scams that target senior citizens.  I came across an article by Diane Archer by Just Care that focused on the Medicare Advantage commercials by Joe Namath, Jimmie “J.J. Walker and other celebrities of days gone by.  Here are some of the highlights from that article.

  • These celebrities are NOT working for the government.  They are working for profit health plans that deliver Medicare benefits that might not meet their needs if they get sick.
  • If you choose the wrong Medicare Advantage plan, you might face inappropriate denials of care.
  • The “Medicare Coverage Helpline, is not a part of the government, or an independent agency.  It is a corporate marketing agency, designed to seduce you into giving up your public health insurance under traditional Medicare and to sign up for a private insurance Medicare Advantage plan.
  • You are gambling with your health coverage when you sign up with a Medicare Advantage plan. If you’re lucky and are healthy, you can save money because you won’t need to buy supplemental coverage, as most people need to do in traditional Medicare. But, if you get sick, you might find that you can’t see the doctors you want to see, your plan refuses to pre-authorize procedures your doctors say you need and, if you get care, the copays and deductibles add up to thousands of dollars.
  • Medicare Advantage plans can and do sometimes refuse to pay for services that traditional Medicare pays for and, the data show that they tend to offer lower quality care.
  • If you leave traditional Medicare and enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan, you very well might not be able to switch back to traditional Medicare.

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