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Tennis: There Is A New Sheriff In Town–Sloane Stephens by Harold Bell


Left to Right:  Madison Keys and Sloane Stephens

Posted September 7, 2017

The following article is courtesy of our partnership with The Original Inside Sports and Harold Bell.

The Elephant In The Room: A very large issue that everyone is acutely aware of, but nobody wants to talk about. Perhaps a sore spot, that is politically incorrect, or perhaps a political “hot potato.”  Its something no one wants to touch with a ten foot pole–meet racism in America.

On Saturday August 8, 2017 two black women met in the finals of a Grand Slam tournament for the first  time in tennis history and neither woman’s name was Williams.  It was no contest Sloane Stephens crushed Madison Keys in straight sets 6-3 and 6-0.  In the meantime, I will examine the state of American tennis and the role of the black athlete.

Richard Williams the architect of the pro tennis dynasty with his pride and joy, champion daughters, Venus and Serena.  He changed the face of tennis in America.  He was inducted into the first ATA Hall of Fame class in August and Venus and Serena donated 1 million dollars to the proposed ATA tennis facility in Florida to cement his legacy in the black tennis world.

                                                                                      Richard and Harold Bell at the 100th anniversary of the ATA in Baltimore

Move over Venus and Serena here comes Sloane Stephens and Madison Keys, two women of color, I think.  Keeping, it real the problem is that Madison Keys is following closely in the footsteps of golfing icon Tiger Woods, who also denied he was black.  Tiger said, “I am not black, I am Cablinasian,” but when he was arrested for DUI in May 2017 according to the Florida Sheriff’s Department he fell under the “One Drop Rule.”  The rule says, ‘One drop of black blood makes one forever black.  If you are of black face in America you will always be seen as Black, Afro-American, Negro, colored or more often than not, the big N recently like  Michael Bennett and Kevin Sumlin.

Tennis commentator Chris Everett and her colleagues at the U. S. Open were so nervous trying to be politically racially correct they didn’t use black or African-American until the 9th game of the first set in the finals.  The first occasion was when she broke the ice and pointed out Sloane’s mother Sybil in the family box.  She said, “She was the first African-American named All-American first team as swimmer in Division One in NCAA history.  Chris followed up again during the post game interview when she said, “Your performance inspires other black girls that they can do the same thing.”

There are no FREE passes in the black community, it makes no difference if you played in the U. S. Open, Wimbledon, French and Australian Opens.  A cop will stereotype you and throw you to the ground and handcuff you without asking you for ID.  See tennis star James Blake, and NFL All-Pro, Michael Bennett.  If a cop stops you and you think because your driver’s license, birth certificate or passport reads you are, South African, Hispanic, from Trinidad, Tobago, Brazil, Dominican Republic or you are of Haitian descent, you should feel safe.  You are in for a rude awakening–the color of your skin is a dead give away for a racist cop in America to treat you like an animal.  Black cops are not even safe out of uniform!  Money, and star power are not “free get out of jail passes” when it comes to racism in America. In September 2015 Blake was thrown to the ground and arrested while he was standing outside of the Hyatt Hotel waiting for a ride.  The officer claimed he resembled someone wanted for fraud.

Bennett a linebacker with the Seattle Seahawks and Texas A & M football Coach Kevin Sumlin should be proof enough.  Bennet was targeted by the Las Vegas police department while attending the Floyd Mayweather fight. He was leaving the fight when there rumors of gunshots fired and like everyone else he tried to run to safety.  He was profiled by the cops and tackled and handcuffed.  The question is why?  He had no gun—he said, “The only reason I was arrested is because I am black.”   This type of racism is fueled by NFL owners like Jerry Jones who it is rumored said to his team, “No Dallas Cowboys will be sitting or kneeling for the national athem.”  Charlene Sumlin, the wife of enbattled Texas A & M Coach Kevin Sumlin posted a picture of a racist, angry threatening letter sent by a fan to the family’s house following the 45-44 lost to UCLA at the Rose Bowl in Southern California last Sunday.  The letter read, “You suck as a coach and you are ‘The Big N’ and you can’t win. Please get lost or else.”  A member of the Board of Regents of Texas A & M also called for Sumlin to be fired after the lost to UCLA.

Click here to read the rest of Harold Bell’s commentary.

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