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Trump Gets The Last Laugh: Justice and Just-Us! by Harold Bell

“The Greatest” DC Superior Court Judge Luke C. Moore (left) was also a pioneer as the first modern day U. S. Marshall-in Charge. He was appointed by President John F. Kennedy in 1962. Frederick Douglas was the first black US Marshall appointment since President Rutherford Hayes in 1877.

Judge Moore introduces members of the the team during Kids In Trouble annual Christmas toy drive at the Foxtrappe Club. L-R HB-Roy Jefferson (NFL)-Judge Ted Newman and Judge Henry Kennedy, Jr.

We are still looking for love in all the wrong places. As we wait for the count and the courts to decide the next President of the United States—who we know will be Joe Binden. In the meantime, Donald Trump has pulled the wool over the eyes of Black America—despite his lost, the criminal justice system will continue to be JUSTICE & JUST-US. Thanks to Donald Trump, his appointing 200+ all white federal judges to life time appointments–plus the two he put on the Supreme Court. You can add our go along to get along favorite uncle to the mix, Clarence Thomas. He will help make “White America Great Again!”

These appointments have put our children in a hole so deep, they will never see daylight or justice in their lifetime. There is nothing that Joe Biden or Kamala Harris can do about it.

I thank God that in my life time I had local help in the DC Superior Court. There were judges like, Luke C. Moore, Harry T. Alexander, Eugene Hamilton, Ted Newman, Henry Kennedy, Jr., Paul Webber and Chief Judge Harold Greene sitting on the bench. In the 70s and 80s, they help me keep hope alive and enhance the growth of hundreds of black children.

Thanks to Luke I had access like no one else in the community. He made sure that my kids and friends received a fair shake when they appeared in the DC Superior Court, especially, when they were on the right side of the law.

Judge Harry T. Alexander made it clear to all cops and lawyers appearing in his courtroom they were to address all defendants male and female as Mr. and Mrs. I was in his court for one trial when a redneck cop kept addressing a defendant as BOY, Judge Alexander bang his gavel on the courtroom desk and said, “Case dismissed-mistaken ID!” People in the courtroom both black and white stood and applauded.

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