“Calculations are the actions or behaviors one must make (in some cases in milliseconds) to survive or succeed a given set of circumstances.” 

For some people, something happens to them every day that reminds them that they are different.  They have to make “calculations” at work to make their boss and co-workers feel comfortable.  They have to hide or suppress their feelings.  Others have to do the same thing in their relationships.

You cannot appear to be mad or upset naturally.  You have to make “calculations” with your children, spouse, significant others, parents, colleagues, etc.  Think about it.  

My goal is to give you access to tools and resources that will allow you to make the best “calculations” to improve and enrich your life and those you love who surround you.

Gary A. Johnson, Founder – “Calculations” Talk Show

This is a pictorial slideshow promoting the “Calculations Talk Show” hosted by Gary Johnson and MasterChef Gary. The show will feature some celebrities, but mostly, ordinary men and women, doing extraordinary things.

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“The idea for this type of talk show came from my experiences being “different” or the “only one” and the constant calculations that I had to make daily to survive and to succeed in my work and personal life. I am a firm believer that when it comes to people, we have more in common than we do differences. Everybody has a story and I want to learn more about that story and what makes that person or their business special and unique. I interview and market my competitors, because I firmly believe that there’s enough room for everybody at the ‘top.’ I want to hear and understand the “calculations” that others have to make for the same or similar experiences, so that we can learn from each other in an effort to heal and touch more people in a positive way.” –Gary A. Johnson

This is part 1 of a scheduled 3-part series of exclusive interviews conducted by Gary Johnson with Mildred Muhammad, an Award-Winning Global Keynote Speaker, International Expert Speaker for the US Dept. of State, Certified Consultant with the US Dept. of Justice/Office for Victims of Crime, CNN Contributor, BNC Contributor, Domestic Abuse Survivor, Certified Domestic Violence Advocate, Advisory Board Member & Public Speaking Instructor for The National Resource Center on Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault Advocacy Network’s Advisor, Best-Selling Author, Former Internet TV Talk Show Host, Trainer & Educator as well as a Certified Professional/Personal Development Consultant. As the ex-wife of the DC Sniper, Mildred travels and speaks on a global platform to discuss her life of terror, abuse, and heartache, all while promoting Domestic Abuse/Violence Awareness and Prevention.

This conversation was conducted on April 13, 2022. For more exclusive and insightful interviews visit www.calculationstalkshow.com and www.blackmeninamerica.com.

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Here’s Gary’s interview with author and businessman Ivan Dixon.

November 17, 2021 (Calculations Talk Show)

Gary Johnson interviewed businessman, author and publicist Ivan Thomas to learn more about his businesses and how he has managed to grapple with the “ups and downs” of life.  To learn more about Ivan, watch this interview and scroll down and read more about him.

Atlanta, GA  – Over the last decade, Ivan Thomas has emerged as a powerful force within business, lifestyle and entertainment, elevating the public images of celebrities and big companies, as well as catapulting unknown entrepreneurs from obscurity into the spotlight.

Born in Washington, D.C and raised in Chicago, this high-flying serial entrepreneur, celebrity publicist and speaker believes in thinking and acting BIG – which has allowed him to experience extraordinary success working with many of the nation’s most prominent individuals and companies within business, entertainment, healthcare, education and social justice.

An owner of three businesses, Ivan is most notably the President and CEO of Intrigue Media Group, a strategic communications company in the Atlanta area that specializes in PR and Brand / Reputation Management. Extremely passionate about entrepreneurship, community and helping people to achieve their goals, the married father of three enjoys educating small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs how to live the best life – one where they enjoy massive personal and professional success.

He is often found on a red carpet somewhere, or at a TV or radio station with a client. However, the Atlanta-based celebrity publicist and rising mogul, known as “Mr. Defy Gravity”, or simply “Ivan the Great”, has now taken his talents into another lane – as an international motivational speaker, and author of the book Defy Gravity: Unleashing Your Greatness Within.

“The message behind Defy Gravity is that in this life, we all have challenges, adversity and disappointments that, if we allow them, will keep us from our destinies,” Thomas said. “I wrote a no-nonsense book that shows people what they can achieve when they throw away the excuses, take ownership, reclaim their power and go out and relentlessly hunt their dreams. I want the aspiring entrepreneur with doubters and haters in his ear to cut ties with the negativity and launch his business. I want the woman who has been talking about writing a book for 10 years to stop being scared, stop procrastinating and share her story. I want the small business owner to stop thinking small and think like a millionaire mogul. It’s all about motivation and inspiring people to take action.”

Defy Gravity: Unleashing Your Greatness Within is available at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08B39MR8W.  To learn about Ivan Thomas and Intrigue Media Group, visit www.intriguemediagroup.com. You can also follow him on Instagram at @ivanth3great.

Watch Gary Johnson’s interview with Dr. Shakiera Hockaday-Bey

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