Christopher Johnson also known as “C. J.” is the youngest columnist on this website.  He started interviewing celebrities when he was 10-years old.  Chris comments on sports, politics, current events and he writes movie reviews.  In his spare time he is the Lead Guitarist for a band called The Courtland ExperimentClick here to visit his Archives Page to see more videos with Harold Bell and to read his commentaries and movie reviews. You can also follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

From top to bottom (left to right):  Photo #1:  Here I am with baseball Hall of Famer Dave Winfield at the NBA All Star Game in Washington, DC.  I was 10-years old.  Photo #2:  Here I am with former heavyweight boxer Biff Cline.  I interviewed Biff when I was 14-years old at the Black Men In office.  Photo #3:  Here I am with the legendary sports broadcaster and political activist Harold Bell in the Press Box in 2018 at the Capital One Arena covering the Washington Wizards.  Photo #4:  Here I am with Super Bowl XXII winning Quarterback and MVP Doug Williams at an awards ceremony.  I think I was about 16 years years old in this photo.

In the following video Chris talks politics, specifically, the 2020 Presidential election.  He welcomes all comers to debate him.  Take a look.

They are generations apart, but together they are a breath of fresh air.  They’re also entertaining and the best new team in sports!

Harold Bell is the Godfather of Sports Talk radio and television in Washington, DC.  Throughout the mid-sixties, seventies and eighties, Harold embarked upon a relatively new medium–-sports talk radio with classic interviews with sports celebrities, politicians and news makers of the day.  The show and format became wildly popular. Harold has been an active force fighting for the rights of children for almost 50 years with the help of his wife Hattie through their charity Kids In Trouble, Inc.   To learn more about Harold Bell visit his official web site.  You can check out Harold’s work by clicking here.

Christopher Johnson also known as “C. J.” is the youngest columnist on this website.  He started interviewing celebrities when he was 10-years old.  Chris comments on sports, politics, current events and he writes movie reviews.  In his spare time he is the Lead Guitarist for a band called The Courtland ExperimentClick here to visit his Archives Page to see more videos with Harold Bell and to read his commentaries and movie reviews. You can also follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

Harold and Chris Talk Sports, Politics and More (January 27, 2019)

I’m going to start with the most important point. Yes, the government shutdown is Donald Trump’s fault. The shutdown has entered it’s 27th day, the longest in history. Border Patrol agents, Coast Guard members, TSA agents and thousands of other government workers have not and will not be paid until the shutdown is resolved. Security 101 states:  “Pay your guards.”  Also, if Trump cared about border security and building this wall, he would have done it in his first 2 years when he had a Republican House and Senate.

Blaming Congressional Democrats for not paying for his wall that Mexico was supposed to pay for, until they weren’t, is beyond ridiculous. Securing the border is a legitimate issue but the humanitarian crisis that the Trump administration is referring to is one they created by their Zero Tolerance policy at the border separating children from their families and locking them up. You don’t get to pour gas on a fire then demand someone give you their money to help put it out.

Trump is throwing a childish tantrum while demonstrating how out of touch he is with the American worker. He could care less about the federal workers he is holding hostage. He doesn’t understand the struggle of living paycheck to paycheck. He again demonstrates he has zero empathy for anyone not named Donald Trump. This isn’t about border security for Trump. It is about a political win to show his base going into 2020 that he kept his campaign promise.

Trump spent 2 years bathing in the swamp and cutting taxes for himself and his rich buddies. He has done nothing for the red hat wearing supporters that packed his rallies across the country during his campaign. “The Wall” would be enough to hold off the wolves on the right who are starting to realize that Trump is as fake as a 3.00 dollar bill. He did keep one campaign promise as the government remains shutdown. To run the country like one of his businesses. I hope America doesn’t become the next Trump Steaks.

The Democrats Don’t Get It by Christopher Johnson

January 18, 2019

The Democratic Party establishment has learned nothing from the debacle that was the 2016 election. I am no fan of Donald Trump but he isn’t some Russia super spy. That was not the main factor for the rise of Donald Trump.  It was an excuse for the ineptitude of the Clinton campaign, not to mention how the DNC cheated Bernie Sanders out of the nomination, who in my opinion would have crushed Donald Trump in that election.

So how will the Democratic establishment get geared up to take on Trump in 2020? How about constantly attack and smear your most popular candidate.  Between MSNBC, CNN, The Washington Post, and other mainstream outlets, the consequences seems to be anyone but Bernie. He’s too old, or too white, or somehow sexist even though he has the most progressive voting record in the Senate. But somehow Joe Biden isn’t too old or white?

I wonder why the mainstream media loves Beto O’Rourke who lost a Senate race to Ted Cruz in Texas, and not Stacy Abrams or Andrew Gillum, two black candidates who lost similar races in Georgia and Florida by much closer margins. I’ve only seen negative coverage of more progressive candidates like Elizabeth Warren, Tulsi Gabbert and of course Bernie Sanders. These are the same games the Democrats played in 2016 and their aversion to moving away from corporate money is going to be the death of the party if not for a hostile takeover from insurgent candidates like Alexandra Ocasio Cortez (AOC)..

The Democrats need to become a part of the people again and offer a real alternative to the Republican Party instead of just being the diet Republican Party.  Speaking of Ocasio Cortez, I saw Whoopi Goldberg on “The View,” again, wagging her finger at my generation telling us to stay off her lawn essentially. Telling AOC she needs to stop speaking out again other Democrats and sit and learn behind people like Diane Feinstein, one of the most corrupt corporate Democrats. That’s the point Whoopi!  We aren’t here to continue this broken corrupt system.  We are here to replace the old guard and take charge of our future.

This system of being beholden to corporate donors over your constituents is not something we want to learn. Maybe Whoopi can sit and learn something from us. We are the generation that is not rocking with the old ways that have given us a Trump presidency and government leaders that aren’t responsive to our will. Bernie started this political revolution but it’s not about identity politics with his movement. It’s about the policy ideas and substance. It doesn’t matter if he is a 248 year old white guy. Bernie is invited to the cookout because he is willing to stand up to those corporations that also fund the Democratic Party establishment, hence why they want anyone but Bernie.

If the Democrats sabotage Bernie’s campaign again or he just decides not to run, keep an eye out for Richard Ojeda from West Virginia. A former Republican and Trump voter, ex military and former teacher, Ojeda was a figurehead in the West Virginia teacher strikes and a passionate advocate to get money out of politics. He is extremely relatable and I would love to see him shred some of these spineless corporate Democrats on the debate stage. Richard OJ as we call him in the hood, is my dark horse to watch among the candidates I am sure mainstream media won’t be covering.

The Legends of Inside Sports YouTube Television Show

Chris and Harold in the Press Box at the Washington Wizards game at the Capital One Arena.

Dwight Howard Allegedly Outed By Gay Ex-Boyfriend

November 25, 2018

Just when you thought things could not get worse for the Washington Wizards, think again.  Wow!  Center Dwight Howard finds himself in the “eye of the storm” with claims by Masin Elije who has brought forth some hard evidence to support her claim on her alleged former relationship with Howard. This comes in the form of a Direct Message or DM conversation Elije allegedly had with Howard, which the former shared on her Twitter feed.

In Elije’s post, she questions Howard’s openness with his sexual preference, and if the 32-year-old’s family and friends knew about his fondness for dating transgender women.  I think I’ll stop there.

This story has blown up on Twitter and social media.  For the latest information, just do a search for “Dwight Howard.”

The War For the Soul of the Democratic Party Heats Up by Christopher Johnson

Posted November 23, 2018

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is the face of the future if the Democratic Party wants a future beyond losing. Progressive candidates who don’t take corporate money have pulled off stunning upsets around the country even without the support of their own parties in most cases. Whoopi Goldberg went on “The View” to chastise young progressives who want to improve the party saying we should sit back and learn from Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein.

Learn what? How to take big money from special interests and be beholden to them? Learn how to lose elections to Donald Trump?

We aren’t interested in learning how to lose or be corrupt. We want change. It’s not about identity politics. They accuse progressives of not wanting Pelosi to be Speaker of the House because she is too old. That is an absurd response seeing how most of the people who want her out are big Bernie Sanders supporters. Last time I checked Bernie wasn’t a young “whippersnapper.”

It’s not about age or gender. It’s about being on the right side of the issues like not voting for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.  Nancy Pelosi supported both wars.  Pelosi is against medicare for all. That alone should be disqualifying, as healthcare is a key issue in the upcoming election.  Anyone associated with the Hillary Clinton campaign should be fired from whatever position of power they hold.  Think about it.  Anyone who devised the strategy that lost to Donald Trump should not be working in politics.  Your time has passed.

If Donald Trump is such a clown and a joke how did Hillary Clinton lose to him?  Hillary always claims she lost due to racism and sexism.  Hillary lost because she ran an awful campaign. She implemented a losing strategy of Neo-liberalism and her corrupt business deals were exposed to Wikileaks.  Anytime Hillary speaks she damages the party.

Andrew Gillum was up in several polls but hurt himself by deflating his base. How did he betray his base when it looked like he was ready to slam dunk on Ron Desantis who is openly racist?  He campaigned with Hillary and her stooge Debbie Wasserman Shultz. If there was any way to make me question your values as a Progressive then campaigning with Hillary Clinton is it.  The bottom line is if the “Old Guard” continues to resist change and sabotage their popular up and coming Progressive candidates then they WILL lose in 2020.  Bernie Sanders is still the best bet to crush Donald Trump in a landslide.  Will the Democrats rig the process against him again if he runs?


The Redskins Deflate Fan Base on Thanksgiving by Christopher Johnson

Posted November 23, 2018

(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)



Being a Redskins fan is like being in an abusive relationship. No matter how much you love them they always find a way to let you down, time and time again and I think fans have hit a breaking point.

Even with the team tied for first place in the division there is little to no enthusiasm for the team’s chances this year. Players have gone on record talking about FedEx field and low attendance. Worse than just not showing up, fans will sell their season tickets to the opposing teams’ fans which eliminates the home field advantage for the Skins.

As someone whose family owned season tickets for over 50 years, I can personally attest to that. During big home games the fans could be 50/50. Why is this you ask? It’s not because Alex Smith broke his leg and is out for the season. It’s not for any football reason. It’s the culture. The Redskins, except for 3 or 4 seasons (mostly with Hall of Famer Joe Gibbs), have been terrible. The last Redskins Super Bowl was 1991.  I was born in 1990. For about 25 of my 28 years of living, the Skins were a laughing stock.

When you lose so consistently it can really take the wind out of your sails, especially when it comes to exciting your fan base.  Then came 2012 the year of Robert Griffin III, also known as RG3.  It was the most exciting season I can ever remember as a Redskins fan. Fast forward 2 years and all of that hope was crushed following the mismanagement of RG3, which likely ruined his promising career. More recently instead of considering Colin Kaepernick to save their season after Alex Smith’s gruesome leg injury, they bring in “Butt Fumble” Mark Sanchez. What is a move like that saying to your fan base? Anyone with two working eyes knows that Mark Sanchez has been a bum for a long time – since his first couple of seasons with the Jets. These kinds of decisions have plagued the Redskins for years. Not to mention “Albert Haynesworth-less”, and the drama he caused.  Then there was the team getting swindled into trading for an aging Donovan McNabb.  Or how about spending big money on players like Brandon Lloyd or Adam Archuleta. I can go on for days.

How do we fix this? I would start fresh, and I don’t just mean fire the coach. Ideally, I would want Dan Snyder to sell the team, but since that won’t happen, I want to see the team and culture rebranded. Change the name. Change the logo. Renovate the stadium experience and make it better for fans. I know that Snyder said he will never change the name, but I think rebranding and getting rid of some of that negative energy surrounding the team would be welcome. It’s not being PC to stop offending a large group of people; it’s just decent. Just end the controversy and use it as an opportunity to sell a bunch of new merchandise.  Change the name and logo to just move on from almost 30 years of disappointment.

Washington Wizards: Drama in D.C

Posted November 23, 2018

By Christopher Johnson, Black Men In

I hate to say I told you so but…the talented Washington Wizards are sitting in 10th place in the “Lebron-less” Eastern Conference on the NBA. They are no closer to being contenders than they were 3 years ago, and nobody seems to be able to figure out why.

Then there is the “TMZ” level of drama swirling around the team.  It seems the dysfunctional conundrum that is the Wizards is finally hitting its breaking point.  Let’s review the list:  In-fighting, leaks, line-up changes and trade rumors are all in full view thanks to this abysmal start.

The Wizards are giving up 117 points per game to opponents, second to last in the league and the team looks uninterested for long stretches of games. It’s not a talent problem, its effort and chemistry. Those things don’t get better by adding players like Dwight Howard and Austin Rivers who have a history of drama and baggage although this fire isn’t on them.

How did we get here? Bad contracts. Otto Porter is a nice dependable young player. Porter is well liked and a solid player. That being said, he should not have the 16th highest salary in the league in between Kevin Durant and Chris Paul. Let me say that again. Otto Porter has a higher salary for this season than players like Chris Paul, Anthony Davis and his All-Star teammate Bradley Beal.  (Let that sink in for a minute).

That kind of max salary for a non-star player can devastate your franchise.  Ask the Charlotte Hornets how they feel about giving Nicolas Batum $120+ million dollars. As bad as Otto Porter’s contract is, it is no where near as bad as Ian Mahinmi’s contract, which I think is the worst in the entire NBA. They gave a career back up center $64 million dollars over 4 years. Mahinmi averages 4 points and 3 rebounds per game when he can stay out of foul trouble long enough to even be on the floor. These types of contract have kept the Wizards in neutral because they don’t have attractive trade assets outside of their 2 All-Stars John Wall and Bradley Beal.  It may be too late to blow-up the team and get the necessary young assets in return to rebuild. Apparently everyone is available so let’s see what Ernie Grunfeld can do to try and change the culture.

D.C. hoops fans deserve better.