“It’s Your Turn” (IYT) is the brainchild of Black Men In America.com Founder Gary A. Johnson. IYT is part of Gary’s larger effort to provide interviews with people who can motivate and inspire others to do great things for themselves and others.

On occasion Gary will have a variety of co-hosts including his sons Gary, Jr. and C.J.

The Incredible Weight Loss Journey of Cornell Howard

Retired UPS Executive Cornell Howard shares his incredible and inspiring journey losing approximately 130 lbs. along the way.  Join Gary and his co-host, health and wellness expert Shakiera Hockaday-Bey have a down home conversation with Cornell Howard.

This exclusive interview is with comedian Billy D. Washington, the man behind the viral video, “Trump Is Gone.” Billy has been a comedian for over 30 years and has a unique perspective on comedy and the role that he has as a black comedian.



Watch Our Exclusive Interview with Entertainer Billy D. Washington

“Low-key intensity and dead on humor” is how the Denver Post described Billy D. Washington. His clever and sometimes surreal takes on Americana combined with his skill as a pianist has made Billy D. Washington a formidable force in the world of stand-up comedy for over 20 years.

After a 5-year stint as a Houston Police Officer, he followed his heart, took to the stage and has since assembled a body of work conducive to that of a successful stand-up comedian.

Billy has been featured at the prestigious ‘Just for Laughs’ Comedy Festival twice, HBO Aspen Comedy Festival and for 3 years traveled with The Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin as her opening act. He has also appeared on HBO’s Def Comedy Jam, Comedy Central’s Premium Blend, Last Comic Standing, The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson, The Bob and Tom radio show, and spent time on VH-1 as a host and on-air personality. He was identified as one of the most diverse comedians in America by the NBC stand-up for diversity initiative, and is the creator of the critically acclaimed S.E.L.L.O.U.T. Comedy Tour,a group of talented black comedians who challenge America to resolve racial differences one joke at a time.

Billy has written 14 plays and won 3 film awards as the CEO of “Black Hitchcock” films, a production company that specializes in the urban suspense genre. 

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