Publisher’s NoteThe federal government shutdown is negatively impacting approximately 800,000 federal workers and about 4 million contractors.  People have missed one paycheck and many are having difficulty paying their mortgages, car loans, buying food, medicine and paying for childcare.  The nation’s food supply and air safety are at risk as Food Inspectors and Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) Officers are short staffed and some airport checkpoints have been closed.  If ever there was a time to be kind to one another it is NOW!

Throughout my life I have witnessed and benefited from deliberate and random acts of kindness.  I’ve learned that there are various levels or degrees of kindness.  As a result, I am kind to others and I teach others to be kind, patient, understanding and forgiving.  Kindhearted people can make a significant impact on others and help make our world a better place.  This page is the result of a discussion about kindness.  We want you to share your acts of kindness.  Not sure what to do?  Here are some examples:

  • Be a friend who listens
  • Call or write to a teacher who changed your life
  • Spend quality time with your children, parents or friends
  • Cook a meal for someone
  • Forgive someone a debt–and never bring it up again
  • Help someone do stuff for FREE
  • Leave a generous tip for a pleasant waiter
  • Donate money, clothes or equipment to an organization that helps others
  • Mentor a child or teen
  • Offer change when the person in front of you at the register comes up short
  • Offer to baby-sit for someone for FREE
  • Pay the toll for the driver behind you
  • Say “I love you” to someone you love
  • Say “please” and “thank you”—and really mean it
  • Sincerely say “I’m sorry” when you’re wrong
  • Visit the elderly in a nursing home
  • When you’re on a crowded train or bus, offer your seat to an elderly, disabled or pregnant person

Please click here to share your random or deliberate act of kindness Or scroll down to the “Leave a Reply” section to share your act of kindness.

Here’s a random act of kindness being performed by Black Men In Founder Gary Johnson who loaded his snow thrower into his van and removed snow and cleaned the driveway of his neighbors who are senior citizens.  A man who doesn’t even live in the neighborhood joined in to help.  Together, they cleared 5 driveways.