From Executive Producers Harold and Hattie BellSPEAK THE TRUTH is a virtual talk show hosted by Washington, DC area talk show sports legend Harold Bell on the Black Men In ZOOM platform. 

Facilitated by Black Men In Publisher/Founder, Gary Johnson, SPEAK THE TRUTH” talks about “hot topics” and the current events on the minds of folks in our community and across the nation.

Season 2, Episode 39: Today’s guests include Washington, DC area high school sports advocate Carlos Prillman, retired federal law enforcement officer William “Bill” Spivey, and Black Farmers advocate Lawrence Lucas.  Harold and our panel talk about Kyrie Irving, Ye, and their interaction with the Jewish community and the media as well as loyalty in the Black community.

Season 2, Episode 38: Today’s guests include Washington, DC area high school sports advocates Dr. Rick Bryson and Carlos Prillman with retired federal law enforcement officer William “Bill” Spivey.  Harold and our panel talk about Kyrie Irving, Ye, Black athletes, journalists and their interaction with the Jewish community and the media.

Season 2, Episode 37: Today’s guests include Washington, DC area high school sports advocates Dr. Rick Bryson and Carlos Prillman. Harold and our panel talk about academic excellence, sportsman ship, the upcoming World Series, the NBA, NASCAR and more.

Season 2, Episode 36:  Host Harold Bell and his guests, William “Bill” Spivey, Andrew Johnson, Henry Horton and Lawrence Lucas share their memories of baseball great Maury Wills. Harold also talks about his special relationship with Muhammad Ali. The show concludes with a video slideshow of Maury Wills.


Season 2, Episode 35:  In this special edition of “Speak The Truth,” Harold interviews Muhammad Ali’s self-proclaimed “biggest fan.”  After watching this interview, you can make the case that Glenn Singleton, was indeed Muhammad Ali’s biggest fan.  Glenn also shares story of his friendship with college and pro-football great Greg Taliaferro.   Also on the show, Ali family insider Keith Winstead.

The Emancipation Memorial in Washington, DC.  What originally was intended in 1876 to celebrate liberation, critics contend, looks more like subservience and supremacy in 2020.  Click here to read the true story behind this controversial photo.

Photo credit:  J. Scott Applewhite/AP

Season 2, Episode 34Harold Bell and his guest James “Jim” Blount make the case for Barry Bonds to be in the National League Baseball Hall of Fame. Harold also talks about the greatness of baseball’s Maury Wills, the latest with Kanye West and Mr. Bell tells the story of “Inside Sports.”

Season 2 Episode 33:  Today’s show is a Town Hall with area unsung heroes and sheroes in our community who put kids first in terms of teaching and protecting them.  Michael Sharrieff, Charles H. Thomas, III, James Young, Clara Canty, George Martin, and James “Jim” Blount, join Harold Bell for this very important and personal show.  The show ends with a video tribute to Harold’s friend baseball legend and Washington, DC native Maury Wills.

Season 2, Episode 32:  On today’s episode, Harold welcomes his special guest for former DC City Councilman Jack Evans, the longest running lawmaker in the city’s history.  Former ANC Commissioner Mahdi Leroy Thorpe joined the discussion.  Topics discussed included crime in the District and Prince George’s County, migrants being sent to DC from Texas, missing grant money and community policing.

Season 2, Episode 31:  On today’s show Harold and Gary have no guests. This is a “hot topics” show where we remember 9/11,and the passing of CNN News Anchor Bernard Shaw and the Queen of England. We also discuss such hot topics as racism in sports, Serena Williams and the new generation of tennis players that she and her sister Venus have inspired. Rising murders and crimes are being tracked in Prince George’s County, Maryland the neighbor to the Nation’s Capitol. Is there quality and effective leadership in cities run by black politicians and administrators? Watch the show and make your own decision.

Season 2, Episode 30: This labor day Harold and his guests talk about more police shootings of unarmed black men and the attempted cover up on the part of the Police Officers in some of these cases. In addition, the panel talks about the overt racism in the ranks of some police departments with the discovery of racist text messages in a California police department. Harold’s special guest for this show is Leroy Thorpe.

Season 2, Episode 29: Special Black Farmers and NAACP Edition. Harold and his co-host Gary Johnson hosted a show with a focus on Black farmers, police brutality with insights and solutions provided special guest Richard Rose, President of the Atlanta Chapter of the NAACP.

Mr. Lawrence Lucas, President Emeritus of the USDA Coalition of Minority Employees, served as Facilitator for this very important segment featuring Black Farmers. Ms. Bernice Atchison, Michael Stovall, and Muhammad Robbalaa, spoke on behalf of the farmers, and Advocate/Researcher and Filmmaker Waymon Hinson, rounded out the discussion. Also in attendance was James “Jim” Blount (Publisher “About Time” magazine).

For more information visit:, and #JusticeForBlackFarmers #BlackFarmersSeason 2, Episode 28: Harold and his co-host Gary welcome their special guests Olympic Gold Medalist Dr. Mel Pender and Broadcaster & Boxing promoter Roy Foreman. Also on the show is Nate Brown, Jr. (iHeart Radio’s “What’s Going On)”, James “Jim” Blount (About Time Magazine) and Lawrence Lucas, President Emeritus (USDA Coalition of Minority Employees). The panels discusses the impact of the solidarity salute taken at the 1968 Olympic Games by runners John Carlos and Tommie Smith, the plight of the Black Quarterback in the NFL, Boxing and Concussions in sports, particularly in the NFL. #speakthetruth #blackmeninamerica #justiceforblackfarmers

Season 2, Episode 27

Recorded August 7, 2022:  Join Harold and his co-host Gary Johnson as they welcome their guests Andrew Dyer (The Roundball Report), Janée Hayes (Sports Reporter, Athlete, Author), Nate Brown, Jr. (iHeart Radio’s “What’s Going On)”, and James “Jim” Blount (About Time Magazine).  This group talks about WNBA Brittney Griner and NBA legend Bill Russell.

Season 2 Episode 26

Recorded July 31, 2022:  Join Harold Bell and his guests John Hollins, Ty Barnett, Rick Jones and Lawrence Lucas along with Facilitator Gary Johnson as they talk about engaging and exposing our youth to the sport of baseball. The group also talks about the legacy of Bill Russell who passed away earlier in the day.

Season 2, Episode 25

Join Harold Bell and his guests, Bishop Robert A. Pitts, Bishop Larry Jordan, Minister O.J. McGee, Jacques Chevalier and Minister Ricky Williams with co-host Gary Johnson. Every man in this show is a native Washingtonian. Join us as our guests share a little bit about the history and how they overcame obstacles to be successful preachers today.

Season 2, Episode 24 (Special Edition)

In the wake of a viral video capturing a young Black kid repeatedly hitting a Minnesota Police Officer and the shooting of another black round with 60 shots and other conflicts in the community, “Speak The Truth,” featuring Harold Bell is hosting a special edition. In the viral video, the kid who appears to be about 3 years-old, called the officer a “bitch” and tells his colleague to “shut the fuck up!” Join Harold, Prince George’s County, Maryland Sheriff candidate John Carr, retired FBI agent and former Police Officer William Spivey, Jr. and our panel discuss the relationship between the police and the Black community.

Season 2, Episode 23

Join Host Harold Bell and Facilitator Gary Johnson as they talk Critical Race Theory, and sports, specifically tennis greats, Arthur Ashe, Andre Agasi, and Harold’s interview with Charlie Brotman. The guys also talk about the impact of the hit song, “Black Like Me,” by country star Mickey Guyton.

Season 2, Episode 22

In this episode of “Speak The Truth,” host Harold Bell welcomed legendary boxer Anthony “Tony” Suggs and Comedian and boxing aficionado comedian Coy LaSone, along with regular panelist Lawrence Lucas and Jacques Chevalier. The show opened with an a Capella version of the song “What About The Children?” by singer Robin “Sugar” Williams. Suggs talks about how he overcame prison, drug abuse and challenging childhood to become a mentor and role model in his community in Alexandria, VA. Coy LaSone talks about boxing, mentorship and the role that black men play in the lives of children.

Coy LaSone’s professional career began by doing stand up comedy at countless church events; however, he did not limit himself to the gospel sector. He started captivating audiences on numerous college campuses from UCLA to Howard University in Washington D.C. It didn’t take long for his talent to be nationally known. Coy was awarded first place by a panel of judges in the Chosen Competition, in his region which he was given the opportunity to display his talent in New York City. As a result,Coy was a runner up in the International Boston Comedy Festival where he was chosen above 200 International comedians. Coy’s uncanny ability to make people laugh is unbelievable, and his comic timing is unstoppable. His audience is very diverse (anyone that has a gut to bust). His bright eyes, deep smile and natural wit are an automatic magnet that makes an everlasting first impression.

Local boxing legend Tony Suggs nearly made the US Olympic team a generation ago.  But tragedy, drugs, and jail torpedoed his career in the ring.

Prison gave Suggs the time to sober up, to better cope with his shattered past and to mend his broken heart from the loss of his daughter Ashley, who died of sudden infant death syndrome, at the age of 7-months plunging him into darkness.

Suggs turned a mess into a mission and is now a pillar of his community in Alexandria, VA, as a tough-but-beloved “boxercise” instructor.

Click Here To Visit Anthony “Tony” Sugg’s Official Website

Click here to buy Tony’s book.

Publisher’s Note:  Harold referenced a young man named Miles Clarke during the show.  Unfortunately, due to an editing error, photos of Miles did not display on the broadcast.  Here are the photos of young Miles and young adult Miles.  We are sorry for the editing error.

Special Black Farmer Edition

“Speak The Truth” Special: Challenges and Opportunities Facing The Black Farmers (June 18, 2022)

For this “Speak The Truth” special on the challenges and opportunities facing the Black farmers in America, join host Harold Bell and Moderator Lawrence Lucas as they welcome our special guest Corey Lea, Executive Director of The Cowtown Foundation, Inc. and several Black Farmers including Eddie Slaughter, Andrew Douglas, Michael Stovall, Carl Parker, Rod Bradshaw, and Chris Hilderbrandt. Featured news clips include Sen. Raphael Warnock and Sen. Corey Booker (the Addendum at the end of the video) question US Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack at the May 26, 2022, Senate Committee Meeting on Agriculture, Nutrition & Forestry/Opportunities and Challenges Facing Farmers.

An interview with John Boyd, President of the National Black Farmers Association, by FOX News host Sean Hannity from May 2022, is shown as part of the Addendum toward the end of the video.

For more information visit, and #JusticeForBlackFarmers #BlackFarmers

Season 2, Episode 20:

Today’s show opened with a conversation about a popular video featuring rapper Lil’ Nas X and country singer Billy Ray Cyrus at the 2019 BET Awards show and the impact that Lil’ Nas X has on young children.  Harold and his guest James “Jim” Blount also talk about Harold’s friendship with former Boston Celtics legend Red Auerbach and the distinction between racist behavior from some citizens and the team.  The show ended on a “feel good” story about kittens and the mention of 102 year-old Aunt Elaine.

Season 2, Episode 19:

On today’s show we talk mostly sports and a little bit of politics.  Harold starts us off with the NBA Championship Series praising the Boston Celtics victory of the Golden State Warriors.  Our guest is iHeart Radio host of “What’s Going On?” Nate Brown and former magazine publisher Jim Blount and our regular panelist Lawrence Lucas.

Season 2, Episode 18:

On today’s show we celebrate Harold Bell for 50+ years of his show “The Original Inside Sports,” 50+ years of his foundation founded with his wife, “Kids In Trouble,” and coming up on 54 years of marriage to his wife Hattie. We also celebrate Harold Bell‘s 84th birthday. Friends, family and a former NBA executive Brian McIntyre sent their best wishes to Harold. The show also celebrates the perseverance, will and determination, of 7-year old track star Talaya Crawford, who lost her shoe at the start of a race, put it back on and ran the race and won. We also commented on Dallas broadcaster Dale Hansen retiring and the inspirational voicemail message that he recorded for Harold Bell.


Season 2, Episode 17:  Harold and Gary are back with co-host Chris Johnson and panelist Jacques Chevalier and Lawrence Lucas.  The team talks politics, police and crime.

Season 2, Episode 16:  Today’s show has co-host Chris Johnson going solo as your host with panelist Jacques Chevalier.  These guys talked sport, politics and current events with a heavy lean or tilt to “the left.”  They were FUN to watch!

Season 2, Episode 16 – May 1, 2022

Today’s show has co-host Chris Johnson going solo as your host with panelist Jacques Chevalier.  These guys talked sport, politics and current events with a heavy lean or tilt to “the left.”  They were FUN to watch!

Season 2, Episode 14 – April 10, 2022

On this special edition of “Speak The Truth” host Harold Bell welcomes his special guest, Lawrence Lucas, President Emeritus of the USDA Coalition for Minority Employees to discuss the current situation with the Black Farmers.  In addition, to co-host Chris Johnson and panelist Jacques Chevalier, guests included Tracy Lloyd McCurty, Lloyd Wright, Carl Parker, the Bates Family, Lucious Abrams, Michael Stovall, Dexter Davis, Evelyn Bryant and more farmers and interested parties.

Season 2, Episode 14 – April 3, 2022

On this episode Harold, C.J. and the Team welcome cybersecurity consultant Deotae Tyler, a Senior IT professional with over 8 years of experience. According to Tyler, Baby Boomers and senior citizens are the main targets of identity theft and other cyber-related scams. Join the discussion and learn how you can mitigate your risk. The gang also talks about The Final Four with O.J. McGhee from North Carolina and Michael Johnson. Last but not least, Comedian Coy talks about “the slap” that Will Smith initiated against Chris Rock.

Season 2, Episode 13 – March 27, 2022

Harold and C.J. welcome guests Lawrence Lucas, Selma, AL District Attorney Michael Jackson, and Dr. Jerry Semper as they discuss the Supreme Court nominee process, the black community taking more responsibility for our actions, national and local politics and the importance of voting at the local levels.

Season 2, Episode 12 – March 20, 2022

Harold and C.J. welcome DC area basketball star and motivational speaker Archie Talley to the show. Archie shares stories about his basketball days, his dedication to helping children and why this has become his life’s work. Also joining the show is Larry Steel and Jacques Chevalier.

Season 2, Episode 11 – March 13, 2022

Season 2 Episode 11 – Harold and Chris welcome internationally known motivational speaker and best-selling author Dr. Willie Jolley and author, elected official and social media consultant La Trece Cash to the show. Topics discussed included, black-on-black crime, the war in Ukraine, students reciting the “Gay Pledge” and the upcoming US elections.


Episode 10 – March 7, 2022

Harold and Chris welcome entertainer Greg Cooper and former NFL player Dick Smith.  Topics discussed included, Vladimir Putin, black-on-black crime, the latest news on the financials of Black Lives Matter, Gov. Ron DeSantis about his views on masked mandates and more.

Episode 9 – February 28, 2022

Local Maryland politics and world events (Russia and Ukraine) dominated our discussion with guests LaTasha Ward, a candidate for the Delegate seat in the 24th District of Maryland and later in the show Mayor Cashenna A. Cross, (Glenarden, MD) stopped by for a visit.

Episode 8 – February 20, 2022

Harold declared this episode “Open Mike” allowing the panel to talk about Whoopi Goldberg, Oprah Winfrey, WHUR radio pioneer Joe Gorham and “Foxtrappe” nightclub owner Bill Lindsay.

Episode 5 – February 7, 2022)

Here at “Speak The Truth,” we celebrate Black History every day.  Today’s special guest is Olympic Gold Medalist and American War Hero Mel Pender.  Watch has Harold and his co-host Chris “C.J.” Johnson and the panel (Jacques Chevalier, Lawrence Lucas, Michael Jackson, John Hollins, ArLena Richardson and Gary Johnson talk about race, politics, sports and the Black community.

Last year Mel wanted to visit and travel through Europe with his wife, but they could not travel because of the restrictions of the Coronavirus.  He was scheduled to address a group of young people in the UK for Black History Month.  When asked what that message would be, Mel stated the following:

“First thing, to learn about your heritage. Learn about who you are, where your people came from. Learn about the suffering that they had to endure. Think about that,” he says.

1960 long jump Olympic champion Ralph Boston reflects on his incredible career, breaking the world record six times, meeting Muhammad Ali, and why he loves Hyde Park

“And think about how it’s important for you to do better. To shine as my grandfather said. Listen. Read, as my grandfather said. Read your history, learn your history, learn about your people. Then when you learn about your people, that should encourage you to do better.

“And as John Lewis (American civil rights leader and Democratic Congressman) said, ‘speak up, speak out!’

“Always believe in yourself. I had to believe in myself in order to get that college degree to travel 70 miles to Long Island, New York, from West Point Military Academy.

“I had to believe in myself to be good in the military, to win the Bronze Star. You have to shine. You can’t say give me… because nobody gives you. You’ve got to go out and you got to earn it.

Mel Pender – 1968 Olympic Gold Medal Winner

Episode 4 (January 23, 2022)

Harold Bell starts the show with a question: “Why do we (black people) hate each other? The panel briefly examines this issue, followed by discussions of voter suppression, Jim Crow, Sen. Tim Scott, Sen. Corey Booker’s response to Scott and talk about how young people must save our society.

Episode 3 (January 16, 2022)

Harold and C.J. welcomed Lawrence Lucas, Jacques Chevalier, John Hollins, and Selma, AL District Attorney Michael Jackson.

Topics:  Has Dr. King’s dream been realized?  What would Dr. King think about the state of Black America today?

January 10, 2022


January 3, 2021

Guest Lineup

Harold and C.J. welcomed Juanita Bright, Lawrence Lucas, Coach Tyrone Barnett, Selma, AL District Attorney Michael Jackson, Candice Fearrington, Nicole and Kori-Marie, T.J. and more.

Topics:  COVID Outbreaks Threaten America, People Who Inspired Harold Bell, The Role of the Military, The Role of our Leaders

December 19, 2021

Join Harold Bell and his co-host Christopher Johnson, as they close out 2021 with discussions about COVID, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and increased crime in our cities.  In addition, Harold looks back at his 50+ years of service with his wife Hattie and identifies some of “Santa’s Helper” through those years.

December 5, 2021

Harold and the panel welcome special guest singer Hazel Mitchell-Bell.

Harold, C.J., Jacques Chevalier, Michael Jackson, Otho Williams interview singer Hazel Mitchell-Bell and discuss the latest COVID variant, AARP scams and guns in our schools.

November 21, 2021

Harold, C.J. and the panel interview Congressman Hank Johnson (D -GA) to discuss the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict and the police reform bill.  The panel also discusses commercials featuring celebrities targeting senior citizens.

November 14, 2021

By Gary A. Johnson

I’ve been researching popular scams that target senior citizens.  I came across an article by Diane Archer by Just Care that focused on the Medicare Advantage commercials by Joe Namath, Jimmie “J.J. Walker and other celebrities of days gone by.  Here are some of the highlights from that article.

  • These celebrities are NOT working for the government.  They are working for profit health plans that deliver Medicare benefits that might not meet their needs if they get sick.
  • If you choose the wrong Medicare Advantage plan, you might face inappropriate denials of care.
  • The “Medicare Coverage Helpline, is not a part of the government, or an independent agency.  It is a corporate marketing agency, designed to seduce you into giving up your public health insurance under traditional Medicare and to sign up for a private insurance Medicare Advantage plan.
  • You are gambling with your health coverage when you sign up with a Medicare Advantage plan. If you’re lucky and are healthy, you can save money because you won’t need to buy supplemental coverage, as most people need to do in traditional Medicare. But, if you get sick, you might find that you can’t see the doctors you want to see, your plan refuses to pre-authorize procedures your doctors say you need and, if you get care, the copays and deductibles add up to thousands of dollars.
  • Medicare Advantage plans can and do sometimes refuse to pay for services that traditional Medicare pays for and, the data show that they tend to offer lower quality care.
  • If you leave traditional Medicare and enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan, you very well might not be able to switch back to traditional Medicare.

November 7, 2021

October 24, 2021

“Speak The Truth” Talks About Colin Powell, The Black Farmers, Dave Chappelle and More

October 17, 2021

October 10, 2021

October 3, 2021

September 26, 2021 – Show

September 19, 2021 – Show

Washington, DC radio talk show host Harold Bell developed and sustained a friendship with “The Greatest,” Muhammad Ali. The two met in 1967 on the campus of Howard University. The champ was addressing hundreds of students talking about the Vietnam war and racism in America. The two struck up a friendship that would last for years. When Ali defeated Big George Foreman in the “Rumble In The Jungle,” Harold Bell was the first person to land an exclusive interview when Ali returned to America. How did that happen? The champ picked up the phone and called Harold at home and told him to come to New York for the interview. Ali kept his promise to Harold. Before the fight he told Harold that he would knockout George Foreman and give Harold an interview. This little known (at the time) Washington, DC sports radio talk show host scooped all the national media including ABC’s Wide World of Sports and Howard Cosell. Harold Bell was the first Black American to host and produce his own radio sports talk show in Washington, DC. To learn more about Harold Bell visit and

Click Here To Learn How Harold Bell Became “The Chosen One” by Muhammad Ali

September 12, 2021 – Show

August 29, 2021

Join Harold and the team (Dr. Judy Fisher, Jacques Chevalier, C.J. and Selma Alabama District Attorney, Michael Jackson) as they discuss racism in the military, with a video focusing on Gen. Charles “C.Q.” Brown Jr.  Brown is the first African American service chief and the second ever on the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

August 22, 2021

Join Harold and the panel as they talk about “The Greatest” Muhammad Ali, the turmoil in the world, healthcare and the related scams against senior citizens. Today’s panel includes, ArLena Richardson, Sidney Davis, Charles Hopkins, Gary Johnson, Olympian Mel Pender and Selma Alabama District Attorney Michael Jackson.


August 15, 2021

Join “Speak The Truth” host Harold Bell as he and the panel discuss the impact of supporting black churches, black banks and police department who are not held accountable for their actions.

August 8, 2021

Join Harold and the panel as they talk about black athletes and the Olympic Games, who loves America, what does patriotism look like, Jesse Owens and institutional racism.

August 1, 2021

Join Harold Bell and the panel as they discuss the increase in violence in our cities and Community Oriented Policing with special guest author Dwayne Bryant.

July 25, 2021

Join Harold and the panel as Harold takes the lead in telling our history and truth as we celebrate a group of unsung women from World War II, known as the 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion.

July 18, 2021

Facilitated by Black Men In Publisher/Founder, Gary Johnson, SPEAK THE TRUTH” talks about “hot topics” and the current events on the minds of folks in our community and across the nation.

July 11, 2021

Harold and his guests (Author, Historian and Genealogist) Char McCargo Bah and Dorris Keeven-Franke discuss the history of Alexandria, Virginia, the removal of confederate statues, the crime wave across America, senior citizens being scammed and the swearing in of Selma Alabama District Attorney Michael Jackson as the first African American to lead the District Attorneys Association.

Char McCargo Bah is the CEO/Owner of FindingThingsforU, LLC. She has been a genealogist since 1981; and, has appeared in numerous television interviews with CBS, FOX-5, Comcast, Public Broadcasting Services just to name a few, as well as documentaries. In 2017, she completed a documentary titled, “The First to Make It,” about the first African American NBA player. She has received numerous awards in 2018, 2017, 2014, 2013, 2010, and in 2009 for her work in genealogy.  Click here to learn more.

In her own words, Dorris Keeven-Franke has a passion for sharing history! “I loves love telling the difficult stories. I enjoy helping people connect with their heritage, their culture, and the history of the places we live. Everyone has a story, and every place has a story. It’s’ when those stories come to life, that we give a voice to the people and the times and the places that they lived. Whether its’ found in a cemetery, a courthouse, or a cabin in the woods, there is a story of the people that were there. In order to preserve these stories we must share them, they will not be forgotten. Whether the story is a German emigrant who becomes an abolitionist, or a slave who is an American hero,  these are the stories that bring meaning to the communities we live in, and help us understand our past. Helping our young people to know their ancestors and the stories of their lives, creates a better tomorrow for everyone.”  Click here to learn more.

Please watch these additional short videos.

Alabama District Attorney’s Association swears in first African American president

Click Here To Watch More “Speak The Truth” Shows



July 4, 2021

Join Harold Bell and the panel as they discuss the big business of college sports.  The team watched a vintage show hosted by Harold with guests Spencer Hayward, Butch Beard, Mike Jarvis, Gary Williams, Clarence “Big House” Gaines and John Chaney.

June 27, 2021

Harold Bell and friends welcome Lawrence Lucas, President Emeritus of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Coalition for Minority Employees and Singer, Musician, Songwriter and Entrepreneur J. R. Perry III. Panelists included Dr. Judy Fisher, veteran broadcaster Maggie Linton, Contributor Chris Johnson, Sidney Davis, Charles Hopkins and Jacques Chevalier.  Mr. Lucas provides and update on the plight of the Black farmers and J.R. Perry helps us celebrate Black Music Month.

June 20, 2021

Hayfield High School (Alexandria, VA) football star Prince Viguera Butler and his father William Butler join host Harold Bell for a Father’s Day show on “Speak The Truth” with panelist Dr. Judy Fisher, veteran broadcaster Maggie Linton, Contributor Chris Johnson and Jacques Chevalier.


June 13, 2021

Sidney Davis and Charles Hopkins lead this discussion with guest panelist Dr. Judy Fisher, Jacques Chevalier, Christopher “C.J.” Johnson, LaShawn Quander-Mosley, Rev. David Wolf, Rev. Carolyn Byars, Minister Jeffrey Bowden, Anna Towns and Selma Alabama District Attorney Michael Jackson.

Resource Links:

May 31, 2021 – Join Harold Bell and the team as they reflect and remember as we come up on Memorial Day.  Special Guest Mr. A. Peter Bailey has taught as an adjunct professor at three universities. He was an Associate Editor of Ebony Magazine; and President of the New York Association of Black Journalists.  He has written for numerous publications including Jet, Essence, Black Enterprise, and Newsweek magazines, as well as the New York Times, the Richmond Free Press and the New York Daily News.  Mr. Bailey is also the author of the Harlem Hospital Story: 100 Years of Struggle Against Illness and Racism, Revelations, The Autobiography of Alvin Ailey, Precious Memories and Great Expectations.  He also co-authored Seventh Child: A Family Memoir of Malcolm X.  He is a former 2015 National Association of Black Journalist (NABJ) award winning journalist.


May 23, 2021

Join Harold Bell and the team as he talks about his good friends singing legends Marvin Gaye and Lloyd Price and the impact they’ve had on American culture and music.  Marvin Gaye’s, “What’s Going On?” is as relevant today as it was 50 years ago when the song was first released.  This show was facilitated by Christopher “C.J.” Johnson.

May 16, 2021

Join Harold, Hattie and a host of friends and mentees as they help Harold celebrate being 83-years young.  Some of those paying tribute include Jacques Chevalier, Cristina Johnson and her family Deon J., Deon Johnson, and Caitlyn.  Also paying tribute are Andrew Johnson, Selma District Attorney Michael Jackson, Edward Sargent, Nekia Riley Lawson, Otho Jones, Jono (Jonathan) and Valencia Robinson.

May 9, 2021

Join Harold and his friends as they pay tribute to their mothers and the women who helped shaped their life.  Special guests include Sidney Davis, Christopher “C.J.” Johnson, Jacques Chevalier, Maggie Linton, Lavonia Perryman, Harold Burke and former NFL Receiver and Washington Football Team legend Roy Jefferson.

May 2, 2021

Join Harold and his friends as they continue the discussion about police involvement in the community.  Special guests include Charles County, Maryland Community Activist Janice Wilson, Sidney Davis, Christopher “C.J.” Johnson, Charles Hopkins, Jacques Chevalier, Maggie Linton and Sharon Mitchell Bowden.

We are experiencing software problems.  In the interest of time you can copy and paste the link below into your browser to see an unedited version of the show until our technical issues are resolved.


April 25, 2021

Join Harold and his friends as they continue the discussion about police brutality and the problems with the police around the country.  Special guests include Oveta Glover, President of the Columbia, SC Chapter of NAACP, Selma District Attorney Michael Jackson, Colin Byrd, Mayor of Greenbelt, Maryland, Sidney Davis, Christopher “C.J.” Johnson, Charles Hopkins, Jacques Chevalier, Michael Johnson and James L. Felder.

April 23, 2021

In this special edited version, join your host Harold Bell and Gary Johnson and special guest Dr. Jerry “Doc” Semper as he discusses what you should do if you’re stopped by the police.

April 18, 2021

Join Harold and his friends as they discuss police brutality and the problems with the police around the country.  Special guests include Dr. Jerry “Doc” Semper, Sidney Davis, Christopher “C.J.” Johnson, Charles Hopkins, Jacques Chevalier, Daniel Lampkins, Tony Woods, Raymond Hawkins, Craig Jefferies, Winston Chaney and Bobby Bennett.

April 11, 2021

Join Harold and his friends as the discuss Major League Baseball’s decision to move the All Star game from Atlanta.  The team also discussed police brutality and the police reform bills being introduced around the country.  Special guests include Sidney Davis, Bennie Evans, Michael Johnson, Selma District Attorney Michael Jackson, Christopher “C.J.” Johnson, Charles Hopkins, Jacques Chevalier and Al and Bert Strane.

April 4, 2021

J. A. Preston’s acting credits on stage and screen read like a Who’s Who of black actors and actresses in Hollywood. Those credits include “A Few Good Men,” “Air Force One,” “Body Heat,” “The Spook Who Sat by the Door,” and the TV “Hill Street Blues” and dozens of other TV shows. J. A. was one of the first black Air Traffic Controllers in America before heading to Broadway and later on to Hollywood.

March 28, 2021

FBI Special Agent (retired) Ms. Jerri Williams helped us close out Women’s History Month.  During most of her Bureau career she worked major economic fraud investigations and was amazed at the schemes and deceptions con-artist and corrupt corporate and public officials would devise to steal other people’s money. She has written 4 books and she is working on her 5th.  DEA AGENT (retired) Andrew Johnson is a native Washingtonian and former DC Homicide Detective.  He retired as a DEA supervisor.  He speaks about the legacy of DC and NBA great Elgin Baylor.

Learn More About Jerri.  Click here to visit Jerri’s Official Website.


March 21, 2021

Join Harold and special guest author Ty Gray-EL as leads a discussion on a tribute to Women’s History Month, Black History and Muhammad Ali.

March 14, 2021

Join Harold and the team as they discuss Women’s History Month and the women who influenced them.



March 7, 2021 Show

Harold and the team have a follow-up discussion about voting rights and injustice in the black community with Selma, Alabama District Attorney Michael Jackson,  Juanita Bright, Jacques Chevalier, Sidney Davis, Charles Hopkins, Nkechi Taifa, Linda Mercer, Maggie Linton, Jackie Jones and Christopher “C. J.” Johnson.

Harold and the team have an honest and serious discussion on trust and accountability of our leaders and ourselves in the black community.  The team explores holding the Biden administration accountable for promises made, police shootings and killings and more.  Guests included Keith Winstead, Sidney Davis, Kamal Rahman Harris, Lawrence Lucas, Jackie Jones and Christopher “C. J.” Johnson.

Harold and the team have a robust discussion of Negro League Baseball.  Guests included former players and journalists Al Strane, Bert Strane, Robert Mitchell, John Hollins, Phil Dixon, Harold Michael Harvey, Von Joshua, Bob Kendrick and Robert Mitchell.

Harold and the team discuss Joe Biden’s video conference with Black leaders, Harold’s interview with veteran sports journalist Larry Fitzgerald, Sr. and the status of Black media personalities and coaches in sports.

  • Cover photo credit:  The Homestead Grays. Negro Leagues Baseball Museum
  • Photo credit:  Phil Dixon and Whittier College

This show features our panel discussing Negro League Baseball, Black History Month and the impact of DC area sports legend Harold Bell.  Learn from our special guests, author Phil S. Dixon and Bert Strane.  Mr. Dixon is widely regarded as one of America’s foremost experts on baseball history. He has authored several books on the Negro Baseball Leagues.

Cordy Tindell Vivian also known as C. T. Vivian (July 30, 1924 – July 17, 2020) was an American minister, author, and close friend and lieutenant of Martin Luther King Jr.   Vivian resided in Atlanta, Georgia, and founded the C. T. Vivian Leadership Institute, Inc.  His good friend author Harold Michael Harvey joined us to recall stories of this historic figure in our history.  In a speech in 2007, then Senator Barack Obama, recognized Vivian in his opening remarks in the words of Martin L. King Jr. as “the greatest preacher to ever live.”

Harold Michael Harvey is an American award-winning journalist, former lawyer, political pundit, novelist, essayist, and publisher. He earned a degree in Political Science from Tuskegee Institute and a Juris Doctorate degree from Atlanta Law School. Harvey was honored for “Outstanding Work in Newspaper Journalism,” in 1976 by the National Newspaper Publishers Association.

C.T. Vivian and Harold Michael Harvey

As rioters stormed the Capitol building and lawmakers were ushered to undisclosed locations, Americans were left grappling with the scenes appearing on their televisions and phones — and that includes young people.  In this episode of SPEAK THE TRUTH we hear from young voices.  Ja’Veal, Brandon, Miles and C.J., speak their truth.  It’s tough enough being a teenager.  They are dealing with a pandemic, disruption in their education and now this racial strife and an insurrection.  We also heard from parents and grandparents.  This show ends with a stirring a Capella tribute to children by singer Robin Sugar Williams.

Going Into 2021 Without Grudges

The first episode of 2021 focused on the impact of holding grudges and a round table of hot topics with our panel.

A Conversation with Royal Height (Black Lives Matter), Lawrence Lucas (Black Farmers) and Robert Brown (Black Music Promoter)

The Plight of the Black Farmers – Part 3

This is the December 20, 2020 episode featuring our third discussion on the plight of the Black farmers facilitated by guest host Lawrence Lucas, President of USDA Coalition for Minorities and his guests Corey Lea, Michael Stovall, Rosetta Davis and Waymon Hinson.  This video also features veteran newswoman Jackie Jones and Black Men In columnist Christopher “C.J.” Johnson.  Scroll down to watch parts 1 and 2.

What About The Children?  Featuring Robin Sugar Williams

Prince Viguera Butler — Hayfield Secondary School Class of 2021Alexandria, VA

Brian McIntyre is a retired senior executive with the National Basketball Association. He talks about the current NBA and their association with the community and the league and the player’s role in getting out the vote.

Deputy Postmaster General Ronald Stroman (Retired)

During his 9-years at the US Postal Service, Ronald Stroman led government affairs and international mail issues for USPS, and worked with state and local officials to oversee the expansion of vote by mail.

Prior to joining the Postal Service, Stroman served as the staff director for the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.  In that role he worked with lawmakers to develop several postal reform bills that often received bipartisan support, but never made it out of Congress.

Stroman also led the agency’s work in an intergovernmental strategy on electronic data for international packages, and helped law enforcement agencies detect shipments of illegal drugs.

Stroman also spearheaded strategic outreach for elections and political mail divisions as the use of vote-by-mail has increased over the past five years.

Source:  Jory Heckman – Federal News Network

Racial Profiling

Black Men In presents “Speak The Truth.” This episode was recorded on October 11, 2020. The topic is racial profiling and police brutality featuring Nathaniel Alston, Jr. with your hosts Harold Bell, veteran newswoman Jackie Jones and Black Men In columnist Christopher “C.J.” Johnson.  Panelists include Juanita Bright, John Hollins and John & Kim Shackelford.

The Plight of the Black Farmers – Part 2

This is the September 4, 2020 episode featuring a follow-up discussion on the plight of the Black farmers hosted by Harold Bell facilitated by guest host Lawrence Lucas, President of USDA Coalition for Minorities and his guests Michael Stovall, Waymon Hinson and Jillian Hishaw, with veteran newswoman Jackie Jones and Black Men In columnist Christopher “C.J.” Johnson.

Eddie Cotton, 82, Hermanville, MS, clears a field for a fall crop of hay, using a 40-yr-old tractor. He is among thousands of black farmers denied federal loans in past years.  “They took away my ability to provide for my family,” he says of the discrimination.  ©Robin Nelson/ZUMA

SPEAK THE TRUTH is a virtual talk show hosted by Black Men In on the ZOOM platform.  Every week Gary Johnson, the Founder & Publisher of Black Men In and his co-hosts, National Association of Black Journalist (NABJ) award winner and Washington, DC area talk show sports legend Harold Bell and Christopher (C.J.) Johnson, Political Commentator/Columnist for Black Men In talk about “hot topics” and the current events on the minds of folks in our community and across the nation.

The Plight of the Black Farmers – Part 1

This is the August 16, 2020 episode featuring a discussion on the plight of the Black farmers facilitated by guest host Lawrence Lucas, President of USDA Coalition for Minorities and his guests.  Thanks to Mr. Lucas, Lloyd Wright, Michael Stovall, Waymon Hinson, Jillian Hishaw and Kordel Davis.

Join co-host Harold Bell and radio and TV personality Marc Clark as they engage Dr. Gilbert Hoffman and Dr. Otho Jones (former DC Public School Administrators). We will spotlight these two native Washingtonians who have been in the struggle and in the war zones of our classrooms as teachers, principals, administrators and consultants.

Please click here to watch the Sunday, September 27th episode.

Join Harold and Hattie Bell as they spotlight members of “The Thomas Circle” who have been in the struggle and in the war zones of the Civil Rights movement since the early 1950s. The Town Hall Meeting panelist include the Rileys, Ann, Nekia, Coach Harold, Clara Canty, Alton Whitley, Elaine Bush and Jan Elease. This show was recorded on September 20. 2020.


Dwayne Bryant is an internationally renowned author, transformational speaker and TV personality known for his high-energy, unique ability to connect to an audience, keen intellect and wit.  He is the author of the book, “The Stop.”

In the wake of the public outcry against police brutality, Dwayne empowers audiences with The STOP – Improving Police and Community Relations™ book, workbook, Driver’s Education Manual, The STOP Challenge Poster™ and his online 17-part series entitled The Conversation – Improving Police and Community Relations™, which explains the tension between the Police and the Black Community. In this compelling series, every aspect of Police / Black Community Relations is explored, including the harmful impact of police brutality. Dwayne shares several solutions the community can immediately implement utilizing proactive techniques, data, real-life case studies and proven strategies to ensure a new level of police and community cooperation.

To learn more about Dwayne click here to visit his official website.

“Speak The Truth,” is a Zoom video show sponsored by Black Men In ( featuring The Legend of Inside Sports with Harold Bell and his co-hosts Jackie Jones, Gary Johnson, David Aldridge, Mac Alsobrooks, Butch McAdams, Maggie Linton, Dave McKenna, Christopher Johnson, Dion Jenkins, Edward Sargent and Curtis E. Mozie, (Beyond The Yellow Tape: Life and Death On The Streets of DC).