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12-Year Old Creates Antimicrobial Tool Sourced from Plants that Reducing Germ Exposure


Bacteria-killing utility tool made for safely accessing door handles, ATM touchscreens, and other germ-filled surfaces, is first of its kind.

San Francisco, CA — May 7, 2020 –  In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, 12 year old, Mizan Rupan-Tompkins, creates and launches a contact-less product designed to help people avoid germ-filled surfaces while in the public. The antimicrobial utility tool called the: Safe Touch Pro Handle allows people to interact with door handles, ATM touchscreens and more without using their fingers. The device uses antimicrobial silver ions to kill 99% of bacteria while also made from plant-based materials.

Mizan was inspired to create the product after witnessing his parents struggle to open public doors with their sleeves. “There had to be a better way, a better design, and a way to reduce germ exposure for people. I also wanted to use an eco-friendly plant-based material; something good for the earth,” he recounts.

His early prototypes quickly sold on Ebay followed by more demand from nurses at a local hospital.  Now with a three-fold expansion of 3-D printers, he’s ready for the next wave of orders as shelter-in-place restrictions begin to relax across the country and more people find their way back into the public trying to minimize exposure to germ-filled surfaces.

“It’s just a wonderful product…I’m going to buy one for my mother, daughter, and my wife,” exclaims, Dr. Akili Graham, a family doctor in Houston, Texas.Priscilla Fernandez of Hayward, CA, writes, “I love it!! I no longer have to use my sleeve to open certain doors. I also don’t have to keep using my latex gloves for every surface I come into contact with. Thank you! 🙂 To learn more about Safe Touch Pro and the impact it’s having on health professionals and everyday health conscious citizens, visit:

About Safe Touch Pro
Safe Touch Pro was founded by 12 year old, Bay Area resident, Mizan Rupan-Tompkins, who created the product and company after witnessing his parents struggle to open public doors with their sleeves, in the name of protecting themselves from Coronavirus. Safe Touch Pro is the first utility tool of its kind to use both antimicrobial silver ions and be made of plant-based material.At age 8, Mizan was tinkering with microprocessors and coding in several programming languages. By age 10 he had received accolades from Barnes & Noble bookstore as one of its “Mini Makers” of the year. Months later he found himself presenting his “Age Guessing Bot” at Maker Faire Bay Area to thousands of people.

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Raphael Tompkins
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