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A Silent National Crisis: Student Violence Against Teachers


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Ramael Slater is tackling an important issue with his project Wall-O-Ween, where he showcases the issue of student  violence against teachers combined with teacher retaliation masked in the horror of Halloween. It’s a silent epidemic that no one is talking about.  Ramel needs your help.  Please click here to visit his HatchFund site.  This project will only be funded if at least $4,000 is donated by Wednesday, July 8, 11:59pm.

Check out some data by the American Psychological Association:

How Big Is the Problem?

Each year, 253,100 (7 percent) teachers are threatened with injury and they can be divided into the following categories by:


  • 109,800 (43 percent) in cities
  • 78,100 (31 percent) in suburbs
  • 27,500 (11 percent) in towns
  • 37,700 (15 percent) in rural areas

School Level

  • 139,400 (55 percent) in secondary schools
  • 113,700 (45 percent) in elementary schools


  • 78,500 (31 percent) male teachers
  • 174,500 (69 percent) female teachers

Each year, 127,500 (3 percent) of teachers are physically attacked by students (National Survey in 2003-2004).

What Are the Costs of Teacher Victimization?

There is a cascade of costs, both obvious and hidden due to:

  • Lost wages
  • Lost days of work (927,000 per year)
  • Need for training and replacement of teachers leaving the school or profession prematurely
  • Lost instructional time
  • Medical and psychological care resulting from threats and assaults
  • Student disciplinary proceedings involving school, police, judicial systems, social services and parents
  • Increased workers’ compensation claims and premiums
  • Incarceration of perpetrators

The nationwide costs of teacher victimization to teachers, parents, and taxpayers are calculated to exceed $2 billion annually.

These costs do not include costs to and incurred by those who commit violence against teachers, such as substantially higher dropout rates, government assistance, medical care and social services throughout their lifespan.


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