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Certain Truths About Warfare by Mike Ramey


One of the most important aspects of warfare: No man is to be left behind on the battlefield after a battle.  Thus, men who are wounded, lost, or otherwise incapacitated due to the battle must be rescued and brought back home to and by friendly forces.

Oh, how twisted this society has become, when men not only do not properly train up other men for Christian service; other men are content to leave older men–especially their fathers–bleeding and hurt along the side of life’s vicious highway.  Then, to make matters worse, their sons won’t forgive them.

How you treat a brother in HIS time of need, is going to be how others WILL treat you in YOUR time of need.  Let this sink in!

It took me a while to figure out why many fatherhood programs never seem to gain REAL traction in society.  When you get right down to it, to properly balance the equation of the home, you need a husband BEFORE you need a father–which is the way God set it up.  In short, marriage between a man and a woman STILL needs to be emphasized, IF you want to build a successful home.  THEN when the children arrive, you have a man and a woman in balance spiritually, emotionally, sexually and economically.  I didn’t say perfect, I said ‘balanced’.  When you down marriage, you negate the chances of success of any fatherhood or motherhood program.  The Book of Titus covers this in more detail.

I’m just amazed by all of the cussing and insulting that is happening in our public discourses.  Frankly, constant display of these character flaws shows not only how weak an individual may be; it also points out a serious lack of class by the individual, whether they be male or female.

Let’s park on that last point, especially for my young brothers.  A woman who has to resort to cussing and insults AIN’T much of a woman, and is not WORTHY of your time, attention or affections.  In short, she’s not a woman worth taking home and introducing to the folks.

Young men in particular need to ‘wise up’ on our modern era and all the quicksand lurking beneath the surface.  Just because you can do something does NOT mean that it’s the right thing to do!  Whenever I heard a student cussing in my class, they were called on it.  And, as a proud member of the Black Broadcast profession, we were constantly being trained on NOT letting cussing pass over the air, or into the public square.

Brothers, what comes out of your mouth DOES matter!  Yes, you may slip upon occasion–however, if you find yourself regularly with your finger on your verbal cussing and/or insult app, you need to check yourself from the inside out!

Oh, I haven’t forgotten this area of our monthly get together.  This month’s woman, as listed in the Book of Proverbs, Chapter 2:16-19 (and other places) is the Strange Woman.  Verse 19 provides the clearest picture of her: “None that go  unto her return again, neither take they hold of the paths of life.” (KJV)

This is the type of woman who may be married, or may be single.  However, she is very dangerous, and likes to use flattery to get whatever (or whomever) she may desire.  Sadly, this sister may be ‘religious’, meaning that she knows enough of the Bible and the church to ‘cover’ her fornication or adultery.  If you carefully read the passage, you know quickly that the Strange Woman was offered upright training in the ways of righteousness in her younger years, but soon tossed her instruction and God’s laws right over the side for the sake of getting ‘what she wanted’.  She is marked as being stubborn and headstrong.  Color yourself GONE if you run into a sister like this on line, or in real time.

My young brothers, the mainstream media (a.k.a. ‘MSM’ or ‘mainstream mess’) as these days continue to tick along, is schizophrenic on its BEST days.  They, like social media, are NOT your friends.  Social media make their money ‘pretending’ to be ‘socially responsible’ while selling your private information to anyone with a dollar bill.  The MSM provides the constant drumbeat of death, depression, and doubt.  Good news?  Never heard of it (unless it serves to fit an agenda they control).

Let’s look at one example, do-it-yourself housing projects.  Prior to the 2007 recession (which just recently ended, by the way), people had the money to HIRE people to fix up their homes, or, they managed to buy or build the homes they wanted.  Well, thanks to that recession, the stock market collapse of 2008, and the massive disappearance of homeowner equity nationwide.

In order to ‘cover’ for the failed economic policies of that time, the ‘mainstream mess’ started to ‘surface’ a host of DIY stuff; from home repair to cooking shows to home delivery of pre-packaged meals.  Of course, those in the MSM and Social Media continue to get paid ‘top drawer’ amounts to ‘keep’ the viewers/texters hooked and NOT thinking.  Heaven forbid that a Millennial would learn how to shop for their food, plan their meals AND cook them–which would reduce their weekly food bill by 30% or more.  Better yet, cook the meals and freeze them.  That’s what makes a microwave special!


*First, to Chris Hogan, author or “Retire Inspired”.  I’ve got a review coming soon on this book, which is part of Dave Ramsey’s publishing arm.  I first caught Hogan on “Fox Business Chanel” earlier this year.  His book is already a #1 National Best Seller.  Who says Black men can’t achieve?

*The March 31st, 2018 issue of Forbes Magazine has Robert Smith, CEO of Vista Equity Partners, proudly on the cover of this Billionaire’s issue.  Smith’s worth is $4.4 billion, and he’s NOT an entertainer or athlete.  He’s an entrepreneur.  If you want to know how he did it, get the magazine.  Another Black brother who has done BIG things.

Mike Ramey is a Minister, Book Reviewer and Syndicated Columnist who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.  ‘The Manhood Line: Live’ is one of a variety of columns that Ramey has in cyberspace.  To drop him a line…or a whine…the address is still the same:  ©2018  Barnstorm Communications.

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