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Security Awareness Training 

One of the most valuable resources you can have for protecting your business & its assets is proper education & training. Since 88 % of data losses are accidental, at the very least these pieces of training can help you mitigate mistakes. Below we highlight several resources published by the U.S. Government that can be quite helpful for small to medium businesses wanting to know more about protecting their data. We cover the importance of Cyber Security Awareness Training programs in a brief article here.

CISA Cybersecurity Awareness Program Small Business Resources 

The Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency has collected a variety of resources for improving security practices for small to medium businesses. From toolkits created by the Department of Homeland security to compliance resources from the Federal Trade Commission, these resources are a jumping-off point for creating a Cyber Security Strategy to reduce your risks of cyber attacks. For a full list of CISA’s resources, visit their Small Business Resources.

NIST Small and Medium Business Cyber Security Resources 

The National Institute of Standards and Technology also has published numerous resources for small to medium businesses. This includes Cyber Security Frameworks, SMB Resources Map, Supply Chain Risk Management Guide, Security Risk Assessment for HIPAA Compliance, Industry Specific Security Guides, and more. You can view these resources here.

18 CIS Critical Security Controls 

According to the Center for Internet Security, there are 18 Critical Security Controls for Small to Medium Businesses. Previously, these controls were based on the devices they protected and are now based on the activities they include. You can click through each for a more in-depth definition.

  1.    Inventory and Control of Enterprise Assets
  2.    Inventory and Control of Software Assets
  3.    Data Protection
  4.    Secure Configuration of Enterprise Assets and Software
  5.   Account Management
  6.   Access Control Management
  7.   Continuous Vulnerability Management
  8.  Audit Log Management
  9.  Email and Web Browser Protections
  10.  Malware Defenses
  11.  Data Recovery
  12.  Network Infrastructure Management
  13.  Network Monitoring and Defense
  14.  Security Awareness and Skills Training
  15.  Service Provider Management
  16.  Application Software Security
  17.  Incident Response Management
  18.  Penetration Testing

OQP Solutions Cyber Hygiene Training 

Want some free insight on how to reduce your chances of a successful cyber attack on your business and personal data? Check out our webinar Cyber Hygiene 101 to learn the basics of good cyber hygiene. For a more in-depth & customized Security Awareness Training Program, you can contact OQP Solutions here to schedule a consultation call. We don’t just send a phew phishing attempts & call that training, we work to educate our clients & their employees on practicing good Cyber Hygiene habits. From backing up critical data to protecting sensitive information & passwords, our trainings dive into the day-to-day practices that reduce your cyber risks to acceptable levels. Contact us with any questions or to get started on protecting your data today!

Cyber Security Guidance for Small Businesses Sources: 

  1. CIS (Center for Internet Security)

  1. CISA (Cyber Security & Infrastructure Security Agency)

  1. NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) NISTIR 7621 Rev. 1

Changed from 29% to 88%, link here

For a custom, cost-effective Cyber Security Training program, contact  OQP Solutions today!

Black Men In is proud to partner with OQP Solutions to help us in our mission to help you protect yourself against cyber thieves and criminals.  Please share this information as a way of supporting Dontae Tyler and OQP Solutions.

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