Dante Productions was started in the 1980’s based on a group of men in Philadelphia wanting to go skiing. They went to upstate New York and it was recognized after some hours on the slopes you return at the lodge and there was nothing to do but drink and talk.  Fashion shows and other entertainment events were created and Dante Productions was carving out a nice reputation.
Chancey Dunham, the creative visionary was sidetracked with family obligations and other challenges in life and over the years, Dante was shelved several times.
Fast forward to today.  Chauncey has recruited the talents of Ms. Kristen Smith to take the position of President and Ms. Marquel Hayes as Vice President and Chauncey moved in the position of Chief Operation Officer. This move allows for the new growth to include a stage show management segment of the company. The JLB Sun Group still retains the overall Company management to control the financial stability stability of the day to day operations.
Chauncey Dunham, COO Dante Productions
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