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A Star Is Born…And Her Name Is Daphne Cooper


By Mr. Free Spirit

Mr. Free Spirit has tracked Dante Production since it has become the premier entertainment company in North Central Florida.  Dante has acquired a new talent who is spectacular in song, personality and stage. Her name is Daphne Cooper. The COO of Dante (Chauncey Dunham) met Daphne at a restaurant where she was a hostess, and she caught his eye based on her ability to handle both the guest during a sold-out situation for seating and her unique look. The poise and grace that Daphne had really got his interest. When things calmed down, Chauncey asked her some questions and found out she could sing.  Chauncey then did something he had NEVER done before…he hired her to sing at one of his company’s shows without hearing her sing.  That’s right.  She did not have to audition.  Something just told him that she could sing and that she would NOT disappoint.

The day of the show Chauncey was nervous.  He started thinking, “What have I done?”  I hired a woman to sing and I have no idea if she can sing.  Moments later, Daphne Cooper stepped on stage and started singing and something special started to happen.  Daphne Cooper captivated Chauncey with her pitch perfect voice, and at the same time, she started casting a spell over the entire audience.

She also held and not only did she captivate Chauncey she had the audience spell bound. You talk about a venue getting quiet, everybody had their eyes on the stage. Everything about Daphne was special.  From her costume changes to her song selection, Daphne Cooper performs with a touch of class.  Remember her name.  What did I say?  “Remember her name.”  Her name is Daphne Cooper.  You can read more about Daphne below.

Daphne Cooper – Biography

Daphne’s musical journey began in Orlando, Florida at the age of 8 in the church children’s choir. As she continued her education, she became a member of the Jones High School choir. It was here that she developed her musical tastes and interests.

Daphne then served as a Military Police Officer for the United States Army. While in the military Daphne shared her gift as a member of the Army Entertainment USA Express Top 40 Band. She embarked on a one-year international tour entertaining armed forces personnel, civilians and distinguished guests around the world.

Daphne is a multi-talented vocalist who can not only sing, but dance, read music, and teach. She has a college education in music performance and uses her skills to perform for several different venues, including working with a multitude of bands and musicians across the globe. Ms. Cooper has been bringing her sultry, witty, crowd pleasing lines and comedic persona to the many stages in the Orlando and surrounding areas for over 10 years. Performing at Maitland, Florida’s Jazz Tastings as a featured artist for over 4 years. Her graceful yet funky talent as allowed her to be the opening act for Grammy-Award winning artists such as Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk, Buckwheat Zydeco, Trombone Shorty and Robert Cray to name a few.

Daphne has won awards and scholarships for her talents and continues to pay it forward by teaching young children the art of music.

There is no doubt that once you see her electrifying performance you will have an irresistible urge to stand to your feet and groove to the music. Her versatility is unmatched and her captivating, high-energy performances transport audiences back in time, to a place where there are no limits and all things are possible.

Daphne is as intriguing off stage as on and you will never be the same after you simply catch a glance.

Have ever heard the expression “Finding of a DIAMOND”. Daphne has a unbelievable musical future.

Mr. Free Spirit OUT!

Updated:  July 6, 2019 by Gary A. Johnson, Publisher – Black Men In

After reading this article, I had to see for myself.  I was in Florida on vacation and wanted to see if Daphne Cooper was on stage anywhere.  Sure enough she was performing in Maitland, Florida at the Jazz Tasting Nightclub and Restaurant.  I put the word out that I was coming to see her show.  I got some friends together and off we went on a very rainy night.  We were not disappointed.  The food was great and Daphne Cooper was EVERYTHING that she was hyped up to be and more.  Daphne Cooper is a delightful person and performer.  She sat down at our table before and after the show.  She wanted to make sure that we had a GREAT time, and we did.

Daphne Cooper and Gary Johnson after Daphne’s Show

Click Here To Visit Daphne’s Facebook Page

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