Deion Sanders: Do You Believe Now?


By Gary Johnson – Publisher (Black Men In

Deion Sanders aka “Coach Prime” and the Colorado Buffaloes have taken the college football world by storm, and it seems that naysayers in the media and rival coaches are now starting to catch on to the wave. Even if they don’t truly believe after just two games, they still have to take notice that Deion Sanders is changing the landscape in college football.  Are the Colorado Buffaloes Pac-12 contenders this year? Coach Prime asked some members of the media if they “believed” in his program.  Over at the Thought Brothers podcast–we believe.

You don’t have to believe.  You may conclude that it is way too early to purchase a ticket to ride the “Prime Time” bandwagon.  That’s OK. 

Let me share some FACTS about “Coach Prime” that cannot be denied.  Dude is a flat-out winner.  This is why I have my “Boarding Pass” in-hand.  Deion Sanders is:

  • A former NFL Defensive Player of the Year.
  • A first-ballot NFL Hall of Famer.
  • Arguably the greatest Cornerback the NFL has ever seen.
  • The only man to play in the Super Bowl and the World Series.
  • Arguably the best two-sport professional athlete. (No disrespect to Bo Jackson who was a beast at baseball and football.  A a serious hip injury cut his career short).
  • Elevated Jackson State University and HBCU Football to another level with endorsement deals from corporate sponsors, at one time cut the grass on the practice field, used his personal funds to upgrade the locker room and training facility, paid assistant coaches out of his pocket to help compensate them for their work.

As Thought Brother “Carlos the Banker” would say:  “C’mon man!  You still don’t believe?”  For the record, “We Believe!”

Watch what The Thought Brothers had to say about Coach Prime and his program.

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