It’s Official by Mike Ramey


“Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  Also, Merry Christmas–in advance!

    As an American citizen who is both a Christian and a Minister, I have a duty to step forward for service when I see my country, through her institutions, in trouble and heading in an ungodly direction.  After witnessing the actions of an “Imperial Congress” since the 2018 elections, I hereby announce my intent to run for the office of Congressman for the 7th Congressional District, on the Republican ticket in 2020.

    As I read the U. S. Constitution, I am in awe of the fact that the founders–many of them Bible-believing Christians–set up this document without a religious test for public office, nor a term limit for congressional representatives.  It is the responsibility of the electorate to turn out in force at every election to vote those in whom they believe will do the best to serve as representatives to our government.  It’s high time that those who are true Christians march onto the battlefield, ready to fight for upright–not corrupt–government.

    I’ve been a resident of Marion County for a number of years.  I’m far from perfect.  I’ve been divorced and blessed to have remarried; went broke twice, been homeless, fought in the ‘Child Support Wars’ and spun the non-custodial parent wheel.  However, through each of those setbacks, God was there.  He put me on the right route; a setup for a comeback.  There are those who have been forgotten by our Congress.

    The forgotten are the reason I made the decision to run.

    I’ve been blessed to serve in several different, great careers to make a difference in the lives of others.  My making this choice in running for public office is just another means of serving my fellow citizens, supporting President Trump, and inspiring our next generation of young people.

    America’s best days ARE before us…even IF it may be cloudy today!

    Now, there are those who wish Christians would just ‘shut up’.  There are those–even in the church–who like to proclaim that Ministers and preachers of the Gospel have no business involved in the political process.  Well, to those who are blissfully ignorant of the founding of our nation, I take the time to remind them of some words from a pulpit once held by Rev. John Peter Muhlenberg of Virginia, during the Revolutionary War era, which I will paraphrase:  “There comes a time to preach, and there comes a time to fight!”  Folks, for me: That time is NOW!  In conclusion, I am Republican FIGHT…NOT Republican LITE!  IF I’m not already in your neighborhood…I soon will be!”

–Martin “Mike” Ramey, GOP Candidate, 7th District Congress

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