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Ashford - MasculineFeminineWeakness

By Chime

As a proponent of men, whom supports masculine energy being transformed to alpha status: Some may wonder how a woman, such as I, could take to task other women so very easily, instead of doing the, sisterhood thing of Kum Ba Yah. I see how some may find my stance ironic, instead of taking my place in the continuance of, the battle of sexes. Well, my view is for diverse reasons. One being that, as with anything else; I choose to take women on a case-by-case basis as much as I’m able. Where this becomes challenging, is when one incorporates a (-wait for it,) terrorist group, such as the cult of feminism, whom blatantly misconstrue equality, for congruency and alignment, which complements. Equality need not be, two dualistic forces uniting to form one. Balance and congruency, as always, prove to be more essential.  Personally, I wish to be considered as an individual always. I don’t want to be automatically bundled with another woman… especially when I observe the unladylike and uncouth normality which pervades the mainstream with how many modern women today, purposefully allow themselves to be observed and perceived. Some women have knocked their own position to lower levels by their very own; demoralizing, desperate, scandalous, high-maintenance actions, all while still echoing how they are: strong, independent, “doing them,” successful and well-educated. I am used to hearing many minority, and now, even regular day non-minority women, trumpet words as their own, loudest campaign spokesperson.

Ashford -black men

There was a time in not too far away history, when women were true complements to men. In turn, men were considered assets to women, and not necessarily because of how much bread they won. This, in actuality, didn’t place women in automatic secondary status. This elevated them, by keeping them, usually more safe and secure, than their male counterparts who found themselves in more, concerning and oft time, dire straits. Here’s a brief case in point, (look beyond that  I’m mostly referencing non-minorities here): When the Titanic sank, it was, Women & Children first. This was the rule presented by then-time status quo. It wasn’t, “Rich Women & Children 1st,” and all others, be damned. Simply put; it was Women & Children. Why? This is because, women & children were recognized and put first, due to their obvious fragility, their automatic vulnerability. Men on the Titanic, whether rich, poor, or in a mediocre status, died far more than women & children aboard ship.  Today’s feminist woman, because of wanting to feel, and be recognized as equal, would place herself in the automatic slot of going down with the ship.., all because she wants to appear equal to a man, and what that represents to her, in her own psyche. She would be right there, duking it out with cold waves and ice, and (by her own logic) allowing, a man to take her seat in the limited number of lifeboats. That’s seemingly, what feminism wants.


Black men need women that are conscientious of their continued: personal battles, social challenges, and inner plights. Black men want women to take that same strength and apply it to a better solution for ourselves and each other.  That solution is- Them. Perhaps if the, “doing me” women took a step back and recognized positive males whom demonstrated worthy attributes necessary in our collective harmonization as a culture, we’d create a unity unbound. It would be the kind of unity that, promoted a fresh over-standing, humility, and new sight…which leads to clearer vision. A vision where our black men are seen as being more dedicated, because there’s something more, to be inspired by and dedicated towards… Harmony in themselves, harmony with their partner, which in turn, fosters harmonization in the home and land at large. The children we as a community create and raise would feel the respect we trade among ourselves, because the female and male work together instead of against each other. In turn, the “established” system and so-called powers-that-be which once paid black and minority women to first abandon, kicking men out of their own homes, all for a subsidy, would observe a fresh current of trends between black men and women. That trend could be and should be, Solidarity. Solidarity: Harmonious alignment between men & women of our culture can allow our value for each other to rise, and fresh prosperity to reign. When we women (as a collective) are at war with our male counterparts; We live in a house divided. When we go an extra mile or two to support our men; We can meet in the middle, strengthen our foundation and like Ashford & Simpson- Be Solid. Solid as a Rock!


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  1. This was another thought provoking read by Chime that made me think long and hard about the current state of the “Black Family Unit” of today and how feminism has played a huge part in corrupting its very core.

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