America’s favorite underground commentary column is BLACK and BACK right here on the usual electronic frontier outposts of reason and courage.  It’s Black History Month!  I could NOT wait to ‘lay it out’ for reader consumption!


       I happened across a clip of The Jeffersons TV show, entitled “George’s Old Girlfriend”.  It seems that one of George Jefferson’s old flames from back in the day showed up at his swank apartment…with a gun.  In her mind, it was George’s fault for her life turning out as bad as it did, and she wanted some payback.

      George got the gun away from her and gave her some harsh truth.  First, the woman was told that back in the day, she didn’t give George the time of day, because he was always working and didn’t make enough money to ‘wine and dine’ her…but the neighborhood numbers runner DID!  Second, IF they had been ‘an item’, he would not have followed the path fueled by hard work leading to eventual upward success.  Lastly, George pointed out that the woman wanted hers NOW, rather than later and would not stick with her man in the bad times AND good times like Louise did.

      Let’s face facts.  There are a LOT of folks out there like this gun-toting woman.  Instead of decreasing, they have INCREASED in number like Bebe’s Kids.   These individuals are quick to blame the successful for THEIR not being successful—no matter how many ‘helping hands’ and solid advice they had been supplied during their lifetimes.  Further, they like to get rich quick and live life in the streets without consequences RATHER than building their wealth slowly, planting roots in God and marriage, and becoming a credit to the community, rather than a plague and drain upon ALL of us.

      For all the faults that George Jefferson was portrayed as having during the series, this season 10 episode was one of those ‘character depth’ episodes that explained the how and why of who he was.  Those three points that the episode outlined also was a historical look into the divide which has grown in the Black community during our times of prosperity.  Sadly, even though the show was made years ago, in our modern ‘mainstream mess’ era; George would have been heralded as a bully because he dared to a) get the gun away from his assailant, and; b) told his cowardly former flame the truth about her life.

      George Jefferson ‘moved on up’ the right way…and faced down bullies and cowards along that climb to the top.


     Since when did society replace parents?  Since when did parents allow society to replace them?  Right!  When parents FORGOT that THEY oversaw their OWN homes and their OWN children.

      Parents abdicated their standing in the home because of two things: bullies and cowards.

      Parents believed the bullying bluster from social do-gooders and jack-booted politicians that they had no ‘power’ in the running of their offspring.  Further, these self-same social do-good cowards (and their allies in BLM, Antifa, the MSM, Teacher’s Unions and the like) coerced many parents into silence.

      I still cannot forget an event from a few years back.  A bunch of Black teens were acting out in public with assorted mayhem.  Of course, it was shown live on the local TV news.  A brave mother saw that her son was causing the mayhem, jumped into her sneakers and went down to where the ‘action’ was.  In short order, Mama snatched a knot into her son, and—live on television—proceeded to drag him home!

      Mama realized that she did not have to ‘cower’ to the politically correct.  She acted her part as a parent and took action.  Action, I might add, which may have embarrassed her son…but saved his life in the long run.  She caught some ‘heat’ from a LOT of people of many races during her stand.  But she showed the bullies and cowards who opposed her that she was responsible for HER son.  And, as the saying goes: “As long as he lives under my roof, he plays by my rules!”


     I’d like to clue some of the parents in the house about some of the truths that bullies, and cowards do not want you to know.  Call this my ‘real deal’ section.

      First, bullies and cowards do NOT have all the answers when it comes to THEIR children—but ‘create’ the illusion that they do, when it comes to YOUR children and YOUR way of life.  Now, there IS a difference between friendly advice to help your family, and a dictator who gets their kicks in trying to break up YOUR family bond.

      Take the issue of school choice.  Teachers Unions do NOT want Black and Brown parents to have the option of putting their children into a better learning environment.  However, IF one peeks behind their bluster and pulls back the curtain, one would be shocked to see how many of those IN such unions send their OWN kids to charter, private, and parochial schools for better educations while they destroy YOUR child’s chance for scholarships and academic advancement.

      All to keep their kids at the front of the line.  It didn’t used to be that way.  It is now.

      Another issue?  Defunding the police.  How many liberal Democrat politicians run cities where they want to take away police protection for mostly Black and Brown families—but the families of these same politicians have either police OR private security protection, claiming that because they are ‘in the public view’ they have a right to be protected.  But the people who vote them into office have NO such right to protection.

      It is sad when Black politicians forget themselves.  It is sadder when they forget their people.

      Another issue?  Homosexuality and Transgenderism.  Two issues loaded with dynamite but lacking in morality and common sense.  God only made two sexes—not sixty-two!  I find it highly insulting that those individuals who want to take their perversion public and attack the Black male image are allowed to ‘get away’ with such a horror show.  Again, look behind the curtain of these cowards and bullies and you fill find drug abuse, domestic violence, alcohol abuse and a godless mindset.  Then, they have the nerve to lay their opinions on normal people and demand that we accept them?  Yeah, right.  The devil is a liar.

      Anyone falling for these two biblical abominations are falling for satanic deception, period.

      Another issue?  The last group of bullies and cowards to be brought up in my column?  Black Lives Matter—or, as I like to maintain—Black Lives Manipulated.  This is a rough patch of road because the offenders were young Blacks—mainly led by young Black women who were given a lot of money and power and paid lip service to helping those in our communities who had been ‘victimized’ by trauma and violence either imagined or real.  At last word, $60 Million in their coffers is ‘missing’.  None of the money went to our people, but rather to enrich the BLM leadership with houses and land and supporting Communist causes.  To make matters worse, one of the female co-founders is allegedly married to another woman.  Both women spent funds on lavish lifestyles.  Many of those who were ‘swept’ up in this cause are hurt, dejected, and confused at being made a ‘tool’ for someone’s warped agenda.

      BLM made suckers out of a LOT of Black folks, especially the Black parents who birthed them.

      I could go on and on, but you catch what I am throwing.  Time was that people in the public eye—even our people—did what they did to represent and better the race.  These days, the only ‘race’ that these social influencers (of all shades) run in, is the race to the bank to deposit what they have made at the expense of the hard working, moral, god-fearing, and normal.


     That’s right, I said that bullies and cowards of today are paid and paid very well to force the hard working, moral, god-fearing, and normal to back down from righteous positions by the power of illusion.  They pull mock outrage and insult from thin air faster than a magician can pull rabbits from their hat.

      Too many of all races yield to their wisdom without filtering it through truth.

      Here is but one example.  What is the REAL bottom line of ‘Critical Race Theory’ being taught in some school systems?  NOT to address and correct past racial wrongs, but to render YOUR child or grandchild from being an academic or economic threat to the offspring of the CRT bullies and cowards.  It’s pretty hard for a young man or young woman to graduate with a chip on their shoulder.  It is harder still to fill out a job application IF you have not mastered the 3 R’s but HAVE mastered CRT.  Amen?

      You heard it here first, in ‘The Ramey Commentaries’.

      If you want to break the power of bullies and cowards, it is going to call for some of us getting back to basics.  Some cowards are going to have to be stood up against and faced down with the truth of their insanity.  Some bullies—if they aren’t willing to stop pushing—are going to have to be dealt with the same way we used to handle them on the playground; stand our ground and bust ‘em in the mouth repeatedly until they get the message that we ain’t playing their games anymore.  One standing their ground and standing up for truth and justice does wonders for clearing the battlefield of bullies and cowards.  Yes, there may be some momentary pain or loss of social position.  Yes, you may be battered and bruised.  In the end, you WILL be the one smiling.

      One riot…one Ranger!

      When BLM and Antifa started burning Bibles and churches, they crossed the line with God.  He has been ‘raising up’ some champions to confront our modern-day bullies and cowards.  Further, it has been interesting that confusion has been entering their ranks, as them have been turning to feed on their own.  Many of their ‘strong’ men and women have been revealed to be 98-pound weaklings as—one by one—they have been caught in a host of scandals and illegal activities.

      THIS Black History Month, stand for the truth of our God and our history. READ about George Washington Carver, Booker T. Washington, Sojourner Truth, Tony Brown, Marva Collins etc.  God raised THEM and others to do exploits…he can do the same for YOU!  God brought us a mighty long way.  He didn’t bring us this far for us to fail.

      God didn’t bless us to be victims, but victors!

      Is THIS ‘Black enough’ for ya?


Mike Ramey is a Retired Minister, KJV Bible Teacher, syndicated columnist and book reviewer who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.  “The Ramey Commentaries” is one of a variety of his columns appearing and abounding in print and cyberspace, written from a biblical, business, and common-sense perspective since 1996.  To drop him a line—or a whine—the address is still the same: manhoodline@yahoo.com.  ©2022 Barnstorm Communications International.


There is just something special about starting a brand new day.

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Federer, best known for his “Faith In History” TV series, packs a lot of research and insight into the day-by-day events which have shaped the history and culture of our land.  “American Minute” literally provides a concise, one page summary and story line of the important events of a particular date, along with some detailed background.  Federer’s book kind of reminds the reader of the late Paul Harvey’s daily radio broadcast (and later book) “The Rest of the Story”.  This work is JUST as surprising and detailed!

“American Minute” has more than 40 pages of End Notes, a carefully arranged Contents section, and an examination of the daily historical events that will stand out for any reader.  Those who are interested in speeches and reports will be glad for these detailed features, as you will be able to carefully ‘match up’ the individual, the quotes and the historical references to the day.  The student, public speaker, pastor and college professor will all have a ball searching through the covers of this work.

“American Minute:  Notable Events of American Significance Remembered on the Date they Occurred” by William J. Federer is available through your favorite, on line electronic book connection, or may be obtained through AmeriSearch, Inc. at the Americanminute.com website.  History is NOT dull the way in which Federer presents it!

Mike Ramey is a Minister, Reviewer and Syndicated Columnist who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.  He brings current and lesser-known titles to light to re-kindle a love for reading and thinking in a sea of modern technology.  Feel free to reach him via email at manhoodline@yahoo.com.  © 2018, 2019 Barnstorm Communications.

The Manhood Line Live!™

THE DLS? A NEW HASHTAG! (Posted February 18, 2017)

For those who may have joined me late, just before the groundhog popped up out of the ground, OTHER sexual misconduct scandals took place involving women.

THIS time, it was the women who were the initiators of said misconduct.
Published reports have alleged that the female Mayor of a southern city–who is married–admitted that she committed adultery with her married former chief of security.  Then, in California, a female Hispanic Assemblywoman who has been at the forefront of the #MeToo movement, was allegedly involved in sexual misconduct involving one or two men.  The misconduct against the men featured groping, improper advances and other such things.  Both of these politicians are Democrats.  Both of these women have yet–as far as I am aware of–to resign from their respective political offices.
A new hash tag has been making the rounds of social media: #WomenDoItToo.

The dirty little secret about sexual misconduct: women have been and are just as capable of committing sexual sins, AND when caught they are VERY slow to resign or give up positions of power and authority.  Unfortunately, many men and women don’t read their KJV Bibles on a regular basis to know the full depravity of the human heart and sexual sin.  Anyone–and I do mean anyone–is quite capable of sinning AND drawing others in to sin–especially sexual sins.
My brothers, it has long been maintained by the mainstream press that women are ‘incapable’ of the ‘role’ of sexual aggressors or predators.  Many of these press clippings were written by women.

World Net Daily took a courageous stance more than a few years ago by keeping a running tally of female school teachers, female school staff, and even female principals who seduced male–and some female–students of high school (and even middle school) age.  “The Big List: Female Teachers With Students” is still listed at the site, and through various other search engines on the web.  I suggest that you spend some time reading it and sharing it.

In Proverbs, Chapter 6, there are women on display for men to avoid.  In light of the recent headlines involving #WomenDoItToo, our focus for the month rests upon the whorish woman.  Verse 26 explains her: “For by means of a whorish woman a man is brought to a piece of bread: and the adulteress will hunt for the precious life” (KJV).
Adultery is the act of a married or single person having sex with a married person.  No, it is not called ‘an affair’ by God’s standard.  It is adultery, plain and simple.  It is included among the Ten Commandments.  And, if you read further in this chapter of Proverbs, you will find that–among men–adultery is VERY difficult to forgive.
Brothers, I’ll make it plain.  There are SOME women in our society who seek to ‘hypnotize’ men into submission by what they have between their legs.  Remember Joseph!  RUN FROM women like this!  Spies know this by another name: “The Honey Trap”.  Don’t be trapped by ANY honey, brothers.  It will cost your more than you can afford to pay.

One famous Black entertainer had one of those ‘showdown’ moments with his son years ago.  The son wanted to go out to a party.  The father said NO!  The son challenged his father:  “Well, why can’t I go out?”  The father calmly stated:  “Son, I’ve been…where you’ve got to go!”
Another one of my heroes, Les Brown, on one of his taped series, tells the story about the time that he has one of those ‘showdown’ moments with his son over his grades in college.  Brown, no stranger to facing showdowns, firmly told his son the following:  The boy’s grades were going to have to be a minimum B in all his classes in the next term…or he would NOT pay for his college education.
The son got his grades up.
Well, whadoyaknow about that!
Showdown moments.  Every man has them…or WILL have them!  They test your backbone.  Sure, you may not like them…but you have to have them, to grow and run your family and your life effectively.  Brothers, you are being warned about that which lies ahead.

Sometimes the best thing that a husband can do is protect his home from foreign and domestic enemies.  If you want a peaceful home, you have to lay a sure foundation in Christ AND make sure that your spouse and children DO NOT hang out with people who aren’t going anywhere in life!  If you get the wrong ‘vibe’ from a friend of your Mrs.–or friends of your children–you need to speak up and break up that deadly relationship before that devilish spirit attempts to move in to your home.

Sports warrior Harold Bell.  He and I may have gone up different broadcasting hills, but we’ve chewed some of the same dirt together!  One of the ORIGINAL Black Panthers!

If mothers can take their sons and daughters to various sports activities to be a good parent; if fathers can carry their children around in ‘baby carriers’ to be a nurturing parent, why is it that parents don’t take the time to break out the KJV Bible and teach their children something that will last a lot longer on the road of life?  How to be a Christian parent?  Become a Christian!

Brothers, READERS are THINKERS!  Besides reading your KJV Bible everyday, there are other books that need to become a part of our ‘mental reservoir’.  The late Reggie White’s “In The Trenches” is a book written by a Christian man, who was one of the tops in the game of football.  Character and faith are two missing ingredients from many of the athletes of today.  White had them both, and was not ashamed to stand up for Jesus Christ even though he suffered public outrage over his calling truth–truth!  Many of our so-called modern athletes are disrespectful, boorish, whoremongers, drug-addled and money hungry.  Is THIS what we want our sons to become when encouraging them to play a sport?

Mike Ramey is a Minister, Book Reviewer and Syndicated Columnist who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.  ‘The Manhood Line: Live’ is one of a variety of columns that Ramey has in cyberspace.  To drop him a line…or a whine…the address is still the same:  manhoodline@yahoo.com.  ©2018  Barnstorm Communications.   


Posted January 6, 2018

Publisher’s NoteHE’S BACK!  HE’S BACK!  Rested and ready, he has returned from his undisclosed underground bunker to start an international conversation among many.  Welcome back, The Manhood Line Live!™


Welcome to America’s NEW monthly favorite column for Men:  THE MANHOOD LINE: LIVE!  It’s predecessor, THE MANHOOD LINE was God-breathed, American made and world traveled.  We’re gonna stretch the hits even further, as we round the bases.  The former column has gone from Rome, Italy to Tokyo, Japan–and points in between.  Past editions of this column have been used in classrooms, churches, and kitchen tables…with men having a great time celebrating its fare.  It’s time to move up and on to the ‘next phase’, baby!  There are men in need of this new column…including some who have never seen the original one.

I write from a biblical, business, common sense–and now historical–perspective.   My column is written FOR men.  The ground rules are simple.  If women ‘get it’ then, that’s fine.  If they don’t…well, I’ll give my critics all the attention that they deserve.  I’m a ranger of the P-School.  P-School is older than Old school.  The gray in my temples is well earned.  Of course, since I am a Christian and African-American, those perspectives will also figure in the mix.

The first efforts of the old column began humbly in 1996, and wrapped up in 2006.  For those who feel the need to get out the calculator, I’ll sum it up for you–10 years.  I moved on to other writing efforts, having a great time with them.  It was time to let this column lie fallow for a season, mainly to keep an eye on the horizon.  Soon, a new tour of duty was ordered–thanks mainly to Jesus Christ–several good friends and several years of studying the mainstream press, and social media…and finding little to ‘lift up’ the young men of the next generation.  The timing was right to pick up where the original column left off:  providing the Men of our day (yes, including the under-30 crowd) with spiritual truth and guidance that they aren’t getting from their parents, homes, schools, mainstream press or even some–dare I say it–churches.

Dark clouds have appeared upon the horizon, once again, concerning men and boys.  In the words of one of my Allies–Henri–from the west coast: “It’s time for the brothers to knuckle up and buckle up!”  T. D. Jakes also noted back in the day:  “A nation of women, can NOT raise up a nation of men.”  I have taken this saying even further ahead:  “As goes a nation’s men, so goes the nation.”

Baby, look how far the bottom has dropped out of the shopping bag.

America continues its feminized slide, as the Bible has predicted.   Feminism has grown and mutated again, now approaching its fifth wave.  The feminist of today can binge drink without repercussions; punch men without regret, dress like a whore and maintain that she is a victim; enter areas which have CLEARLY been marked off limits by God, and she eagerly engages in the practices of racism, homosexuality and anti-Semitism better than Hitler and the Third Reich.  Like the Temptations said in their music years ago…with a little twist: feminists are contributing to a ‘Ball of Confusion’.

Dark times, indeed?  Balderdash!  Time for REAL men to answer the call!

This is the BEST time to make our advances as men, and re-take some real estate,
with the determination of the faith ingrained in us.

My advice to the men of today is simple:  FEAR NOT!

We don’t have to get ‘knee shakes’ every time the MSM comes out with their ‘studies’, or a feminist rant, or some wacko from Hollywood who decides that this is a good day to trot their sons out in high-heels and makeup.  Those who throw the bricks and the bombs against us are merely ‘shadow puppets’.  They don’t have any say about true, biblical, traditional manhood.  Why listen to a lie, when we KNOW the truth!

Wage Economic War, for starters:  Don’t give your money to the weak, spineless, social engineers–and their cronies and allies!  Cut off the TV set of professional sports teams who don’t back our flag!  The NFL is rapidly getting the message, as they continue to lose viewers and ticket sales.  With as many African Americans as there are in uniform, and HAVE been in uniform, supporting Black athletes who are anti-military and anti-American just does NOT make any sense.  To add more insult to injury, many of the athletes who ‘take a knee’ are NOT registered to vote–thus they are not stakeholders in the protests that they are leading.

Monitor Your Own Character.  This should be stressed in the home.  However, let’s pick this up from the street level.  The Police do NOT drive down the street in a paddy wagon, sirens and bullhorns blaring, asking if young men want to get in and go to prison.  Shady people are often lawbreakers.  It’s very simple–young men, stay away from shady people.  It’s too late to apologize once the handcuffs have gone on!

Great book that I’m re-reading: “Courage” by Edwin Lewis Cole.  This is a product of the 80s, and is worth having a few extra copies on the shelf.  The late Dr. Cole has been credited with ‘kick starting’ the Christian Men’s movement which eventually led to the Promise Keepers rallies around the country.  “Courage” is still around at your favorite electronic bookseller.  Many copies have the camouflage cover, just to remind us that there is still a war going on in society against upright men.

*Nowhere in the Bible does a woman ask a man to marry her.  God made a man’s shoulder’s broad, and his voice deep for a reason!

*Quote from famed journalist, columnist and author Tony Brown:  “Don’t ask me what your chances for success are; TELL me what they are…for you DO NOT need my permission to be successful!”  See you on the battlefield next month, brothers!

Mike Ramey is a Minister, Book Reviewer and Syndicated Columnist who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.  To drop him a line…or a whine…the address is still the same:  manhoodline@yahoo.com.  ©2018  Barnstorm Communications.       



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