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Moral Bankruptcy aka the Republican Agenda by Christopher Johnson


Congratulations Alabama for not embarrassing yourselves by electing a pedophile who thought America was great during slavery.  Milk toast Democrat Doug Jones, narrowly defeated the child molesting religious extremist in a tightly contested and very important Senate race. The P*ssy grabber and Chief went all in on his support for Roy Moore admitting the Senate seat was worth more than not supporting an alleged attempted child rapist.

This election may have seemed like a layup, even for a Democrat in the deep south where the map is as red as it gets.  The bible thumping Roy Moore only lost by about 1 point.  This race shows that America is learning and getting wise to the Republicans bullshit.  The Republicans talk about family values and conservatism, but they only care about ruthlessly pushing through the agenda of their big donors. The whole Republican platform is disingenuous.

The deficit hawks on the right are forcing through a tax bill that would add 1.4 trillion dollars to the deficit. They care about sexual harassment when Democrats are accused, but if its their president who has 19 accusers and has admitted on tape doing what he’s accused of, then all of a sudden Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell turn into Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder.

The Republicans have no morals and their policies clearly show it.  However, I’m not letting the Democrats off the hook. The 2016 election was probably the worst debacle anyone could have imagined and the party still seems to struggle to clearly get across its message.  What does the Democratic party stand for other than being opposed to the Republicans? I have no clue.

If the Democrats continue to resist going to a more populist direction they will continue to trot out more Hillary Clinton like candidates and lose to even worse candidates than Donald Trump. We as a country may have dodged a bullet with Alabama, but we still have a long way to go to overhaul our broken and corrupt political system tainted by big money donations.

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Christopher Johnson is the youngest columnist on this website.  He comments on sports, politics and current events.  Chris is also the co-host of The Legends of Inside Sports,” (YouTube) with legendary DC radio sports broadcaster and TV host Harold BellIn his spare time he’s the Lead Guitarist for a band called The Courtland ExperimentYou can also follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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