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Mr. Free Spirit Speaks About Money


As I prepare for my next article I gave serious thought to politics based on the Trump interview I heard this morning (February 16, 2014). None of Mr. Free Spirit’s articles will lend themselves to politics, however you have either retired or you are going to retire soon. Gave some thought to what the patterns of our Black population has been and just think of the next administration and the changes that may occur like gas prices and interest rates. The publisher of Black Men In America wrote an article which is fascinating and he also developed a chart that really resonates in my mind.

See below:
Estimated Expenditures by Black Households
Apparel Products and Services $29.3 billion
Appliances 2.0 billion
Beverages (Alcoholic) 3.0 billion
Beverages (Non-Alcoholic) 2.8 billion
Books 321 million
Cars and Trucks – New & Used 29.1 billion
Computers 3.6 billion
Consumer Electronics 6.1 billion
Contributions 17.3 billion
Education 7.5 billion
Entertainment and Leisure 3.1 billion
Food 65.2 billion
Gifts 9.6 billion
Health Care 23.6 billion
Households Furnishings & Equipment 16.5 billion
Housewares 1.1 billion
Housing and Related Charges 203.8 billion
Insurance 21.3 billion
Media 8.8 billion
Miscellaneous 8.3 billion
Personal and Professional Services 4.1 billion
Personal Care Products and Services 7.4 billion
Sports and Recreational Equipment 995 million
Telephone Services 18.6 billion
Tobacco Products 3.3 billion
Toys, Games and Pets 3.5 billion
Travel, Transportation and Lodging 6.0 billion

Source: Target Market News,

Click here to read the entire article and think about our current spending patterns. In retirement which of the four quadrants need to be modified?:

A. Retirement Living for African American Baby Boomers

B. Leisure Entertainment during Retirement (I.E. From Boating to Broadway)

C. Wines, Art and Wisdom

D. Planning to Live and Enjoy Vs Planning to Die

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