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New Documentary: “What About Me” (The Unheard Voices of Black Men)

The executive producers of the "What About Me" documentary— D. John Jackson, left, Darryl Pitts, center, and Taroue Brooks want to shed light on the hurdles of being Black film producers and the impotence of telling positive stories of Black men overcoming the vestiges of racism in this country. (Courtesy photos)

New Amazon Prime documentary features raw conversations about how Black men are treated in America

“It doesn’t matter who you are,” Brooks said. “The racism, the injustices. We get tired of the microaggressions; we get tired of the mistreatment.”

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — WCNC Charlotte’s Billie Jean Shaw spoke one-on-one with Taroue Brooks, an executive producer of Amazon Prime’s groundbreaking documentary, “What About Me,” featuring the unheard voices of black men in America.

“What about me, the title is meant to force you to be inclusive,” Brooks said.

The documentary, which features raw, unscripted and unfiltered stories from Black men and their experiences in America not only shed light on how far the country has advanced when it comes to Black men being employed in prominent roles, but it mainly shows just how much more work needs to be done.

“Be prepared to hear from a young man who was incarcerated in prison for 12 years for something that he did not do,” Brooks said. “Be prepared to hear the racism within retail stores, how we’re followed around and what black men have to say and think about how we’re treated in America.”

The 45-minute film features vulnerable, first-hand accounts from Black men from different backgrounds including celebrity actors, entrepreneurs, lawyers and even a minister shows how racism affects everyone despite their economic or socioeconomic class.

“It doesn’t matter who you are,” Brooks said. “The racism, the injustices. We get tired of the microaggressions; we get tired of the mistreatment.”

Brooks and is co-executive producers D. John Jackson and Daryll Pitts say they hope the documentary leaves viewers with a better understanding of all the positive things black men add to society, dispelling stereotypes.

“Having watched the news daily and all the negative that constantly prevails about who we are perceived to be as black men. You know entertainers, athletes or criminals.,” said Brooks. “My job is not to argue with someone else’s point is but to do my part and tell stories and create narratives that will add to the full story of who we really are.”

“What About Me” is showing on Amazon Prime the entire month of February and in syndication across NBC networks in select cities on Saturday.

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