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Tj Baker, a writer and educator from Houston, Texas penned a poem that she hopes will be selected to be read at the Biden-Harris Inaugural.  Baker, a longtime Republican has been politically active for years.  She does not vote the party and has made it clear that she did not vote for President Donald Trump.  The name of her poem is “River Of The Bells.”

River Of The Bells

Imaginary flowers on blessing graves, Descendants still live through our compassion,

That is the reason why their loyalty still breathes,

Words that have not been written in print,

Yet folded in the center of praying hands,

Permanent dreams that were never satisfied,

Ephemera of whispers come out – come out from hiding,

Let us all seize this moment of praise!

Blessed assurance the purchase of sacrificing yields no more, Possibilities are now under our feet.

Defeating not just odds?

But also, the hindering of hidden presence,
We must guard our victory!

Excel in this deliberation to the highest regards,

Trust… The Old Glory of its Stars and Stripes,

Under the pinnacle guidance, which helped create our prestigious democracy!
It’s quiet, but the ambiance of nature laces through the silence.

Crickets singing and frogs bellowing.

Splash – splash a shoal of fish playing in the water,

‘Great Horned Owl’ only hoots when an independent breeze brushes its feathers.

The most regal, beautiful, and intelligent bird, ‘The Raven’ perches in a nearby tree,

Looks to the right, then to the left,

Nods her head to the owl in agreement,

Then flies off to the East coast.

The moon’s silhouette peaks through the clouds,

The onyx sky promenading the visible heaven,

Oh, celestial of wonders how lucky thou are.

Look far as you can see.

There they are the two strong colossal fishermen,

Quietly sitting in the center of the dory fishing boat,

Rolling the long oars across the still waters,

While another fisherman with the map

Holds the lantern up toward the desire location. Challenging together with fortitude … They row – row and row onward approaching certainty.

Talking, Singing and Humming are none,

Yet assuring smiles display on each face.

Do svidaniya – Do svidaniya…

It is quiet!

Your inflated feeling of pride with your friends,

Blaming this and blaming that has clouded your thinking,

Severely impacted a person’s life as an individual,

But in dismay more of your fellow Americans,

Not all from collaborative communities,

Waiting for government handouts, insulting their independence.

Fortunately for you… Secretly thankful for a tolerant nation,

The unlawful act of procrastination,

Showing no compassion for the weak, the lost, the sick, the poor, the restless, the disabled, the young or the old.

Time to stand down and watch the burden slowly being lifted,

No more belittling titles they hold,

Respect has finally risen again!

Quietly hold out your hand,

Touch the air and caress it with your fingers,

Dazzle your eyes on harmony of bliss,

Think of nothing – sit down your souls,

Fill the pleasure’s strength of success,
Evidence speaks… It is quiet,

Prayers have been answered,

Leaving the memories of miseries sleeping.

The three fishermen have now crossed the stilled river,

A lengthy journey.

Not even one dispelled expression of yawning or whispering

of aches.

The waking of the sun – rouses the baby birds into a subline song,

No rain has fallen,

Still a rainbow appears,

Scientists and Clairvoyants are not surprised!

It is quiet no more,

The positions of possibilities have finally arrived!

There is no need for conversing,

Only physical and loving emotions are needed,

To the task at hand,

Together the appointees tote the long heavy ‘Colligo Dux’

Navy rope off the dory boat, breathing hard, line-up in unity, Steadfast to the location at risk,

The sound of serenity filled the ears from sadness of being now optimistic.

Range of contingency using imaginary understanding,

Beyond the horizon complex of impediments will occur.

Haters do not gloat!

Find it at the pit of your heart – respect the new regime,

And if you dare to concur then do so.

The purpose of complex problems, revealing more of

President Biden and Vice President Harris,

Each developed skill of working with others and displaying each of their independent strength.

Father of our country, could not say it better,

“Your love of liberty — your respect for the laws — your habits of industry — and your practice of the moral and religious obligations, are the strongest claims to national and individual happiness.” –George Washington. 

However, actions and consequences will follow protocol,

This is what our forefathers wrote in our biding constitution,

Which is a unique document of guiding America’s operations.

Imperfect it may be?

Yet the amendments were stored in place,

Still, till this day, what a remarkable treasure!

Established the freedom from slavery and the rights of Equality from women suffrage.

The Pentagon delivering responsibilities and the

Supreme Court defends the rights of justice!

Yes, America is superior in many ways!

For abstaining and misgiving are not signs of fearfulness!

Essentially with our collaborating languages,

The words of ignorance and stubbornness are kept under disbelievers’ tongue.

Since Seventeen Eighty-Nine the Twentieth Amendment,

Dictated that the President’s term will begin,

And the ringing of the bells will vibrate through the dancing air,

As the amplitude of the sound wave increases.

Consider this for those who refuse – merely being entertained,

On this notable event as the whole world witnessing,

Start facing your lies for when you wake up tomorrow,

And the next day, and the next day,

The commanding powers will have sustained.

Till we reach, Four Hundredth – Seventeenth and One Hundredth Forty-Three Thousandth of daylight skies.

Capisce – Capisce it is good to be an ‘AMERICAN’!

Capisce – Capisce we are free to praise liberty.

Capisce – Capisce prolonging of interference has halted!

Capisce – Capisce… ‘AMERICA’ as we look at you, we are proud to call you our own and forever will.

What a special honor and tribute

Today without hesitation in Twenty Twenty-One the month of January. Let the celebration of a modernistic administration inaugurate!

By Ms. Tj Baker © December 5, 2020

 About the Author

Ms. Tj Baker is poet, journalist, TV commentator and author.  Tj has already written two tribute Inaugural Poems for President George Walker Bush —“The Grand Symposium” and “Today We Whistle.” Tj’s third Inaugural tribute, poem for President Trump titled, “We Are Who We Are” received critical acclaim in the Houston, Texas area.  Tj wrote a tribute poem for former President George Bush, titled, “An Angel Is Born,”and the Windsor Family in England.

  • “Other Than Thou” – Queen Elizabeth II 
  • “Just Like The Duke of Wales” Prince William 
  • “Not A Subdued Man” Prince Harry 

In 2019, Tj received a proclamation from Congresswoman Shelia Jackson-Lee for her poem “Broken Promises – Seeking Reparations.” 

In her spare time Tj enjoys cooking, watching movies and spending time with her son Keith.

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