First of Its Kind “Takeoff” 7.4 m² Tattoo Collaboration Shatters Previous World Records! 


July 6th, 2023

Iron Palm is a 2023 Guinness World Record holding multi-style tattoo parlor in the Castleberry Hill art district of south downtown Atlanta.  They create timeless tattoos and body piercings that ultimately define their customer’s real life individuality. Art is a big responsibility. Their work ethic requires the best body artists in the city.

Iron Palm Tattoos & Body Piercing along with Atlanta Ink collaborated to create the largest known synthetic skin tattoo in the world and the ultimate tribute to late rapper and musician, Takeoff. A Georgia native and nationwide legend. Takeoff, AKA Kirsnick Khari Ball, was a member of two time Grammy winning Hip Hop music trio Migos along with Quavo and Offset who are also Atlanta natives. JR Outlaw, a senior artist at Iron Palm Tattoos designed and tattooed the creative.

Humble Beginnings:
The project began with simple conversation between Iron Palm owner Marlon Blake and Atlanta Ink owner Christian Verrette. They believed that a record breaking tattoo could be inked using homemade synthetic skin normally used by body artists for practice. Deciding to move forward, the next step was for the pair to find someone skilled enough to do a project this large. Consequently, the answer was Atlanta Native and Iron Palm’s own senior artist, JR Outlaw.

Research, Development & Creating the Tech:
Making the silicone was an arduous task. Likewise, the silicone tattoo skin had to be hand mixed and perfectly set. Justin Thomas, who owns 3D printing silicone company Mr4gx, agreed to help make the skin. Marlon together with Christian assisted Justin until they discovered and were able to find perfect recipe for making the faux skin canvas. Previously made samples had imperfections such as tears and bubbles which made them unsuitable. To summarize, over $30,000 USD of silicone material was used during the research and development of the meters large tattoo skin recipe.

Finishing the Tattoo:
After the silicone tattoo canvas was molded the work of framing and coloring the artwork could began in earnest. Accordingly, Outlaw framed, stenciled, and tattooed the 7.395 m² (“7” X 12”) giant artwork on the handmade synthetic silicone skin canvas. Consequently the completed tattoo project took months to finish and the completed artwork is now visible at Atlanta Ink.

Later, Guinness World Record adjudicator Michael Empric would travel to Atlanta to measure the giant tattoo and officially declare it a record breaker.

When asked why he tattoos and why he chose TakeOff for the project JR Outlaw said: “I just want people to reflect on him as a person and his legacy in music and in the city.” “It is special to be able to create something that stays with people for their lifetime,” he added.

At the present time the creators want to move the artwork to a well known museum or gallery pending sale. A portion of proceeds from the sale of the musician’s tattoo will go to the Donate Your Junk electronics campaign to benefit those in need of modern technology in developing countries.

Iron Palm Tattoos owner Marlon Blake is spearheading the search for a gallery or museum to display the gigantic creative until sold though no decision has currently been made.

About Iron Palm Tattoos:
Iron Palm is the best known and most reviewed multi-style tattoo shop in downtown Atlanta, GA. In particular, the resident artists are known for their experience with photo-realistic tattoos, 3D tattoos, black & gray tattoos along with many other tattoo styles.  Iron Palm is undeniably Atlanta’s only late night tattoo shop being open from 1PM – 2AM. Walk Ins are welcome at this shop and all tattoo or body piercing consultations are free.

Experienced guest artists are invited to apply via Iron Palm’s social media for a chance to work at our downtown location.

Find Iron Palm Tattoos & Body Piercing Online:
Web: IronPalmTattoos.com
Facebook: Facebook.com/IronPalmTattoos
Instagram: Instagram.com/ironpalmtattoos
Threads: Threads.net/@ironpalmtattoos
LinkedIN: linkedin.com/company/ironpalmtatoos/
Tumblr: tumblr.com/ironpalmtattoostudio
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Pinterest: pinterest.com/ironpalmtattoos

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