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The Reunion of 2017 by Mr. Free Spirit



Well I promised to provide you with a summary of the 2017 Reunion. 

Unfortunately, some of the islands we visited during the reunion were destroyed during the hurricane’s, many of the boats were piled up like match sticks. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people who live on the BVI. Many of our fellow boaters were planning 2018, however much thought will go into the time of the year our boaters will travel. Last year we were all planning for the 2017 Reunion, just think we did it and we were very lucky to pull it off and returned home just in time to miss the devastation. 

Down Memory Lane! 

Cell Phone??? What was a cell phone? What was going on back home on the political front? We didn’t know and didn’t care.

It was spectacular to see all of those so many boats and black at the helm, and on the decks.

Sixty plus boats and many party-loving black sailors participated in the 20th Reunion of Black Boaters.

Our starting point was Tortola which is a lush mountainous island. Tortola is also the vibrant hub of the financial and government sectors with Road Town “The Small Town with a Big Heart” as its capital. Tortola also provides the main port of entry for a growing mega yacht and cruise tourism industry.  

Ms. Bev. Pebbles and Mr. Free spirit powered across the waters of various islands on a well-equipped, high-performance Power catamaran.  

We had a cutting-edge well-designed yacht with the most innovative features ensures an unrivaled Power charter experience during our unique passage. It was an unforgettable vacation aboard the ultimate cruising platform that best suits the needs and preferences of our charter.  We enjoyed the spacious layout, modern amenities, and easy maneuverability while cruising from point A to point B swiftly and comfortably.  

The crew(s) on our power CAT’s were fantastic, the people on our boats ventured from L.A. Arkansas, Maryland, FL. MI. D.C. and Hawaii. It is not possible to define the comradery between our crews.   


Some of the boats were sailboats from both Voyage and Moorings, we had 60 plus boats in total.

Have you been dreaming of getting away from it all, laid back on soft white sands in a tropical paradise? I certainly have, and I’ve had my sights set on a Caribbean break, far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Caribbean Holidays are perfect for those who want complete relaxation, great scenery, diverse beach activities, and tasty food, among other things. The ultimate travel destination was BVI, where vacation is a lifestyle, my only wish is that I could have gotten a one-way ticket. I wish I could have counted you in, because I’m was so ready for this that I was going to add a whole new dimension to relaxation! 

My highlight was meeting the Ladies from San Francisco, my column convinced them to go. My only mistake was not having an address so I could send them a Free Spirit Tee Shirt, however they got their caps. Reach out! 

The velvet voice of Ms. Pam Diggs rocked the house, first, a preview of her singing from the deck of a boat in Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour, then in concert at Bitter End Yacht Club. 

 We are planning to go to Ft. Lauderdale FL as a group to hear her again and enjoy Boat Week there. 

 Anegada was the gathering spot for all 60+ boats on the same day, can I explain the view of this gathering, NO, but it was a site that is unforgettable.  

I had the privilege of sitting in on the monthly conference call’s so I had a chance to match the names with faces. I must say every group planned every detail. This was my first year on the Power boat side, so I have a great deal of thinking as to the next voyage being power or sail.    

Well, 2017 is now in the rear view and a chance to meet such fantastic people is now a fantastic memory. We have two thousand pictures, however without signed permission slips we can’t publish those photos.  But a wonderful time was had by all. 

Mr. Free Spirit feels:  Success is a state of mind. If you want success, start thinking of yourself as a success.

Mr. Free Spirit out!

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