Black Farmers

White Farmer, White Farmer by Waymon Hinson

February 22, 2023

White farmer, white farmer
Why are you so mean?
You got your land and more
You want a lot more it seems.

White farmer, white farmer
From where do you originate?
From England, Ireland, Scotland
From north to south you’ll spread your hate?

White farmer, white farmer
How much land do you need?
Are you really seizing theirs?
Why you all bound up with greed?

White farmer, white farmer
You know you got all the benefits.
You sit at the head of the table,
Black folks see your land grabbin’ blitz.

White farmer, white farmer
Do you know Jesus as Lord?
Then why do you do what you do
To seize their land by crook or the sword?

White farmer, white farmer
We know that you are in cahoots.
We see your wicked machinations
Lying awake at night, counting your fruits.

White farmer, white farmer
This land is your land.
You take that oh so literally so
With whom do you stand?

White farmer, white farmer
Friend of the county and the banks.
Black folks fear that you’re comin’
That you know how to fill in the blanks.

White farmer, white farmer
We know that you also work hard,
But your skin what’s that cost you.
When are you ever on your guard?

White farmer, white farmer
Got any conscience inside of you?
You watch them auction their land
And then what do you actually do?

White farmer, white farmer
You got your money, been saving a lot.
You sit on the sidelines at the auction.
We see your sinister plot.

White farmer, white farmer
How do you feel?
You got that land so cheap.
How does it feel to steal?

White farmer, white farmer
You know what I mean.
Don’t feign your ignorance
As you pick that carcass clean.

White farmer, white farmer
Pay day some day is what we know
When you meet your maker
Your grubby hands you’ll show.

White farmer, white farmer
Is it all worth the chase
To take someone’s land
Because you know their race?

White farmer, white farmer
You got them in your hands
Vilsack Biden and Big Ag
Stop trying to steal our lands. 
Wayon Hinson, Ph.D.  is a licensed psychologist and marriage and family therapist, a researcher, and an advocate in matters related to social justice.  He is a gifted storyteller in the search for justice for the oppressed and marginalized people.  To learn more about Dr. Hinson click the button below to visit his blog, “Let Justice Ring.”
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