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Your Donation to “Balls Over Bullets” Can Help Save Lives

Publisher’s Note:  I strongly encourage, (not challenge) my fellow bloggers, editors, publishers, friends and enemies (if I have any) to donate to this very worthy cause.  Even a small donation can go a long way toward saving the lives  Click here to donate.  Thank you in advance for your contribution.

The Story

CHICAGO- One night my mom didn’t come home at her usual time, I waited up for her for a long time. When the phone rang, it sounded like a bull horn blowing really loud. I picked up the phone and heard the words…”Sorry, I didn’t call earlier I had to work late.”I just said okay mom, be safe. I hurried to hang up because I didn’t want her to hear the crackling of fear and terror in my voice. I wiped the tears from my eyes and thanked God it was my mom and not the “BAD NEWS” calling.

The life of a kid living in an unsanctioned war zone, a combat area in which the rights of neutrals are suspended, as such an area on the high seas, where ships flying a neutral flag are subject to attack.

C-House USA Basketball is the safe haven for many of Chicago’s youth. It’s the Ship in the night with the neutral flag, where kids can go to play tag and put the score on the board.

On December 31, 2016, C-House USA Basketball youth, families, and coaches invite community members, leaders, local officials, and churches to C-House Basketball USA New Years Eve Shoot Out!

We are urging our communities to bring 2017 in at The Balls Over Bullets Shoot Out!

National Guest Speakers and Conflict Resolution Experts will be present to provide solid solutions to juvenile crime and victimization.


C-HOUSE BASKETBALL USA is a non-profit organization located in Chicago, IL that uses the basketball experience as a vehicle to help kids develop habits that lead to success on the court, in the classroom and in the community. C-HOUSE offers grade and gender specific programs, year round for boys and girls of all ages with a particular interest in ages  8 to 16.

All Donations are Tax Deductible


C-HOUSE is an experienced and dedicated organization that proudly provides quality and affordable athletic training and development, competitive, nationally recognized youth basketball teams, and a unique aquatics based fitness program for obese kids.  C-HOUSE compliments this program with nutritional guidance and educational programs to young athletes in and around our community.


Your sponsorship will enable C-HOUSE to implement initiatives which target key focus areas in our youth, such as: (1) Leadership, (2) Respect, (3) Self-control, (4) Discipline, (5) Bullying, and our present focus Childhood Obesity.

Please become a part of building strong communities by enriching the lives of our youth and their families by sponsoring or donating to our programs.

C-HOUSE takes pride in its ability to motivate their young men and women to aspire to deliver their best performances at all times; in the classroom, the community and on the court.  This philosophy is rooted in the following core objectives:

(1)    Nurturing And Instilling Good Character Development

(2)    Promoting And Celebrating Academic Excellence

(3)    Encouraging Athletic Achievement

(4)    Teaching Financial Literacy And Preparedness

(5)    Teaching Healthy Eating Habits and Value For Nutrition

The purpose of C-HOUSE is to provide resources and experiences that prepare and empower young men and women to make meaningful contributions to local and global communities.  In addition, C-HOUSE equips its student athletes with enrichment opportunities that support their personal growth and development into exceptional leaders and productive performers in their chosen field or professional endeavor.

Click here to donate and learn more.

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