120 Easy and Affordable DIY Home Improvement Ideas to Instantly Add Value to Your Home


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Whether it’s increasing the resale value of your home or enhancing the curb appeal, improvement projects add to a home’s significant value. We have assembled the following 120 easy & affordable DIY home improvement projects and ideas to help you out.

Bedroom Remodeling Ideas

Most bedroom improvement projects are not pocket-friendly. However, you can explore the following DIY ones and save some cash.

01 of 120 Open Up the Bedroom with A Large Mirror: $40

Looking at yourself in full-length mirror is fun. It also allows maximum light into the room while also opening the room more effectively. You can place the mirror on a wall directly or slightly opposite the windows for maximum efficiency.

the Bedroom with A Large Mirro

02 of 120 Repaint the Room, with the Right Colors: Under $100

Painting a bedroom can be an intriguing idea, but considering the color scheme of the room makes it even better. Therefore, going for the colors that matter to you and compliment everything in the room is even better. Remember to paint the dressers too.

Paint the Room with the Right Colors

03 of 120 Build A Daybed (With Storage): $100

A DIY, beautiful, and functional bed with storage gives a huge sense of accomplishment, yet it’s highly affordable. When free, grab your drill and a circular saw, protective gear like safety goggles, hand gloves, dust masks, and a measuring tape and get it done.

Build A Daybed

04 of 120 DIY Bedroom Closet Door Makeover: $100 

You can perform this upgrade with only a nail gun, and a table saw. Brighten the room by replacing the old and ugly bi-fold doors with cheap hollow core ones. With wooden panels for creating the base, one or two paint coatings, and inexpensive sharp hinges, your upgrade will be done.

Closet Door Makeover

05 of 120 Try A Two-Tone Wall: Under $100

If you do not love a single tone wall paint, a two-tone one will suffice. Get a couple of paint cans, brushes, and painter’s tape and get down to work. You can go for a darker color covering the bottom half then do a few shades lighter on the top portion of the wall or do it sideways.

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