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3 Big Benefits Of Acquiring Basic DIY Skills


Editorial Contribution by Sally Writes

Despite DIY projects increasing in popularity among American men of all ages, approximately 50% of all home renovations and repairs are still carried out by professional service providers. Learning how to perform even basic DIY tasks in and around the house can prove to be surprisingly beneficial. Not only will your new skills enable you to save a considerable amount of money, but you will also find that your mood is boosted while you’re working on your latest project. A closer look at just three of the many benefits of acquiring DIY skills may be all the motivation you need to tackle the next leaking faucet or blown fuse repair yourself.

You can save a heap of money

Depending on what needs to be fixed, basic home repairs can cost a considerable amount of money. Enlisting the services of professional painters to paint the exterior of your house can cost in the region of $12,000. If you have the necessary knowledge and skills, you can do the job yourself for approximately a quarter of that price. Similarly, the average cost of a water heater repair is in the region of $506. If you are able to do a simple thermostat replacement or fix a leaking pipe yourself, you can save up to $250 on the overall repair. While DIY maintenance and repairs can save you a lot of money, there are some tasks that are best left to the professionals. This includes complex electrical and plumbing jobs, tree felling, and roof repairs.  

You can expand your skillset

By tackling a number of DIY projects around the house, you can acquire a range of handy skills that can not only make future projects easier, but even boost your employment prospects. The more you develop your skills, the more confident you will become in your ability to carry out maintenance tasks and repairs at home. If you see yourself as something of a mentor, you can also share your newly acquired skills with family and friends, empowering them to enjoy the benefits of engaging in DIY projects as well. You may even find that you enjoying fixing things around the house so much that you either turn it into an enjoyable pastime or a supplementary income stream.

Your mental health gets a boost

Apart from saving you money and expanding your skillset, engaging in DIY activities can also evoke a range of positive feelings. According to a study done by Occupational Therapy International, taking up DIY projects can improve your mood considerably. Engrossing yourself in DIY tasks that you enjoy can also help reduce the onset of common mental health conditions such as anxiety disorder and depression. Additionally, constantly learning new skills and working towards improving them will help keep your brain active, which, in turn, can reduce your risk of contracting Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia as you age significantly.

There are many benefits to acquiring a set of DIY skills that you can use around the house. Apart from saving money and expanding your general skill set, you will also find that it gives your mental health a wonderful boost.

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