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Unique Gift Ideas For The Special Lady In Your Life


Contribution by Sally Writes

Picking the perfect holiday gift can be a challenge, and it gets even trickier if a man is shopping for a woman. A recent research has revealed that when men are asked to provide an answer right away, they only need 40 seconds to think of a good gift for other men, but it takes a whole minute to come up with a good gift idea for a woman. Finding the perfect present for your loved one may take some effort, however, if you’re running out of time, there are a few items that every woman is sure to appreciate. From cool surprises to things that will add a touch of luxury to her everyday wear, here are some unique gift ideas for the special lady in your life. 

A subscription box

Kanye West may have the resources to give his wife Kim a roomful of roses, a ring that costs more than people’s houses, or a $1 million donation to her favorite charities. But if you’re not Kanye yet you still want to impress your girl by giving her a special present, what’s a black man to do? Simple– sign her up for a subscription box. However, before picking one, make sure to do some research on her preferences.

Is skincare a priority for her? Then she’ll love a subscription to a beauty or skincare box. If she loves to taste different types of wine, get her a wine subscription box. The great thing about subscription boxes is that your lady can receive a carefully curated selection of items on a monthly basis, so every month will feel like Christmas for her. What’s more, you don’t need to spend a fortune on this type of gift as some subscription boxes only cost about $10 per month. 

A luxurious pajama set

A luxurious pajama set is a great gift because almost no one would think of buying that for themselves. Upgrade your lady’s cotton jammies to something made of a luxe fabric, like silk. If you feel like the gift needs something to make it even more special, add a nice robe so your girl can hibernate at home in style. Brands such as Kate Spade, Eberjay, and Olivia von Halle carry special pajama sets, and if you’re debating whether to shop online or go to the department store for this type of gift, opt for the latter so you can check out the fabric and sizes yourself.

A weekend getaway to a nearby holiday destination

Perhaps one of the best things that a black man can give his significant other is the gift of time spent together. So why not take her on a weekend getaway as a nice surprise? You can spend a weekend at a spa resort in California or Arizona, or go to a skiing destination of your choice. If you don’t want to fly out for your getaway, then be on the lookout for winter festivals near your area to celebrate the snow and the festive season. Book a stay at a cabin or a charming AirBnB to make your time together even more special. 

The best gift doesn’t need to cost a fortune, nor should it take ages to find. Consider these unique holiday gift ideas to impress your girl this Christmas. 

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