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A Conversation with France Saunders – Chief, Joy-Giving Officer of “Nothing bundt Cakes” Gourmet Bakery


By Gary A. Johnson, Black Men In

April 20, 2019

Nothing bundt Cakes is a gourmet bakery located in Dulles, VA.  They specialize in hand-made, premium quality desserts with an irresistible taste.  Nothing bundt Cakes are available in numerous sizes to accommodate gatherings both large and small, from bite-sized Bundtinis, to single serving Bundtlets, to larger 8″ and 10″ cakes and even double-tiered cakes.

In addition to cakes, the bakery features an assortment of artfully designed gifts and decorations with a playful, timeless quality to help make any occasion ever more special.

On April 9th, all the bakeries across the country celebrated their 300th bakery opening by giving away 300 FREE confetti bundlets for 300 seconds.  The store had a wonderful turnout and guests were lined up outside the door.

LOOKING FOR A WAY TO SWEETEN UP YOUR DAY?  Click Here to join the E-Club to receive exclusive offers, new flavor announcements and a FREE bundtlet on your birthday.

France Saunders is the Chief, Joy-Giving Officer. France agreed to take a few minutes out of her busy schedule to talk to me about her business Nothing bundt Cakes.  Hi France.  We last spoke a few months ago.  Do you have any updates to share about your gourmet bakery Nothing bundt Cakes.

France Saunders:  I sure do.  We have a yummy flavor for spring – it’s our strawberries and cream. People are really loving it too. It’s a creamy vanilla cake with whole strawberries and strawberry flavor mixed in the cake. We will have this flavor until the end of May. We also have cute decorations for Easter and Mother’s Day.

Also, we run frequent Buy One Get One (BOGO) and FREE bundlet campaigns. If guests sign up for our email club for the Dulles bakery at the link below, they will receive emails for the campaign and a FREE bundlet on their birthday every year. Wow!  That sounds great.  For those site visitors who are not familiar with your business, please take a moment to talk about Nothing bundt Cakes.

France Saunders:  Sure.  At Nothing bundt Cakes, our mission is to spread joy in everything we do.  We are not in the cake business, we are in the Joy-Giving business.  We give Joy with our one-of-a-kind, crafted-by-hand cakes and our warm servant’s heart.  We inspire our guests to give Joy, to bring it proudly into every room they enter.  And to know their Joy will ripple forward, from one circle to the next.  We support, indulge and honor this. We see opportunities for Joy-Giving everyday and the “just-because Joys.” And when the big moments come, we rise to the occasion and exceed it.  Smiles, hugs, tears and laughs – this is our menu.  Nothing bundt Cakes is more than a stop on someone’s checklist. We are where you turn when you want to give a little more.  So others can feel a little more. Our gift to the world does not come from an oven. Our gift comes from the soul. Wow!  I want to work for you.  Your passion and the way you talked about your business was “value centered.”  I felt it your commitment to giving Joy.  This sounds like a fun place to work.  What are your best selling bundt cakes?  Or should I ask, “What is your most popular Joy-Giving product?”

France Saunders:  (Laughing) Our best sellers are White Chocolate Raspberry, Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Lemon and Red Velvet.  As my 3-year old granddaughter would say, “That sounds delicious.”  The thought of a White Chocolate Raspberry and a Chocolate Chocolate Chip gourmet cake sounds like a “show-stopper.”  Do you have gift cards?

France Saunders:  We certainly do have gift cards.  You can get a gift card starting at $5.00.  And, as I mentioned earlier, we run frequent Buy One Get One (BOGO) and FREE bundlet campaigns. If guests sign up for our email club for the Dulles bakery at the link below, they will receive emails for the campaign and a FREE bundlet on their birthday every year.

Click Here To Sign Up For The Nothing bundt Cakes E-mail Club  There are many people reading this interview who are not located near your bakery in Dulles, Virginia.  How can they get your fabulous cakes?

France Saunders:  We offer online ordering on our website and delivery service.  Click here to order online.  This is great.  France, I know you have to get back to Joy-Giving.  I appreciate you taking the time to talk about Nothing bundt Cakes.  On behalf of Black Men In and all of our site visitors, we wish you and your staff continued success with your business and a happy and safe holiday.

France Saunders: Thank you Gary.  Have a safe and happy holiday.

Left to Right:  France Saunders and the “Joy Giving” team at Nothing Bundt Cakes

By the way, I’m not the only “celebrity” who patronizes this tasty gourmet bakery.  Singers Patti LaBelle and Paula Abdul are Nothing bundt Cakes customers.   


Photo (Left to Right):   Patti LaBelle, Gary Johnson and Paula Abdul

If you want a unique experience and some great tasting cakes, visit the Nothing bundt Cakes bakery in Dulles, Virginia today!  Tell them Gary sent you!

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