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Black-Owned Firm Advances Plan to Develop High-Speed Rail (HSR) through Five Southern States


This High-Speed Rail (HSR) Project, Founded upon PowerNomics® Principles of Dr. Claud Anderson, Is a Timely Link to the Biden Administration’s Vision of a “Second Great Railroad Revolution”

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BIRMINGHAM, AL— The Finley Group, Inc., a Black-owned program management and consulting firm, is advancing its plan to develop the Interstate 20 eXpress High-Speed Intercity Passenger Rail, referred to as “I-20X”. I-20X will help President Joe Biden achieve his goal tospark the second great railroad revolution.”

The I-20X program will deliver on the prime objective of the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) High-Speed Intercity Passenger Rail (HSIPR) Program, which is to: “Build new high-speed rail (HSR) corridors that expand and fundamentally improve passenger transportation in the geographic regions they serve.” As such, I-20X development is a vital initiative for realizing the vision for a National High-Speed Rail System.

According to Finley Group President, Richard Finley: “We have documented a viable and compelling vision for a Southern HSR corridor that will generally follow along the Interstate-20 Highway. The system will revolutionize intercity (and interstate) travel through five Southern states: Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas, and bring investment, business and job opportunities to the region. Train stations will be established in Atlanta, Birmingham, Jackson, Shreveport and Dallas.” The demographics of these metropolitan areas comprise a combined fifty-seven percent (57%) Black population, which is more than four times the national average.

Finley added: “We look forward to the opportunity to meet with the Biden administration to share our plans and obtain their endorsement, which will help us continue our efforts at the State and local levels, while expanding our private partnerships. We propose that I-20X can be built with private investments rather than taxpayer dollars.”

In his best-selling book, PowerNomics®: The National Plan to Empower Black America, Dr. Anderson introduces a framework Black businesses can use to aggregate and vertically align their resources and expertise to create a supply chain that can perform as well as or even more efficiently  than much larger firms. According to Dr. Anderson, “The PowerNomics® principles of aggregating group resources, if implemented by a unified coalition of Black-owned businesses, will enable the enterprise to become self-reliant and competitive in any industry they decide to target.”

Finley stated: “Dr. Anderson graciously accepted my invitation for him to join the Finley Group team. His PowerNomics® principles have given us a way forward. The book is a virtual workbook to apply as we grow and expand. The investment opportunities inherent in our venture are tremendous, and we welcome inquiries. Simultaneously, we are seeking strategic support from the new administration. We are on the right track and are excited to demonstrate our readiness to proceed.”

CONTACT: For inquiries, interviews and speaking engagements, contact: Finley Group, Inc. at (205) 856-3022 or (Email inquiries are preferred).

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