Cobia Breedy Loses Split Decision by Ron Harris


September 21, 2020 – Mohegun Sun, Connecticut

Featherweight Cobia Breedy, known as the Soldier, was told he was fighting Tugstsogt Nyambayar in the most important fight of his career, 5 weeks ago.  He was the standby fighter in case the original fighter came down with the Covid virus.  He did and Breedy was put in as the co-feature of the Erickson Lubin, Terrell Gausha Super Welterweight fight on Showtime Boxing.  Breedy dropped a split decision.  The judges saw it 115-111 for Breedy and 114-112 and 114-113 for Nyambayar. 

It is no surprise that Breedy, 28, from Barbados, fighting out of Clinton, Md., would be a little nervous in the beginning of his biggest fight of his career.  He went down in the first two rounds.  Once with a left, right combination in round 1 and a sweeping left hook in the second round.  “It was a little lack of experience and did not respect his opponent like he should have,” said his trainer Floyd Seymour.  “We were winning the round.  It was 5 seconds left and he got caught with a right hand.”  

Breedy fought hard in the next few rounds and got himself back in the fight.  It is hard to dig out of a hole from 2 knockdowns in the first two rounds.  “I was up in the round and I got careless and got caught with a punch,” said Breedy.  “In the second round it happened again, and I figured I was down on the score cards and I could not give any more rounds away.” Take away one of the knock downs and Breedy wins the fight. 

Breedy was the more active fighter.  Nyambayar, known as “King Tug”, would go into lulls and Cobia kept putting pressure, but never seemed to hurt the Mongolian fighter, who won the Silver Medal in the 2012 Olympics.  “It was a tough fight,” said Nyambayar.  “I have a lot of respect for Breedy, he’s a great fighter.”

From the 6 th round on, Breedy (15-1) was fighting with one eye.  His left eye was practically closed and at one point in the fight, he was seen by the ringside doctor.  Once again Breedy’s inexperience got him.  “I did not feel like I got hit.  I blew my nose and my eye swelled up.  I was told to never blow my nose during the fight, but I had already done it,” said The Soldier.  Brady was in the military in his home country of Barbados. 

“I felt that I hurt him a few times,” said Breedy. “He hurt me on the first knockdown.”  Nyambayar, 28, (12-1) only lost was to DC’s own, world champion Gary Russell, Jr.  He hopes to get a rematch with Russell.  “I think we showed that we can compete with top fighters,” said trainer Seymour.  “We will be staying at 126 and looking for some good fights coming up.”

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