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College Cheating Scandal from Mike Ramey



One of my favorite ‘toons from a bygone era featured ‘Droopy’ the dog.  This canine would be in impossible situations, and through sheer determination would defeat his adversaries with comical dispatch.  In one of these MGM classics, Droopy was in a series of Olympic-type competitions.  Droopy won every event.  However, his opponent had tricked Droopy into signing a confession that our hero cheated in every event.  Well, of course, the judges threw out Droopy’s victories, and handed the crown over to the opponent.  Of course, the opponent got the crown, and the first prize–a kiss from a really UGLY girl.

In the end, Droopy noted: “Cheaters never win!”

We all know that it doesn’t mean that they won’t continue to try.

The main questions among many of us are the following:  How should the righteous react and carry on to people in a society hell bent on doing wrong?  Are the upright and above-board people in society supposed to throw up their hands, compromise, roll over and get down in the mud with those who love to wallow in sin, and participate in cheating, lying and general debauchery JUST to make the bad…feel good about themselves?

Several men that I know have experienced the following and it left them scratching their heads.  They would come to a door before a woman, and open the door for them, and let them enter first.  A few of these women, instead of accepting the chivalry graciously, either provided a negative comment, or, cut the man involved a dirty look.  Of course the men were left speechless, and questioning their motives of not being thanked for an understood courtesy to the weaker sex. Still more curious, the number of women in the mainstream mess who ‘claim’ that they are having a hard time finding men who will ‘treat them like a lady’.  Talk about double mindedness among the female of the species.

Here’s some advice.  Try looking at the end of your nose, instead of down it…sisters.  The good men are right there in front of you.  They always are.  They HAVE to find you.  That’s the way God set it up.  IF you don’t want to be found…cheer up.  God WILL find another and better woman for them.

March, 2019 has been a real month of education.  Yet another ‘Great College Cheating Scandal’ surfaced.  People were arrested; jobs and careers have been lost, colleges have been left red-faced, and some of the young people who were the beneficiaries of their nouveau riche parent’s money were ungrateful.  In the same month, we’ve seen a well-known football player who had shot his mouth off against his quarterback, his coach and his team being traded, breaking his contract AND his word. We’ve also seen another well-known football player reach a HUGE settlement with the National Football League over his protests on the field…but the terms of this social justice settlement are secret.  ‘Down for the struggle’ he was, right?

But wait, there’s more!

We have also seen a well-known basketball player–who couldn’t keep his word to his Cleveland team–made tracks to Los Angeles.  This player spent time chiding–instead of leading–his team mates and blew his team’s chances at getting into the playoffs.  For all intensive purposes, he is spending more time on the bench, effectively ‘quitting’ the rest of the season.  This player proves–once again–that many of the professional sports players of today don’t have the passion ‘for’ the game, but they are ruled by ‘securing the bag’…getting the cash while they can, when they can, no matter how they can.

What’s the solution?  Those of us who DO right, must continue down the right path, regardless of the cost or the consequences.  In the words of one preacher:  “We, as Christians must do right, when it is the right thing to do right, over whether or not society THINKS it is the right thing to do.  It marks us as loyal to our God, and shows our allegiance to the captain of our souls…Jesus Christ.”

Want further proof?  In the KJV Bible, there are two psalms…the 37th and the 73rd.  Both of these psalms address what the righteous are supposed to do when society ‘flips’ on them.  The wise are supposed to keep their focus upwards, when society continues in decay and corruption outwards.

Sure, it’s easy to wallow in pity after you see the cheaters prosper; the murderers avoiding prison, and the illegal aliens slipping across the border to be awarded free stuff that you can’t get because you go to work everyday.  You do your best to help those in need…only to have them either NOT appreciate what you do for them, or, they don’t show up to take advantage of your wisdom and your service.

Be reminded that God keeps strict books.  The evil, lazy, fearful and liars may get away with it now, and right in front of your eyes.  This society is NOT our be all and end all.  We are pilgrims passing through.  The day will come when they will be standing in front of God and have to give an account.  In the meantime, when society is hell bent on going down, remember, you don’t have to participate.  Keep on doing right.  Keep your name clean.  Keep your conduct on the up!  As the old folk used to say:  “God’s feet may move slow…but they grind fine!”

Mike Ramey is a Minister, Book Reviewer, P-School Ranger, Modern Street Gangs Specialist and Syndicated Columnist who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.  “The Ramey Commentaries” is one of a variety of columns that Ramey has in cyberspace.  To drop him a line…or a whine…the address is still the same:  ©2019  Barnstorm Communications.

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