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Forgive: The New Mantra and Practice for Black Men by Ulysses Butch Slaughter


Posted July 10, 2017

Peace and greetings:

My new book “Forgive: the new mantra and practice for Black Men,” was born out of my desire to stimulate conversations about increasing our connection to an ultimate universal power source. I wanted to show that if we are connected to that power then we must be One with that power. I wanted to challenge our constricted behavior born of constricted thoughts and a pathetic loss of imagination.

I expected that people I know and some that I don’t know would want to keep the conversation of Black life “practical” and criticize my push for “cosmic” awakening as lofty “pie in the sky.” To be sure there are critics of my cosmic approach.  And there are supports of that approach as well. I call the supporters Alpha Black.

Alpha Black.

This is the term I use to describe those truly rare Black Men who radically and relentlessly pursue personal power for universal advancement and cosmic awakening.  These Black Men are beacons of light. These Black Men are not bound or bogged down by the common discussions of the day. These Black Men recognize the global deceptions at play and consistently seek connection to the higher powers and principles that are concealed behind human mediocrity and sheer fucking laziness.

Men I call Alpha Black embrace focused faith, fitness, forgiving and real food. Alpha Black are leaders who know their ancestors are alive and well and watching. Alpha Black are vigilant, passionate and humble. Alpha Black know there is a timeless and vast universe through which we will never cease to travel . Alpha Black knows they are part of an unlimited power source. Alpha Black knows and behaves accordingly.

Alpha Black is not some secret group. It is not a closed membership or a fleeting fad for a day. The Alpha Black have always been among us. The Alpha Black lives inside each one of us. Alpha Black is our legacy. Alpha Black is a way of life. Embrace Alpha Black. Now and Forever.

Get Forgive: the new mantra and practice for Black Men and The Alpha Black T-shirt at

“Better Black Men Build Better Black Communities.”

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  1. This is definitely a great MANTRA to remember and practice.

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