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Settling Less for Our Sons? by Rev. M. G. Ramey


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From Player to Coach by M. G. Ramey


A preacher of the last century by the name of Billy Sunday coined the phrase ‘bullet meat’.  He used this phrase in an observation he made about the Civil War (in which his own father died): “Somebody had to go on the firing line and become bullet meat for $13 a month to overcome slavery.”  To be a man of quality today means to risk becoming bullet meat by going against the whims of a rising number of women who lack a sure, spiritual foundation and who ‘get their kicks’ by destroying fathers AND sons.

Sadly, men cannot expect help from the mainstream media.  Backed up by the entertainment/sports/academic kabal, the war continues against our sons by stressing the ‘beauty’ of allowing women to have total supremacy.  In short, it is OK for men to die earlier; die in the defense of women, or work themselves to death earning a living; but it is NOT OK for men to strive to take their rightful places as husbands, leaders in the home, and builders of industry.

One could say that we are seeing a ‘rebirth’ or ‘extension’ of 90s-brand feminism (which was ‘fourth wave’ feminism).  ‘Fifth wave’ feminism revels in being ‘in your face’, at the sacrifice of truth–and little regard for the consequences of irresponsible actions.  Let’s start with the toy shelves:  ‘Barbie’ can be anything–except a wife and mother; ‘Smart is the new cool’ among another line of female-aimed toys, and there is a marked rise of female super heroines that are starting to surface on the small screen.  And, don’t get me started on those ridiculous ‘Ain’t A Wifey’ T-shirts that–since their inception around 2013–have become a rallying cry–and formal relationship disruption wear–among the entertainment set.

Boys Choir

The good news is, many young men in the millennial generation ARE making their way BACK to church!  They are NOT falling for the feminist lie or mealy-mouthed pulpit punks!  They are HUNGRY for the godly truth about what constitutes a REAL man; and wearing pink at NFL games and thinking ‘happy thoughts’ doth NOT a REAL man make!  Manhood DEMANDS having one’s spiritual, educational and economic choices firmly in order BEFORE making that decision to seek a REAL woman to be your WIFE.  No matter how much ‘social propaganda’ is shoveled by the enemies of righteousness (and common sense), the formula has not changed.

  A tip for parents:  Don’t be content to raise your sons as ‘less’ than their potential, no matter the ‘mess’ that we see carried about by the winds of our society!

Boys in Church


Rev. M. G. Ramey is a Modern Street Gangs and Media Consultant who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. Emails also welcomed at © 2016 Barnstorm Communications.

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