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Commentary by C.J. – Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden and Vivek Ramaswamy


If Donald Trump gets back in office it’s not because of his overwhelming popularity. Trump supporters are a small fraction of the country. Trump is projected to win because Biden is  immensely unpopular.

Joe Biden’s policy agenda offers nothing to the American people and he’s shown he won’t fight for anything that will improve their lives. Not to mention he’s 80,000 years old.

The deeper problem is Democrats are going to blame the voters for the loss when they didn’t even have a Democratic Primary to give voters a choice. They seem to want to roll the dice with a historically unpopular senile genocide enabler in an election that might have all of democracy at stake. It proves they aren’t as scared of Trump as they pretend to be because policy wise Trump and Biden are very similar. And because people feel like their lives will be the same under Biden and Trump that’s why you see so many people say they are just going to sit out the election all together.

Many people just off the stimulus checks alone felt like Trump did more to help them than Biden which isn’t true but it’s a Biden messaging problem that voters don’t know. Things like Trump’s tax bill that overwhelmingly benefits the rich and corporations at the expense of everyone else are rarely talked about because Biden’s policy is basically the same.  Joe Biden can’t point out that Trump is even worse on his position with the genocide in Gaza because the Biden position is so horrendous. Joe Biden is so bad he can’t even distinguish himself against an opponent with 91 felony criminal charges. Forcing Joe Biden on people and then blaming people for not voting for him is not a serious strategy.

The best way to defeat Donald Trump would have been Biden passing policies that would improve people’s lives,  but instead it seems the Democrats are going to stick with the message of literally NOT being Donald Trump and hope that fear mongering is enough to scare people to the polls without having to actually offer anything.  It’s a pathetic losing strategy and that’s just one of the many reasons President Joe Biden’s poll numbers are in free fall. 

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Vivek Ramaswamy The Air Apparent to Donald Trump by Christopher Johnson (Black Men In America.com)

Vivek Ramaswamy and his bizarre presidential campaign just went down in flames in Iowa. What appears to be an embarrassing defeat was nothing but a calculation to position himself to be the heir apparent to Trump.  And I think he succeeded in that regard.

Let me explain. Even though Trump is the overwhelming favorite, Vivek “licked Trump’s boots” at every opportunity. Vivek was very complementary of Trump despite running against him. Vivek also centered his campaign on “anti white racism” which is extra goofy since he’s brown. But he knew he had to tap into the Trump base and lean into identity politics.  Vivek humiliated himself trying to gain favor with racists that would never vote for him just based on his appearance alone (which the Iowa results prove).

Vivek’s campaign was never about beating Donald Trump but rather getting in his good favor to try and get himself a cabinet position and eventually the heir to “Trumpism.” You don’t run against somebody and center your entire campaign around how awesome they are if you are actually trying to beat them.  It was all a calculation. Vivek is smart and isn’t going away anytime soon.

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