Fury Knocks Out Wilder to Retain WBC Heavyweight Title


Las Vegas, NV – October 9, 2021

Ron Harris – There have been many trilogies in professional boxing over the years.  Floyd Patterson vs Ingemar Johansson, Evander Holyfield vs Riddick Bowe, Muhammad Ali fought in two of them.  Against Ken Norton and the most famous trilogy of all time, against Joe Frazier.  Even Sugar Ray Leonard fought Roberto Duran 3 times. 

Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury, (yes, he was named after Mike Tyson) completed their trilogy in Las Vegas at the T-Mobile Arena with Fury knocking out Wilder at 1:10 of the 11 th round, to retain his World Boxing Council title.  He also has the Ring Magazine title, and something called the Lineal Title, whatever that is.  The first fight ended in a draw 3 years ago and the second fight saw Wilder’s trainer throw in the towel and this third fight was the most exciting of them all.  Both fighters were throwing bombs at each other which resulted in 5 knockdowns total in the fight.  Wilder put Fury down twice in round 4 after Fury put Wilder down in the third round.  The other knock downs were delivered by Fury in round 10 and in round 11, with the last one being the knockout punch. 

Neither fighter possesses any boxing skills.  Both are huge men.  Wilder stands 6’7” and Fury (31-0-1) stands 6’9”.  Wilder seemed like he was out on his feet every round, but with his powerful right hand, he is never out of a fight.  Both fighters showed guts for the entire fight.  Wilder (42-2-1) has never shown pure boxing skills but will go down in history as one of the all-time hard punchers in the sport.

Fury consistently landed the harder jabs, upper cuts and rights hands all night long.  Wilder looked like he was about to be knocked down in every round.   He was wobbling around the ring almost every round.  Wilder has relied on his powerful right hand so much that he never learned the sweet science of boxing.  You know, hit, and not be hit.  His defense is nonexistent.   He has an Adonis body but tires out early in fights.  “I did my best, but it wasn’t good enough,” said Wilder.  “I’m not sure what happened. I know that in training we did certain things, and I know that at 277 pounds, he didn’t come in to be a ballet dancer.  He came to lean on me and rough me up and he succeeded.”

“It was a great fight tonight, as good as any trilogy in history,” said Fury.  “October 9, 2021 will go down in history, I hope.  I always said I was the best in the world, and he was the second best.  Don’t ever doubt me.  When the chips are down, I will always deliver.”

Both fighters went at it from round one.  A new looking Wilder came out jabbing Fury to the body and won the round despite taking a vicious right hand from Tyson just before the bell rang.  The crowd was in a frenzy with each haymaker thrown.  Fury seemed to have the better plan.  His jab was stiff and strong and when the opportunity came, his right hand was on the money.  As the fight went on, Wilder resorted to the only way he knows how to fight.  Loading up his right hand and trying to take the head off his opponent.  Some landed, but Fury could see most of them coming and moved his head.  Diminutive Referee Russell Mora had his hands full trying to separate those huge men for 11 rounds.  But that last chopping right by Fury sent Wilder toward the ropes, but even trying to hang on to the ropes did not help Wilder from hitting the canvas.  Mora waived the fight over as soon as Wilder’s big body hit the floor. 

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Ron Harris, retired college administrator, coach, broadcaster, Internet and TV sports producer and host. Former radio host of a live call-in show.  Extremely close to the sports landscape in the Washington, DC metro area. Former radio sports reporter, covering MLB, college sports, major boxing events and much more.

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