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It is extremely hard to make sure that everyone in your family gets where they need to go, does all of their work and eats a somewhat healthy diet. here are some tips for you to help your busy family eat as well as they can without breaking the bank or spending your entire life in the kitchen.

Go Shopping with A Plan in Mind

Make a list of all of the ingredients that you need to prepare the meals you want for the week and purchase as many of them at once as you can, without your kids in tow. Not taking your kids with you is a great way to get some peace and quiet to make grocery shopping quick and easy.

This might seem unnecessary, but having a plan for the meals you were going to make that week will help you to cut down on unnecessary spending at the grocery store while also making sure that your family has a variety of meals to eat. Grocery delivery is also a great way to make that happen.

Make a Few Extra Portions of Each Meal

The easiest way to avoid doing a ton of extra work in the kitchen is to simply make a little bit extra of every meal that you cook. That way, when you put away your leftovers, you are a little more prepared for the next few day’s meals without preparing another full meal on an already busy night. If you’re cooking something that can be frozen and reheated, that’s a great way to avoid eating the same thing for a full week at a time.

Get the Whole Family involved

As long as your kids are old enough to chop vegetables responsibly, they can help you prepare the meals they’re eating. This is a great way to teach your kids about the work that goes into making the food they eat and helping to lessen your workload at the same time. Your kids will be more likely to eat more of a meal that they helped to create, and more able to do some of the cooking for themselves on nights when you are busy. 

Don’t forget to ask them to do some of the cleaning up as well. Washing dishes and putting them away is one of the most tedious parts of cooking a lot, but it’s also one of the most important. 

Try New Technology

You’re super busy but you don’t have to use the same technology your parents and grandparents did. Don’t be afraid to try out technology like a pressure cooker or a vacuum sealer to speed up your processes.

Encourage your Family to Bring Ideas to the Table

One of the keys to keeping meal planning from becoming monotonous is finding a variety of meals to keep in your repertoire. Have your family members come up with some of the ideas for the meals from the internet or other cooking shows will help to take some of the creative load off of your back as the primary chef in the house, and encourage them to spend a little more time in the kitchen. The more hands there are involved in making these meals work, the less work you’ll all have to do.

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