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Michael Stovall Still Seeking Justice For Black Farmers


Michael Stovall got involved in the campaign for justice for Black farmers in 1996.  He and other Black farmers are still fighting USDA today.  On August 25th, Stovall plans to attend a town hall in Jackson, MS, with Dr. Cornel West.  Dr. West is the only candidate for president who has taken up the cause of Black farmers.

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Farmer Facts

The number of black farmers in America peaked in 1920, when there were 949,889. Today, of the country’s 3.4 million total farmers, only 1.3%, or 45,508, are black, according to data from the US Department of Agriculture in 2019.  By comparison, 95% of US farmers are white. 

A Name and a Face (In Support of the Black Farmer)

Black farmers and their families have endured a different kind of suffering than other farmers. 

It’s not that people don’t care about the plight of Black farmers.  They can’t make a connection.  How many of us know a full-time Black farmer?  Someone who farms for a living?  Unless you personally know a Black farmer, you don’t have a link or emotional connection…until NOW!

Why Is It Important To Give A Voice To Black Farmers?

As the creator of this website and the owner of several social media platforms, I feel it is my responsibility to use these platforms to educate the public on the plight of the American Black farmer.  In order to understand their plight, we have to listen to their story.  When I say “listen,”  I mean listen for clarity.  

These are real people who are losing their land, had it taken away and are suffering in a way that the average person probably cannot understand. 

How many of us know a full-time Black farmer?  Someone who farms for a living.  Unless you personally know a Black farmer, you don’t have a clue to their suffering…until NOW! 

You can’t say that you don’t know because the resources are within a “mouse click” away.

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