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As I stated in my July article, I would not write an article in August. This is an update of the “No Drama Vacation” 2016.

I am not usually stumped for words; however, this one has me stumped. Words can’t explain how wonderful, exciting and fantastic this trip was. To start, it is always good to meet new people. This trip consisted of 5 Yachts of people from all over the United States:  Maryland, Michigan, Calif. Texas, Nevada, Georgia, New York, Washington D.C., Arkansas, North Carolina, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Upon arrival, Joan Jackson of No Drama Vacation, introduced me to the No Drama crew who was truly fantastic. A few of the people on the No Drama vacation I knew from 2008. However, most of them, I didn’t know and I enjoyed meeting them and the diversity of the many conversations. The yachts held up to 8 people each so we had a great flotilla.

I met Ms. Bev and her husband of metro Detroit, Michigan and the people on her two boats. This was a real treat based on some of the different perspectives of their individual lives. Just think, Ms. Bev has been living this type of life for over 40 years. The outside world’s perception of who we are as a people is very messed up.

During a sail to one of the islands, Anegada, I decided not to go snorkeling with the group. I went for a walk and met the most interesting person–the chef for the restaurant. He gave me a 3-hour class on catching, preparing and cooking lobsters on an open flame.  This is where the group had dinner under the stars on the beach that night.

Can you imagine having a soul train line in a swimming pool? Yep, that happened.  Metro Detroit, Michigan and New Bern, North Carolina were “all the way live” with that one at the top of The Baths in Virgin Gorda.

It was truly wonderful, fantastic, beautiful and spectacular to see 5 boats of Black people arriving in upscale locations, such as the Bitter End Yacht Club, Leverick Bay Resort, The Baths, Spring Bay, Virgin Gorda and Jost Van Dyke.

I took over 1,700 pictures. There is no way I can publish all of them. Therefore, I will share them with the crew and they will post to No Drama Vacations Facebook page.


The various islands we visited were all beautiful and unique. The 2017 BVI Black Boaters Reunion will be an epic and unforgettable event. If 2016 was this wonderful with 5 boats, what will the 2017 reunion bring?  I have been told some of the plans; however, the planning team is still working on details. I plan to continuously add information as I write articles. Since Black Men In will have a boat in the 2017 reunion flotilla, I will provide an email address for questions:

For some of the 2016 attendees and my friends–see you at the boat show!!  You need a bucket and a passport to put this trip on your bucket list.  Mr. Free Spirit thinks, the one who falls and gets up is so much stronger than the one who never fell.

Mr. Free Spirit OUT!

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  1. 2006 BVI Yahting vacation with E Dock And Friends and No Drama was provocative, entertaining, and mysterious. I can’t stop reminiscing about my experiences.

  2. Ms. Bev and Capt Marshall you were a real pleasure. Your crew was a group of fantastic people, I will never forget some of the times we had together. Tell your crew I really enjoyed them and I will see them ALL next year.

  3. It was truly a pleasure cruising in the British Virgin Islands. This trip is like no other. Where can you go and live on a private yacht, cruise with people from all over the globe, and have the time of your life only LIKE WE DO? It’s truly an awesome experience.

    Captain Marshall, myself & the crew are already looking forward to next year. IT’S ON!!!!
    Michigan is definitely in the house.

    Ms. Bev

  4. Awesome sailing trip! I agree that no words can truly express the beauty of the islands, the big fun had by all, the delicious food we devoured, and the magnificent boats we lived in for 7 days and graciously sailed from island to island, and the wonderful people that bonded together that made it all happen. Cali in the house will see all next year! (P.S. Thank you, Mr. Free Spirit, for all the delicious meals you did not volunteer to cook! )

    1. Big Fun is correct. Take care and see you next year.

  5. Good afternoon,
    Being with good people is always a pleasure.

  6. Yes Chef in Command. That was quite a commitment. Delicious too. Appreciate everybody’s combined efforts to make the trip work and a lot of fun. DC was in the house as well!

  7. It was a pleasure sailing with you in the BVI!

    1. My Pleasure

  8. Volunteered ???????

  9. Mr Free Spirit was the cook on our No Drama Vacation Catamaran Sailboat in the BVI. He volunteered to cook chicken for dinner for all the boat crews one night. He stayed up and fried chicken for 4 Hours ! What dedication !

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